Alaska burning: explosion near Eagle leads to mysterious geologic ground craters

December 8, 2012ALASKA Residents in the Yukon River community of Eagle are excited about a mysterious geologic event that is emitting fire, steam and a sulfur smell. Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve lead Interpretative Ranger Pat Sanders says it all started on Sept. 27. An explosion was heard, in Eagle, which is rare so of course we were interested,” Sanders said. Sanders says on Oct. 10, a fire was spotted about 2 miles up the Tatonduk River, known locally as Sheep Creek. She says the fire spread to about 15 acres. “And on the 15th of October we had snow and the fire was still going although it appeared to be emitting steam and there was a sulfur smell,” Sanders said. No one has been on the ground there yet, but over-flight photographs reveal a slumping area that is steaming and looks a lot like a mini volcano crater. Sanders says the area is about 25 miles Northeast of Eagle and it’s located on Doyon land. She says both NPS and USGS geologists suspect it is a shale oil rock deposit. Sanders says the area has two slumping craters that cover about a five acre area. “It’s been really interesting to watch because it’s still steaming and still burning but if it is indeed oil shale as USGS suspects, oil shale and sulfur, it could be as deep as a thousand feet which means it could have been burning for some time from a lightning strike years ago and it’s been burning underground and finally burned enough to cause a slump or a crater like depression in the earth so until we actually get boots on the ground and we don’t know when that’s going to happen, we’re not going to know,” Sanders said. Sanders says it’s difficult to tell from the hazy aerial pictures, but the craters appear to be as deep as 150 to 200 feet and she says there has been significant slumping since it was first observed. She says the Hard Luck Creek fault is in the area and is an active fault. USGS geologist Marti Miller says it’s more likely to be burning oil shale not a burning coal seam. “But we’re fairly confident that it’s not a hot spring or some other type of volcanic related incident,” Miller said, which will be disappointing news to Pat Sanders in Eagle. “Of course everyone in Eagle is hoping it’s going to be a thermal event and we’ll end up with a hot springs but maybe that’s just because it was 45 below last week,” Sanders said. NPS geologist Linda Stromquist says, although they would like to examine the site sooner, at this point in the year it is probably prudent to wait until better weather and daylight conditions improve, toward spring. –Alaska Public
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20 Responses to Alaska burning: explosion near Eagle leads to mysterious geologic ground craters

  1. I think all dormant volcanos. Are awakening, & more bodies of water become affected, by turning blood red!” I think Nibiru will orbit our sun,& cause defect on Earth & other planets in our Galaxy!


  2. Irene C says:

    With all the activity that’s been happening in Alaska, this is interesting.


  3. Glenn Rice says:

    Sounds like the sheep are up the creek because of hard luck, as the land of the eagle is sucked into a burning sulfur pit. Pardon me, but there are too many metaphors here for this to be a coincidence. God is telling us what is approaching.


    • prayntongues says:

      I agree!! I don’t understand the lack of concern or fear that this is an omen of something bad developing. Their wait and see later approach is a bit disturbing especially with the recent earthquakes and restlessness of volcanos in Alaska and worldwide. I think this could be an unknown caldera.


      • I talked with a geologist about Yellowstone Pk. As its activity has really increased also. In viewing the “Thumbnails” from a site you can see where the USGS is NOT reporting these quakes. Emails to the USGS go unanswered. The geologist I did talk to who noted the Bubble causing the Lake to drain south inundating the trees on the shoreline showed a rise of over 2 feet of the lakes bottom.
        Answering my question about what he personally thought as the USGS remains silent he said, “Start reading Revelation 9 for a starter”. So while his comment was off the record officially, He as a geologist knows something BIG is preparing to happen.

        Anyone who views world quakes can see that the whole planet is a live breathing globe that at any minute or told prophecy that we are all close to seeing things in our lifetime not witnessed by others in history. We just have the ability to map these events in real time. Yet the future is hidden as land values or a mass exodus from states like California would bring this country to its knees should 45 Million suddenly MOVE to safer or higher grounds.


    • Insignia says:

      Is this from the bible?
      Did you read this somewhere or did you piece this sentence together yourself?


  4. Louise Page says:

    Mmmm…..not sure if I’d be excited (all due respect to the local folks there)…I think I may just be a little nervous of this one….or am I being a wimp here 😉


    • Dave Neff says:

      I agree Louise. Even if the Lord is returning in a few years, those years will be full of suffering for everyone – Christians included. We need to pray for the world and ourselves. We are to love our neighbors – too many Christians are gleefully anticipating the ‘judgement of God on world’ forgetting that we are all sinners and saved only by the grace of God.


    • Joy Thompson says:

      I was going to write that “excited” is not the word I would choose if I lived close to this. I don’t think you’re being a wimp…just appreciative of what may lie beneath.


  5. sparrow59 says:

    There are just too many of these type of events happening all over for it to be a coincidence!


  6. Sandy Tidd says:

    I agree that this is just the beginning of the end. There is lots more to come. God knows that the Christians understand what is taking place. ❤


  7. It appears that mother earth is getting a bit “steamed” with all going on and is headed back to days where the world was filled with volcano’s ,earthquakes were a everyday occurrence and human life is not prepared for this, Honestly i think that God is getting fed up with this old world and giving us all these signs of things to come. Read your bible folks its all in there for us to see,.

    With all of the earth quakes that have been happening it does not surprise me to see this at all. KInd of scary in ways but then Alaska is the new frontier and why not a new volcano appearing. No one ever thought we would see a active volcano in the cascade range either until Mt St Helen’s blew her top, and that was a sight to see.


  8. Hmmm–makes me think of Paricutin–the volcano in Mexico that started in a farmer’s field in 1943!


  9. MAD says:

    I have been look at the hole world around me for more then 40 years, God is closer then most think,


  10. Steve says:

    I have lived in Alaska almost 40 years and never heard of any kind of geologic activity like this in that part of the state. There are geo-thermal hot springs in interior Alaska so maybe it is related to that. Given the current temperature they probably welcome the heat.


  11. WhyIsTheSkyFalling says:

    Have to admire the optimism of the locals LOL…
    There’s a pair of volcanic formations sprouting from a major fault line… could be that the earth is creating a relaxing hot spring retreat for us! Love it! And let’s just go ahead and hope/pray they are right.


  12. sjoshua says:

    I would think that the earth’s core is heating up significantly due to some anamoly either within or being caused from outside itself to enable this occurence and possibly or rather surely elsewhere also…its just that we earthlings are only beginning to see the net results now as the net effects surfaces all around us and more so to come.


  13. DannyDix says:

    Looking back into history we are pretty much overdue for an extinction event, that seems to occur to some degree about every 600 million years. It’s been 700m since the last. We tend to think nothing that bad will happen to us because someone will save us. The dinosaurs lived for hundreds of millions of years and were smacked down a few times to different degrees before being wiped out altogether. No body came.
    We’ve only been around for a tiny fraction of that time and as a species, look at the mess we’ve made of the planet. Nature will take millions of years to recover from our pollution. Doubt that? Make a cup of tea, Google ‘Fukushima’ and be shocked. For the sake of the planet, we need to be out of here. Last drinks please gentlemen.


    • Yea, man has been here but a short time. Life is tough here in Montana. So tough in fact that in Eastern Montana… It is so hard to survive that evidence shows that the Dinosaurs couldn’t make it here either and they died.
      At the current rate Man in going, it would be a blessing to have a 10 mile wide Rock from Space hit this sorry planet. Then for those that might survive that they might actually learn to get along for their survival. Because they sure can’t do it now.

      Like the 11 year HOAX War on Terror whereas the US created the Patriot Acts and NDAA and BREAKS that same laws by Arming the Very Al Qaeda that the whole War on Terror was all about. This is Tantamount to Treason! Are American’s that Dumb?


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