Scientists find link between magnetic reversal and tectonic plate movements


“Dynamo faltering from rapid changes in interior planetary temperatures is likely accelerating magnetic field reversal and tectonic plate movements.” -The Extinction Protocol, page 475
October 30, 2011The Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the flow of liquid iron within its core, three thousand kilometers below our feet. What made researchers think of a link between plate tectonics and the magnetic field? The discovery that convective liquid iron flows play a role in magnetic reversals: experiments and modeling work carried out over the last five years have in fact shown that a reversal occurs when the movements of molten metal are no longer symmetric with respect to the equatorial plane. This “symmetry breaking” could take place progressively, starting in an area located at the core-mantle boundary (the mantle separates the Earth’s liquid core from its crust), before spreading to the whole core (made of molten iron). Extending this research, the authors of the article asked themselves whether some trace of initial symmetry breakings behind the geomagnetic reversals that have marked the Earth’s history, could be found in the only records of large-scale geological shifts in our possession, in other words the movements of continents (or plate tectonics). Some 200 million years ago, Pangaea, the name given to the supercontinent that encompassed almost all of the Earth’s land masses, began to break up into a multitude of smaller pieces that have shaped the Earth as we know it today. By assessing the surface area of continents situated in the Northern hemisphere and those in the Southern hemisphere, the researchers were able to calculate a degree of asymmetry (with respect to the equator) in the distribution of the continents during that period.
In conclusion, the degree of asymmetry has varied at the same rhythm as the magnetic reversal rate (number of reversals per million years). The two curves have evolved in parallel to such an extent that they can almost be superimposed. In other words, the further the centre of gravity of the continents moved away from the equator, the faster the rate of reversals (up to eight per million years for a maximum degree of asymmetry). What does this suggest about the mechanism behind geomagnetic reversals? The scientists envisage two scenarios. In the first, terrestrial plates could be directly responsible for variations in the frequency of reversals: after plunging into the Earth’s crust at subduction zones, the plates could descend until they reach the core, where they could modify the flow of iron. In the second, the movements of the plates may only reflect the mixing of the material taking place in the mantle and particularly at its base. In both cases, the movements of rocks outside the core would cause flow asymmetry in the liquid core and determine reversal frequency. -Physics
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47 Responses to Scientists find link between magnetic reversal and tectonic plate movements

  1. Harry K says:

    nice for you as a writer to get confirmation. Proves you were thinking and were ahead of the curve then, as now facts on the ground are showing all of us. Thank you for your ongoing work educating all of us.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    After arguing this point for several years, I feel vindicated at last.

  3. Jachin says:

    Possibly in the future a pole shift? Fits with Hopi blue star prophecy and others.

  4. Great Work Alvin….. as already stated you are ahead of the curve and we appreciate your thinking.

  5. Sinew says:

    So what can we expect to have happen as a result of this happening? We’ll just have to ride out a few earrhquakes or will this turn out to be a global catastrophe? If the later, are we talkin this year, next year, or 100 years?

    • It’s impossible to say what all the effects would be but I think it could worsen over the coming years if the reversal is rooted in a thermal flux within the planet’s interior. I have laid out scenarios of how the planet would be impacted based on seismic risk areas and feed-back processes in my book. The life of the human body is the homeostasis of body temperature- any severe flucation of the 98.6 F marker is symptomatic of disease or illness. The Earth operates under a similar principle where tremendous heat and pressure are maintained by the slimest of margins in a very complex system of energy exchanges between mantle, core and lithosphere and space- conversely, it is heat that drives sea-floor spreading, volcanism, tectonic plate movements, ocean expansion and thermal circulation. Periodically, a cyclical temperature flux occurs and the planet rebalances itself but there are other times- perhaps longer spans of time where the thermal anomalies are linked to periods of geological upheavel and magnetic field reversal, continental rifts, high seismic and volcanic activity, climatic breakdown, and super-volcanic eruptions, ect. It is my assessment that we appear to be in one of those times.

    • guest says:

      according to calculations, within 2000 years actually. not too soon

  6. SamanthaH says:

    How can we possibly do an experiment here on earth that would support this?
    Its extremely interesting, & I’ve always had an inkling that this was the case of our earth.
    Anyone got any ideas! Surely we can create some sort of experiment, or am I being too ambitious. :)
    I’m starting to shape an idea of how to conduct such an experiment… it would be a crazy one that’s for sure. – Like creating your own gravatational pull!

    • nickk0 says:

      Samantha – You might want to read up on ‘superconductivity’ and supercooling…. Where some metals that are not magnetic (such as lead) gaining magnetic properties, when they are supercooled.

      No doubt, some of the same principles are at work in the Earth’s core, under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

      – Nick

  7. dannrivera says:

    . . . could this be possible? Pole shift cannot be gradual, it will have to be event that will destroy all living creatures on earth. The molten iron core and the molten lava are moving in different directions acting like a gyro keeping the earth stabe. No, I cannot visualize a pole shift happening, not even in our life time. Go back to the drawing board and try again.

  8. sarah says:

    is this dangerouse for us

    • It has long-term dire implications for Earth as the planet conforms more to the chaotic model I theorize this earthchanges will transform the planet into…We are not at that point yet but it is a sign down at the distant end of the highway.

  9. Kevin Martin says:

    This has been my study for over 10 years, now they are stealing what I tried to say ?

  10. Alvin the human body has electrical circuitry as well. I can tell you for a fact that each time there is a large CME my body lets me know before I read about it in the media. Have you done any writing / research into this aspect at all?

  11. Tina Marie says:

    I don’t think it’s a matter “if” so much as “when” this will happen. I’ve read there is a reversal every 350,000 years and we are currently overdue. I know they have proven that it can happen gradually or instantly, which I also read would create 900 mile and hr surface winds. Of course the former would be the best case scenerio, I believe the latter is more likely. The Earth changes have just been happening too fast and too frequently for it to be a slow process. I’m sure the vindication is bittersweet for you, Alvin. It’s cool to see and understand things before other people do, but not a good feeling to be right about such a dire thing.

    • Tina, unfortunately, it’s the nature of the book and message. The surgeon often cuts to heal. It’s not so much about this world is ending as it is about the new one beginning. Ultimately, it adds an urgency and import to what could be other changes lying in store for us. These processes are often unpredictable, dramatic and can happen relatively fast as you suggested.

    • SamanthaH says:

      Tina – Ive been looking into Pole reversals myself. Yet to come across evidence for a radical pole reversal, like you have stated. Please kindly provide link, would really like to have a look at that if possible..

  12. saxxonblack says:

    FACT : Molten Iron or any metal does not hold or create Magnetic Charge……
    Please be aware the Science in this article is Absolute bs from the very start !!!!!!!!!!
    Which questions the rest of the articles validity!!!!
    Hence Core of earth is much like the Sun. errrrr… Plasma….. logical isn’t it that the Mantle and the earth crust is merely reactive mineral decay over time…..

    • CBS says:

      These comments bear no relation to the article. Disagree with Alvin if you wish but at least do so on sound science rather than a vague attack.

      If you look at the source quoted by Alvin you are on shaky scientific ground. USGS have also quoted from the same journal – Geophysical Research Letters from AGU (American Geophysical Union) which have quoted from (Alvin provides the link if you are interested). This questions the validity of your argument and your claim to the science being doubtful. Sorry, but please make a valid argument quoting your sources and valid science. If you can provide this proof great because it can be debated, but you haven’t…

      For those interested the motion of molten metal creates the charge (electric and magnetic), which is pretty elementary in science – how this affect earth is another matter with many theories (affect of the sun or in this case movement of the crust etc) come into play, however since we cannot see the Earth’s core they remain theories. A theory once was that everything revolved around us – which I don’t believe was based upon the Bible but rather man’s arrogance that we are the centre of everything.

      There are many unknowns in science – despite scientists stating this is not the case – the pure wealth of new discovery testifies to this. This year has been an eye opener for Science as we slowly realise the theory of everything is as elusive as ever. An example of this elusiveness in science is trying to reach Absolute Zero – 0 Kelvin or −273.15 °C. We cannot reach this temperature through artificial means. Imagine a number which you half and then half again. The number gets smaller but you do not ever reach zero. That’s what happens when we try and reach 0 Kelvin. It’s also like fractals which utterly beautiful and occur in nature.

      Personally I believe that is the nature of God. The more we try to know Him the more elusive He becomes. For those who read Christian philosophy this should ring some bells about how we can never truly know God and the futility of believing that we can. Feeling His love which is infinite, is something else of course, for it is the light within and without. The reason we should love each other is we are all a part of that light. To hate or harm another is to hate or harm yourself and God for we are all part of The One.

      I think that is what most of us should take from Alvin. Man is not as great as he thinks he is and we are here but for the Grace of God.

      Peace & Love to all

  13. kay says:

    Thanks for your valuable research and info.

  14. luc de waen says:

    it is not hard to see where it is all going…..look at the past and use logic in the time-line graphic..
    there is a tipping point ahead,,,,how slow or brutal we dont know….but i think it is never never has been…

  15. Alstradomus says:

    The pole shift may be a natural event that happens when an imbalance is caused by massive build up of ice or depletion of ice at the polar caps not balanced with the center of rotation. If Charles Hapgood is correct the last such event happened 13,000 years ago. What I do is study the location of the north star and position of the four important suns ( solstices and equinoxes) and try to determine events in geological history that coincides with them . 25,200+- years ago the positions were the same as they are now and the super volcano on the north island of New Zealand , Tapau, erupted in a near extinction event. If worded differently we could call these harvest events instead of extinction events. 6,300 years ago the autumnal equinox was at the galactic center, the zero point, and the harvest began and will end on the first day of winter, when the winter solstice occurs at the galactic center. 6,300 years from now the north star will be between the throne of Cepheus and the northern cross or swan Cygnus. Andrew Coliins book ” The Cygnus Mystery” theorizes an advanced civilization existed 18,000+- years ago when the stars were in the same position, on the celestial river, where paradise was and will be again. On August 17, 2017 a total solar eclipse will occur centered over North America passing directly over the Pacicfic northwest, the YELLOWSTONE caldera, and the New Madrid fault line. Some geologists have noticed increased earthquake activity due to the tidal force of eclipses. Remember magma is affected similar to the ocean by tidal force. This eclipse will happen near Regulus in Leo, on of the four beasts surrounding the throne mentioned by John in Revelations and Ezekial in his visions. The throne, North star Cepheus, surrounde by four beasts, the lion {Leo), the bull (Taurus), the man (Aquarius), and the eagle Scorpius.

    • Araja Liah says:

      The depletion of the ice caps relates directly to the salinity of the ocean, which relates directly to the convective rates of the deep ocean currents and also the directionality of them. The depletion of the ozone with the increase in solar flare activity, the polar magnetic shifts, increased tectonic activity and the celestial alignments and the unrest of governments across the globe sayes that, “Yes indeed, it is time to get right with God, whatever you concieve him to be…..”

  16. Bone Idle says:

    Here’s a site devoted to Magnetic Reversal. Robert Felix has written books about this subject and re occurring ice ages.

    Robet Felix – Ice Age Now

  17. monomontana says:

    I have read lot of science article about this subject, and had lot of stuff, but during the EQ all my data hardware was stolen. Well I remember one article say something about that this process is also charging up the strength in the magnetic poles? But they don’t explain how!
    So my question have been for a long time, how can the earth charge it self, I don’t now about anything thats self charging! If we know that we could cancel the energy crises?

    Everything I know about need a external source to charge, so what’s charging up the earth magnetic poles? As the sun with it’s increasing activity don’t seams to do it, it have to be some other sources out in space, thats from time to time charge our solar system!

    In short term we will look at this as destruction, but in long term it’s needed. If the magnetic poles disappear, so will the magnetic shield, and then maybe all life on planet earth?

    This polar reversal will hopefully happen before the magnetic poles go to zero, and think it will be a violent event with lot of earth change. I don’t believe in total earth destruction, I chose to see it as a new earth creation. And to be a part of it will be a challenge.

    Some days ago, I asked God and the universe “ whats the meaning of the life”?
    The answer I received was “ It’s not to collect something you cant carry to your next life/existence”!
    I belong to a religion that doesn’t exist today. The Christianity before Constantine!
    In other word, for me God and the holy spirit it’s lot more than theology…

  18. These are processes that, though can be manipulated by man’s technology, cannot be controlled by him. If we haven’t acquired the wisdom to have outgrown the hubris to comprehend this simplism by now; perhaps, we deserve to be left to the planet’s fate.

  19. radiogirl says:

    Did you ever get the feeling that little by little confirmation of happenings begins to see the light of day that had been previously rediculed .Wonder whats next.

  20. luisport says:

    Magnitude mb 5.5
    Date time 2011-10-31 21:58:16.8 UTC
    Location 32.56 N ; 105.32 E
    Depth 16 km
    Distances 54 km W Guangyuan (pop 213,365 ; local time 05:58:16.8 2011-11-01)
    125 km NW Baoning (pop 60,542 ; local time 05:58:16.8 2011-11-01)

  21. Ynot says:

    Life ! , loathe it, ignore it, you can’t like it !! …….quote by Marvin the manically depressed robot (Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)

  22. Megapixel says:

    The Gravity Theory of Mass Extinction, which pre-dates this study by many years has already predicted the relationship between continental plate distribution and movement of the Earth’s core elements.

    When the center of mass of the continental plates moves latitudinally, the Earth’s angular momentum would change. Yet, we know the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum will not allow this.
    Therefore the Earth’s core elements (inner/outer cores and densest part of lower mantle) move off of center affecting not only magnetic reversals but also altering surface gravity. This explains dinosaur gigantism as well as many other Mesozoic conditions.

  23. ray says:

    Are you familiar with the work of Eugene Richards? He goes in depth on the earths core and its effects on the magnetic field, and how magnetic reversals cause cooling and heating cycles of the climate. He has a very interesting site called

  24. Shalomahava says:

    Have any of you looked into another theory called The Hollow Earth….It is a very interesting study. When looking into the physical evidence of this idea, you may change your mind about everything you have ever read about our Earth. ( Remember the mindset used to be “the world is flat”)

    • Hollow Earth and Plasma core theories both have inherent problems in my mind holding up to current scientific models. We certainly don’t know all we need to about Earth and new findings could overturn accepted notions. Hollow Earth does not support the thermal, convective or magnetic mechanics of terrestrial planets and plasma cores would involve a more intricate interchange of properties involving the Sun and Earth as can be seen when comets raise solar proton density numbers.

      Along those lines, this latest research by the ESA on terrestial planet formation may be of interest to you:

  25. Michael says:

    CBS, you left a nice comment. As I am a christian, I think ou are right and ask these people to try to know everything.

  26. Val says:

    I have seen this diagram on the NASA website under pole reversal. It says this field is what protects us from the sun. The same sun that has been increasing it’s CME activity. Do you think people should have underground shelters, or is it too late?

    • I think the changes before us involves a convulsion of the ground also. The surface of the Earth will be heavily impacted from the coming changes- I feel these shelters offer little protection from the severity of these events- especially where they are being constructed. I think a lot of the people here are more concerned about securing a place in paradise than they are about climbing out, if at all, to an apocalyptic dead world.

      • Val says:

        I know that you are right about that and had better start looking in that direction with more urgency. Thanks for the reminder!

  27. Joey Kilroe-Smith & Martin Bode says:

    Thanks for mentioning Paradise Alvin, I hope we will all go there, maybe sooner than we think!

  28. Araja Liah says:

    I follow USGS and google earth and have been researching 2012 “stuff” for a long time….thanks for the forum – What I’m wondering about is, how much of an influence would the deep ocean currents have before/after a polar magnetic shift event..

    • In regard to affecting what, Araja?

      • Araja Liah says:

        Well, actually, as the atmosphere heats, the ice caps melt, the salinity of the ocean changes and then the depth, direction and and pattern of the deep ocean current changes, with that the thermal convective impact of the ocean on the atmosphere changes… warming increases, ice caps melt….etc.etc. that is understood now, but I wonder about weight loading on the mantle. Continental drift is one thing but water weighs more. We are all seeing the increases in tectonic activity and the effects of celestial alignments, we’re all aware of the rise in sea levels and the effects that will have ALL of the coastal margins, but as more water get freed up from the polar ice caps, centrifigal force is gona want to pull it towards the equator and well, like I said ,water weighs more, and if the stability of the mantle is already tenuous then it only follows that adding more weight will only accelerate the process. In all the reading I’ve been doing over the years, I’ve only seen one program on the effects of the deep ocean current. Obviously this is a multi faceted problem and probably one that is ,geologically speaking, normal…..and/or overdue.

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