Earth facing growing risks of powerful solar storms that could ‘reset’ civilization

October 2016SPACE Solar storms threaten Earth about every 100 years and experts warn we are overdue. Now, researchers have released the first ever map that shows which areas of the US are at high risk of being hit by the next intense storm. The map was built using geomagnetic storm measurements and data from magnetic materials beneath the Earth – revealing Minnesota is particularly at risk of being blasted by solar material.
Solar storms have the ability to disrupt Earth’s magnetic field and wreak havoc on our electric power grids. Officials warn that the massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares could cause $2.6 trillion in damages across the globe and bring an end to modern civilization as we know it. Solar Storms are eruptions of magnetic energy from the sun’s surface. Hot gases are accelerated when this magnetic energy is suddenly released and travels quickly towards the Earth. A solar flare’s killer electrons’ can travel at up to several million miles per hour towards Earth.
The latest researcher comes from Jeffrey Love, a geologists with the United States Geological Survey, and his colleagues, who have been working on this project called Space Weather Operations, Research and Mitigation (SWORM) for the past year. This project was first initiated by the White House’s National Science and Technology Council in 2015. Love and his colleagues believe knowing which power grids could be hit the hardest is key for survival, reports Science Alert. To create an accurate map, the team plotted the geomagnetic activity above certain areas and then gathered ground magnetometer data, or magnetotelluric survey.


The geomagnetic data was collected by the International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network (INTERMAGNET), an organization that monitors Earth’s magnetic field. And the magnetotelluric survey data was taken from the US National Science Foundation’s EarthScope, which monitors electrical conductivity in the ground using hundreds of sensors located across the US. Solar storms could wreak havoc on Earth (pictured) and surges could be up to 100 times more powerful in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin than in other parts of the United States. However, experts say more than half of the US has yet to be plotted due to lack of funding
The US government revealed just last year that they are preparing for a catastrophic solar flare which could wipe out power across the world for months. The last powerful geomagnetic solar storm to hit the earth was in 1859, which caused telegraph lines to explode, setting fire to some telegraph offices, and power to fail across Europe and North America. In today’s far more advanced and technological world, experts the effects would be devastating. The massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares could wipe out power grids, bringing an end to modern civilization as we know it as cell phones, credit cards and the internet were rendered useless.  –Daily Mail

TEP Radio Earth Crisis

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8 Responses to Earth facing growing risks of powerful solar storms that could ‘reset’ civilization

  1. Whyte says:

    Hmmm and this would be bad? This event could be a lifesaver for the human race no
    The only downside would be not coming to Alvin’s sites


    • Ahhhhhh, that’s sweet. Thanks.

      This event would be a turn back to simpler times. People have computers, have them on their phones, and even strapped to their wrists – and the world is no smarter nor any better at communicating.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oggie says:

        You hit the nail on the head Alvin. Quite a lot of people mentally absent from the present and floating in cyberspace. Maybe something good can come out of something like this but at a great price as most people have either no idea about or have lost any basic survival skill.


      • So true, and good to hear from you. You’re one of the originals who’ve been following the site.

        Get prepared and all the best


  2. Bone Idle says:

    According to solar physicists working on the solar flare eventuality.
    Chance of major flare in next ten years = 12%
    Chance of major flare in next thirty years = 40%
    Chance of major flare in next fifty years = 60%
    Major flare strike this century 80% plus.

    Earth missed being sent back to the pre-electrical age by one week in August 2014.

    What amazes me are the amount of people who are stuck with normalcy bias don’t appreciate the magnitude of danger that these natural events pose. Many are the same people who fret over alleged Man made climate change causing thermal runaway before the end of the century.
    They don’t realise way before any anticipated climate change problems other natural events will have caused bigger problems.


  3. tonic says:

    According to Wiki, the Earth is………. “The age of the Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years”

    Thank heaven,. we came along in recent years to save it.
    Yes,..I am being sarcastic.

    In my very limited view on society, realisation is finally happening……….. we are only guests of the wonderful Earth.

    “Well look at all the damage we are causing”

    Ya think?

    Look at the history of this incredible planet.

    We do not even merit a hiccup.

    The Earth is a member of the Milky Way. Bona Fida.
    And we are only observers.


  4. What percent of the population is aware of the probability of a civilization reset occurring in this day and age as a result of a geomagnetic storm similar to the one in 1859? Aim guessing not to many whenever I talk about his subject I get no response.


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