6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes North Island of New Zealand

December 7, 2012 NEW ZEALAND An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 6.3 struck New Zealand’s North Island today, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The temblor’s epicenter was 12 miles (19 km) southeast of the town of Tokoroa and 214 miles (345 km) north-northeast of the capital Wellington. It originated 103 miles (167 km) deep and struck at 7:19 a.m. local time Saturday (1819 UTC Friday), the USGS reports. Earthquakes of this size can cause significant damage, especially with poorly built structures. Even well designed buildings can be damaged or, in some cases, destroyed depending on the severity of the quake and a building’s proximity to the epicenter. Earthquakes of this size are sometimes followed by significant aftershocks. Amber, who is based in Hawke’s Bay, said her kids rolled a marble down the hallway, so she assumed the piles had moved as well as the house. Peter Fraser, based in Belmont Hills in Wellington, said it felt like a digger had gone past the house, and Laurel Baird, in nearby Tawa, said it felt like a huge truck at first, but then got “louder and louder.” It was then, “the rolling began. It felt like a long time,” Baird said. The quake wasn’t described as violent, but people have said beds shook against walls, some ornaments fell from shelves and they were frustrated at being awake – having hoped for a Saturday sleep in. Live Science
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6 Responses to 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes North Island of New Zealand

  1. Jonas says:

    It was a 5.6 and to deep to cause any harm.


  2. Sue says:

    …maybe not any visible harm anyway, but the tetonic plates are shifting and breaking away from each other whether we see it or not.
    There are many earth changes taking place as our incredible host Alvin has continually pointed out.
    Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you in your efforts.


    • Thanks, Sue…for an incredible panelist and reader.

      May God always illuminate your path in joy.


      • Brandon says:

        To Alvin and the rest of TEP family. Are any of you guys/gals prepariing for the coming changes? Maybe we have a shot at surviving this.
        Love in Christ,


    • onthemark55 says:

      Great point Sue, nobody takes things serious unless it’s obvious. All the shifts, bumps and grinds create stresses, load shifts that sooner or later will culminate into a major event. I remember how suprised,shocked everyone was when Mt. St. Helens erupted. The mountain had been “acting up” (small eruptions,quakes,minor slides,etc) for so long that folks became complacent, events were small blips on the news. it was like the Boy that cried Wolf, yadadee,yadadee,yadadee, old news, then BANG!!!!! and everyone was SO SUPRISED. If i’m not mistaken, and i’m no expert, it seems that part of the world(New Zeland) has had alot of earthquake activity over the last couple of years, alot of the same “harm”less stuff as St. Helens.


  3. Nautilus says:

    I live in Tawa too,for over 50 years,and had to think…was that an earthquake? I have taken an interest i earthquakes and firmly believe that the is no increase in activity at all.We affectionately call New Zealand; the “Shaky Isles” and we have a history of large earthquakes and violent volcanic eruptions (Taupo for example).


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