‘2012 End of the world panic’ sweeps across China

December 8, 2012CHINAChina’s most famous book of prophecies, the 7th century Tui Bei Tu, makes no direct mention of the end of the world. But in Sichuan province, panic buying of candles has swept through two counties in the fear that an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on December 21 proves to be true. “Candles are selling by the hundreds, with buyers constantly coming to the market. Many stores have run out,” said Huang Zhaoli, a shopper at the Neijing Wholesale Market, to the West China City Daily newspaper. Mr Li, the owner of the Guangfa grocery store in Chengdu, added: “Lots of people have been buying candles recently. At first, we had no idea why. But then we heard someone muttering about the continuous darkness.” The source of the panic was traced to a post on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, predicting that there will be three days of darkness when the apocalypse arrives. Since the beginning of December, the word “Mayans” has trended on Weibo as millions of normally phlegmatic Chinese speculate that the end is nigh. “If the Mayans are right, I won’t pay my credit card bill,” was one popular post.  In Shanghai, the police have had to issue a public warning about doomsday. “The end of the world is a rumor,” the police said, in an internet post. “Do not believe it and do not be swindled.” A spokesman said they had handled 25 apocalypse-related cases in one 24-hour stretch. Most of the scam artists took advantage of credulous pensioners, encouraging them to hand over their savings for one last act of charity. In Nanjing, a 54-year-old university professor’s wife took out a £100,000 mortgage on her £300,000 home, saying she would donate the money to underprivileged children, saying she hoped to “do something meaningful before the world ended.” Last month, a man in the far west province of Xinjiang made news when he spent his life savings of £100,000 to build an ark for 20 people. Lu Zhenghai began building the 65 ft ship in 2010. “When the time comes, everyone can take refuge in it.” However, as the deadline approaches, Mr Lu has reportedly run out of cash to finish the boat. He said if the apocalypse failed to materialize, he would use the boat to take tourists on sightseeing tours. In Chengdu, a web company has given its workers a tongue-in-cheek two-day break on Dec 19 and 20. “We suggest you take advantage of this ‘final’ time to spend more time with your closest family. We wish everyone a meaningful doomsday,” it said. China has no history of preoccupation with the apocalypse, and the current wave of paranoia can be traced to the 2009 Hollywood disaster film “2012.” While the movie received a tepid welcome elsewhere, it was a smash hit in China, as viewers were seduced by a plot that saw the Chinese military build arks to save humanity. Lu Jiehua, a professor with the Department of Sociology at Peking University, told the Global Times, meanwhile, that the paranoia reflects a general anxiety running through Chinese society. “This panic buying [in Sichuan] not only shows people’s fear of an upcoming apocalypse, but also reflects their sense of uncertainty toward life and society,” he said. –Telegraph 
Chileans request ‘End of the world’ day off: Superstitions about what could happen on December 21st seem to be big in the South American nation of Chile. In a telephone survey conducted in that country by the website, Trabajando.com , 24 percent of respondents said that they will ask their employers for the day off on December 21st, with almost half of these respondents saying that they will do so because they are “very superstitious.” The 21st of December marks the end of a 5,000 year long period of the Mayan Calendar, known as the 13th Baktun. Some western mystics have said that this date represents “the end of the world,” while others describe it as a period of renewal, or as a chance to connect with Mother Earth. –ABC
                                             PM Julia Gillard addresses the End of the World with satire  
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56 Responses to ‘2012 End of the world panic’ sweeps across China

  1. Rosa Lopes says:

    Although it is not the end of the world .It is the end of a new era and yes it will be the end for many as the warning will soon take place and for those that are not prepared to meet with heir Savior Jesus Christ will be a terrible surprise of pain .Many will die of shock

    • Sam M. says:

      Although we are in the end-times, I agree that the the world will not end on the 21st and most people will still be alive and well on the 22nd (I say most b/c many people die everyday). However, I respectfully disagree with ” It is the end of a new era” b/c things will be the same on the 22nd unless of course the next major war (Psalm 83 war) breaks out in the middle east on that same day.

      Care to elaborate where you get that notion from?

  2. Sam Beckett says:

    Huh, I wonder what these doomsday alarmists will conjure up next being 2012 is over (in a few weeks) & nothing! I feel really sorry for these people that are panicking & existing their hard earned money on things they will have no need for…*sigh* everything regarding “2012″ is 100% made up by Hollywood to scare people

  3. kt says:

    Does anyone read/believe the scriptures? A time of tribulation/testing is coming upon the earth. God will send two witnesses to prophecy 42 months. Malachi 4:5-6, Rev. 11. A little while/months after they finish Christ will return. Matthew 24:29-31, Zechariah 14.

    • le el in G.. says:

      two witnesses -old and new testament

      • Sam M. says:

        What? Nope!!! It will be literally two witnesses as in two people. Some scholars believe that it will be Moses and Elijah mostly b/c of the plagues/signs they perform will be the same ones they did in the past. Also b/c they both appeared with Jesus on the mount of Olives in what is known as the mount of transfiguration. Since both witnesses are killed in the second half of the Tribulation, others believe it will be Elijah and Enoch b/c according to the bible they are the only 2 humans in history not to die (they were both taken up alive into heaven in a “Rapture-like” manner). They use the verse in the bible where it says that “it is appointed unto men to die once”. Since Moses already died once, he cannot die again is their logic. Also, Moses receives his new body (glorified) after the Tribulation and not during the first resurrection when the Rapture takes place at least 7 years earlier. Even if he did have it, he wouldn’t be able to be killed anyways since he would have a glorified body.

    • prayntongues says:

      Amen!! it is winding down, it is time to make a decision…to believe or not to believe…its not that hard to humble yourself, admit you are a sinner, ask forgiveness and trust in the Lord Jesus. Its so much better than experiencing hell on earth and then on to hell forever unless you will martyr yourself for refusing the mark of the beast. Hurry! we are in the LAST MINUTES!!

    • Sam M. says:

      True but highly unlikely it will start on the 21st. Doubt GOD will share his glory of foretelling the future with a Mayan prediction!

      • Mike H says:

        Very nice reply, as some of your other posts have been. BTW my thoughts also, more or less..GOD almighty is the greatest and HE has the power of all the 5W’s at HIS discerning!
        Praise the LORD, peace to you all in CHRIST!

      • Laurie says:

        Sam you are most wise!! :-) and read a your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

      • Jabez says:

        Sam M., God himself will send the strong delusion that will deceive the whole world, even the elect, if that was possible. Every religion of zeus (the many christs that deceive many) are expecting their messiah/anti-christ to appear, and a mighty storm is rising from the ends of the earth, financial, economic, WWW 3 on the horizon, famine, and this generation has crossed the species barrier “as it was in the days of Noah.”
        The day of the Lord will be sudden, like a thief, as it was in Noah’s day. The Holy Spirit will lift his foot from the serpents head, and he will come with lying signs and wonders.

        Michael casts the devil and 1/3rd of the ancient astronauts out of the 2nd heaven, and he returns to this dimension as the feathered serpent/saviour of the world, as Ezekiel 35
        reveals “while the whole earth rejoices, I WILL make you desolate”, revering to the enemies on Israel’s border, which we are about to SEE fulfilled.

        I’m just saying that the “perfect storm” (set up) is right at the door, and it is being restrained by God until he removes himself (and us) from the earth, and sends the deceiver to deceive the whole earth, by ending the coming nuclear war, and confirming the covenant. Because the world rejected Christ/Truth, they will accept the deceiver.
        The timing is to perfect.

    • irishminx says:

      It’s not just the Mayan calendar, look up revelations in the Bible, we are in the end of days. Also, look at the Hopi prophecies, Mother Shipton, Cayce Edgar, Medjugorje where Our Lady is appearing for the last 31 years & Keisha Crowder. They all speak of 3 days of darkness. Have a blessed candle in your homes. Do your own research before you comment Sam, I was like you too, before I did the research. It will be a good thing to make sure you have a clear conscience and soul in the coming days.

  4. Sue says:

    two witnesses – Spirit and the Word
    Manifested in His latter day Church
    How exciting; He has great things in store for us!

  5. Gill says:

    what makes 2012 significant is that it coincides with the alignment of the center of the milky way galaxy, our sun, earth and the large planets, it is an event, could have problems for our planet,who knows i think this event happens every 36.000 thousand years that is what the ancient mayans knew.

  6. Irene C says:

    These people (as in the article about Russia in a previous post) have been so sheltered by their governments that they don’t realize that the Hollywood production of 2012 is just that – a Hollywood production. They have also been sheltered from the Scripture (Jesus) that will truly shelter them from what is to come. I don’t have any fear about 12-21-12 for myself, but I fear about the uninformed. Praying for these people.

  7. Chris says:

    Remember Harold Camping?… same thing.. also, the reason that the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21st of this year is because the Mayans didn’t usea bigger rock. Go figure.

    • Educated Scholar says:

      Hey Chris, it’s really not b/c they didn’t use a bigger rock, please go read more about it, real documentation, and not on some conspiracy theorist site please.

      It’s a Mayan Long Count. The numbers on the wheels turn to back to 0.0.0.
      On December 22nd, it will only be day 0.0.1 of the Mayan Long Count, once again. And this only happens every 5200 hundred years or so.

    • EuroAtlantic says:

      Best comment here. Tks. Chris

    • RobertM. says:

      That…or the Precession of the Equinoxes was set to complete its’ entire cycle on the winter solstice of this year, completing its’ 26,000 year journey ending the Maya’s 13th Baktun.

      …with all of the Long Count Calendar’s precision, I doubt they ‘misjudged’ the size of rock they were using.

  8. I actually had a preconceived notion of something occurring about a year ago.but here we are 2 week’s away from the date of december 21st 2012 and not even a wind gust.if something that devastating was to occur,we definitely would have had something escalate at least a few months ago.but it fall’s on a friday and is a great excuse to go out and have huge going away party,lol.

    • Rosa Lopes says:

      The planets are going to align and during such a time it will cause a geomatic storm and 3 days of darkness .We will most likely lose electricity for a while from 2 weeks to months lot of people may day due to the fact that plains will be in the air and hospitals have a lot a people hoked to machines as well as car accidents depending the time in each country that it will happen .We could also have th warning that day .2 comets will cullied with each other and it will be as if the earth be on fire .At that point many people will panic thinking that it is the end of the world ..bu it is not .now during this time God is going to be in you .yes inside you showing you all that you have done during your entire life as if you were watching a movie so it will you life flash before your eyes and you will be able to see what you have earned with your sins and how you made Jesus suffer and how many people had to die in order for you to live .now .You are also going to experiences the pain from either hell or purgatory as if you were burning in it .depending on what you have accumulated during your life time .It will last about 20 minutes and no one including children from 7 years of age and up will experience this .many people will die of shock .Housand or even millions will die that day .This is the reason why we the Disciples of the latter days are suffering sacrificing and praying for your salvation.The rest is up to you .you may choose to believe and prepare or you may take your chances and die and go to hell from where there is no getting out .

  9. Dennis E. says:

    Doomsday hysteria sweeping the world………Hm, interesting. The world falling into fear and nations in distress with perplexity if you regard the forth coming fiscal cliff and the alleged 12.21.12 event.
    Is it possible that we could see a man or a non-man to step on the stage to take charge and bring relief? People are looking for someone to bring relief, almost anyone.

    I would like to stress that again, although some people are packing items to survive an alleged end of world event which probably won’t happen, do not feel duped. Secure those items. I have items still, that I collected for Y2K and have used during hurricane power outages. Over four years ago I called the American Red Cross in regard to long term storage of canned food. I am still awaiting that return call.
    But, canned goods, high in sodium, that show no signs of bloating or can integrity compromised could
    probably be eaten after a good measure of heat has been applied. Good idea to conduct a smell test of it first also. If any doubt, trash it. If you do not believe that the planet is on the verge of major changes, then why do you come here? That is the thesis of this site. A free forewarning to prepare and not to fear, but be aware. This site is not about 12.21.12. It is about the sweeping earth changes that are unfolding; Regardless if you believe in God or not, these conditions are coming and we will have to live through some of it. If you or I fall victim to it, it is not God’s fault.

    Just my opinion…………..Not preaching to anyone………

    • peacelily4585 says:

      “When in doubt, throw it out.” Thank you, Dennis for your opinion which many of us share. The earth changes will happen with or without our belief systems, the earth’s true north is moving… magnetism is essential to all life and is being discounted as the earth moves through its natural cycles. Plates are in movement, grinding against one another, one theory is the “expansion of the planet”. If we are accepting that during the days 12/21/12 through 12/23/12, that there will be a time of darkness, we should not hold onto our inbred fear of the dark or twilight. Darkness can create, we place a seed in the ground and cover it with earth in the faith that it will change and be brought to life. Purchase those candles, but do not follow the hysteria which is likely to happen. The movie was a fabrication, not even the native peoples can agree upon earth’s future based upon a stone carving.

    • DrMikePT says:

      Well said Dennis!

    • Mike H says:

      Hi Dennis E. I, along with many others on the EP site enjoy alot of your posts,IMHO. Thoughtful and well meaning, from the heart..IHMO again..thanks for some of your great suggestions!
      I like the fact many readers here are Christians. IMO their scriptured replies are strenghtening for the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is spreading, GOD is in the presence!

      Not preaching…lol…just my opion..GOD bless!

    • Todd says:

      Well said Dennis, there are thousands of websites covering 12-21, 25% of comments on those sites are from people who dont believe.

      I wonder how many atheist secretly carry bibles….just in case

    • le el in G.. says:

      Concerning the two witnesses the word declares furthur,’These are the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.”Thy word “said the psalmist “is a lamp unto my feet,and a light unto my path”. rev 14.4 Psalm 119 105.
      yes I believe we are in the last days-to understand the future we look to the past. a wise man once said “there is nothing new under the sun”

      Elijah a “man” will come.to a ‘King” and a “Jezeba
      l”, and a large “assembly” of baal priests, and a question will be raised. “choose you this day whom you will serve.

  10. misty says:

    um,doesnt everyone know Dec 21 is marking the end of an age not the world according to the Mayan……I know of 3 cultures that predict this new age and Im sure other cultures have the representation as well.The new age predicts brotherhood and truth..although it may be a rough transition…its time to step up our evolutionary beat ,humans….

  11. Patty says:

    I agree with Sue: the Spirit and the Word. What did the 2 witnesses say during their testimony in the figurative “Sodom and Gomorrah” (the whole world and its activities) at that time? The Spirit gives us the Illumination as to the pure nature of God and the the Word says, “Repent.” The Old and New Testaments are definitely alive in their true meaning – not rationalized – but actual living Word. When they said that Elijah would come to herald the existence of the Christ (Messiah) it wasn’t Elijah who came back, but in God’s constancy, John the Baptist, was in the perfect place of the Mystical Ministry of Elijah who announced repentance to Israel….The last two witnesses have been working their testimony for a couple centuries now in all truth. There are only three Eras that God recognizes: (1) the Creation; (2) the Redemption; and (3) the Sanctification of Souls. Be thankful for your lives – God doesn’t need us to be God. Praying for all souls to repent and be forgiven and see you in heaven!

  12. Thank You I have been living with around Mayan World 20 years and They The Mayans say NO end of a numerical calender, no such thing as end of the world. See you in CANCUN or UXMAL

  13. Educated Scholar says:

    Please Alvin, read this post before dismissing it. I am totally objective and this is research based, not biased opinion. My posts never made it through mediation before, but it is important that this one does, for the sake of truth.

    The Mayans designed the Long Count calendar to last approximately 5,125.36 years, a time period they referred to as the Great Cycle . The Long Count calendar is divided into five distinct units:
    one day – kin
    20 days – uinal
    360 days – tun
    7,200 days – katun
    144,000 days – baktun
    To find the Lon­g Count date that corresponds with any Gregorian date, you’ll need to count the days from the beginning of the last Great Cycle. But determining when the last cycle began and matching that up to a Gregorian date is quite a feat.
    English anthropologist Sir Eric Thompson looked to the Spanish Inquisition to calculate the Mayan-to-Gregorian date conversion, known as the Thompson Correlation. Events that occurred during the Inquisition were recorded on both the Mayan Long Count calendar and the Gregorian calendar. Scholars then gathered dates that matched on both calendars and compared them to the Dresden Codex, one of four Mayan documents that survived the Inquisition. This codex confirmed the date long thought by Thompson to be the beginning of the current Great Cycle — Aug. 13, 3114 B.C. .

    Now that we have the beginning date of the Great Cycle, let’s put the Long Count into practice. We’ll take a date that’s familiar to many Americans: July 20, 1969, the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. In the Long Count calendar, this date is written as You’ll notice there are five number places in the date. Reading from left to right, the first place signifies the number of baktuns since the beginning of the Great Cycle. In this case, there have been 12 baktuns, or 1,728,000 days (144,000 x 12) since Aug. 13, 3114 B.C. The second place relates to the number of katuns that have taken place. Then, it continues on to the right with the number of tuns, uinals and kins.
    In recent years, as the conclusion of the Long Count calendar approaches on Dec. 12, 2012, doomsday theorists have predicted the worst. That Gregorian date is denoted as on the Long Count, signaling the end of the current Great Cycle.
    However, Mayan scholars and natives dismiss the apocalyptic theories, noting that end of the calendar would be regarded as a time of celebration, much like modern-day New Year festivities . There are also no Mayan inscriptions or writings that predict the end of the world when the Great Cycle concludes .
    The most notable event slated for that 2012 winter solstice will happen in the sky. For the first time in around 25,800 years, the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy . Although the event sounds impressive, astronomers claim that it won’t have any effect on the Earth. And with that, the next Great Cycle will quietly begin anew.

    I’ve talked to many anthropologists and archaeologists and they all agree. It is not a Doomsday prediction. It’s more like a car odometer, that will reach it’s limit, then will reset itself back to 0.

  14. Lee H says:

    The mayans could’nt predict their own demise, evidence from archaological digsites shows how their priesthood and families were brutally murdered for not predicting the horrendous drought that eventually destroyed all 11 million of them!
    Why do folks take this as gospel?
    That our civilization is looking into an abyss is pretty much a given. This world simply cannot support animals of our voracity numbering in the billions.
    Faith has it’s place, it is not to be placed over reason and reality though!

    Further more, if I was a person of faith, I would consider prophecies written by a culture which carried out human sacrifice, to be the “probable” machinations of the devil!

  15. Irene C says:

    Okay, I have a question. With all the hoopla about the “world coming to an end” on 12.21.12 – can anyone tell me what time zone it will start? ;)

  16. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Although this paranoia that is sweeping the world now is serious, I could not help but chuckle a little when reading about a woman who was about to take out a 100,000 pound note on her home to give to poor children? Are they going to live through the end of the world?….She stated that she wants to do something meaningful before the world ended. Nice! Hopefully she will be doing that for Love and not selfishly just trying to CYA Just in case… you know? I might ” die” December 20,2012…Be prepared now…not just physically but spiritually, especially spiritually! Everyone has an end of the world moment, let’s start investing in eternity right now! Invest in agape. If we are all heading to eternity , then get to know the one who created you for eternity. Study for the test now, not as the test paper is being handed out. Those of you who have read my comments before know that I believe that Jesus is Lord and that he loves you. get to know the one who loves you now.

  17. Bob says:

    2013 – the eruption of a super volcano

  18. Qc, Canada says:

    Sensationnel Denis E. Je suis d’accord. I agree! It might NOT be the end – but if one bases him/herself on what’s going on on earth – it’s better to be prepared. I’ve stocked up on some canned goods as well – it’ll last as it’ll last. Period, end of story!

  19. TexasRedNeck says:

    Even Jesus doesn’t know the “day or hour” only God knows when the “last day” will be. It’s really pitiful that people will believe a bunch of savages that practiced human sacrifice 1000 years ago, but they absolutely refuse to believe the truth of the Holy Bible that has existed for over 4500 years.
    They Mayan’s never said that the world would end and it’s really sad to know that people all over the earth may end their own lives before 12-21-12 out of pure fear rather than live beyond that friday all because of lies. Satan is the father of lies. It will be tragic enough that they will take their own live, but they may take the lives of their own children too.

  20. oldenwise says:

    2 witnesses will come in billions of pairs…they are your own eyes…when you see it then you can believe it.

  21. john j says:

    If the people had an accurate knowledge of God and the teaching of Jesus Christ they would know that the world is not going to end on December 21 .The Bible which is the only real religious book that tells you the future .States plainly that the Earth abidth for ever .Infact if you have an open mind and look at what the bible teaches about the end times It tells you plainly that In the last days there would be very difficult times because man in his ignorance is not listing to gods warnings , a good example look at the Jewish these are Gods chosen People ,God states I will bless them that bless Israel and curse them that curse Israel. God told the Jewish people he would gather them from all nations and return them to their land . Which he did and they would be Surrounded by their enemies Which they are ,and the whole world would be against them which it is We talk about peace .Well you will never have peace by incurring Gods wrath and dividing Jerusalem which god call his city and attacking the Jew which god calls his chosen people .This is why he states when all these nations that surround Israel come against Israel let by Russia about eleven countries all together he[God] will fight got his people and 5/6 of all these armies will be destroyed and Israel will be burring their enemy dead for seven month .Maybe the muslin nations should see the hand righting on the wall

  22. Mark.R says:

    So if the world was to end December 21 then New Zealand would go frist.
    Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour.

  23. niebo says:

    “We wish everyone a meaningful doomsday” Alvin—-steal this slogan!!

  24. wade jones says:

    According to scripture judgment begins in the house of God and the church has a long way to go yet. We are heading for some great tribulation soon and contrary to popular desire and scripture we are not going to float out of here on a cloud before it happens. Much is coming in the way of disaster soon, but I am in Sichuan Province of China, have been most of the year and I have heard nothing of this. For more of the truth, google firstfruitselijahlist on the net. Wade

  25. mark says:

    The world will not end on that date. I think we need to stop paying attention to a pagan calendar and start observing the Jewish calendar. The world will end, but it needs to line up with Scriptures. It says in one place that “in the last days mans knowledge will increase and he will go to and fro “.

  26. RobertM. says:

    Personally, I do not believe “the world will end” on the 21st, even considering the importance of this date with the Maya’s, Aztec’s, Chinese I-Ching, Nostradamus, the “Bible Code”,the “Web-Bot”, among others.

    But, what you DO have to admit is this: The date they have all chosen/researched is “striking the dart pretty close on the cosmic dart board”. Just look at the world and universe around you and everything ecologically, planetary, economically, wars/rumors, and social unrest issues….these are strange days indeed.

  27. Did anyone watch the video? Good old J-Gill, no one can say Australia takes itself too seriously!

  28. Rose says:

    Lol! You do know Julia Gillard is joking in that address and it is just Australian humour. I know, I know, it takes some getting your head around, but we in Australia are pretty good at laughing at ourselves. …and Triple J is notorious for all sorts of wacky nonsense. Personally I think the Mayans ran out of rock. Don’t do anything too radical like run up credit cards … you will have to face the music and pay it back in 2013. Everyone live, love and laugh and show you care today. Don’t fret about tomorrow!!! Know that eternity exists.

  29. pokemon says:

    Evan NASA says the world will not end in 2012

  30. Jasmine says:

    It’s a load of rubbish, it’s a way for con artists to make money, and its pathetic!! 12/21/12 will come and go, and we will be living like we do every other ‘normal’ day…infact, it peeves me off that people truly believe this, think of how uncomfortable and upset some people are gonna feel, this is totally unfair, I wouldnt be suprised if people ended their lives before this day comes, IF i believed it, I certainly would! All they are gonna do, is say that they have got the wrong day, then think up a whole new day and year, close enough to be scary, but far away enough for them asshole con artists to make their money!!! And unfortunately, the people who fell for it this time round, will also fall for it next time round, these con artists are the ones who will be facing judgment very soon.

  31. END OF WORLD says:

    12-21-2012 10:50:00 eastern time oh no I’m Not supposed to be here or at least thats what everyone has said about the end of the world.

    I guess it is another “WAG THE DOG” OR “CRY WOLF”

    doing good here all is well nothing has happened here.. not sure how else to say it for evryone to understand life is still going on here on this planet earth.

    If your reading this you must be alive as well :):):)

  32. chatroulette says:

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