26 Responses to October 17, 2016: Six warning signs the planet is headed for grave turmoil and deeper peril

  1. change your thinking….have no fear, stop worrying, be happy, open, do god things for others, there is only one god to serve, and that i the inner god within, be that god, in all your actions, throw love outwards, stop clinging to negative thoughts, then these events even if they all came true would not have such a negative impact.. our thoughts strongly influence reality..


    • And reality strongly influences our thoughts. Nevertheless, the advice is good in a measured spoonful.


    • Nikolean144 says:

      Be the God within? ???? How can a human. Be God!?!!?

      If you want hope learn from Rev 7:1-3. This prophecy is being fulfilled now. All of God’s people will recieve the seal of God if we come to true God. There are numerous false God’s!! Right now God is holding back the winds, the destruction of the earth, but it will be destroyed eventually. Due to the increasing signs sooner rather than later.

      Why? Because the people of this earth have failed to keep the everlasting covenant (Isa 24:5)


      • JRV says:

        Nicholas is a pantheist, that is how, Nikolean. Sadly, in my opinion, and respectfully saying, Nicholas is grossly mistaken in his analyssi – but that is how he gets to where he is at with his “god within” stuff. . Pantheists have no explanation for the existence of evil, other than to say their “god” is both good and evil, and the appearance of evil is just “maya” (illusion). And of course, if there is a god within, that “god” must have a lot of evil, as we all have ignorance and evil inside. That is resolved via one’s OWN effort on the wheel of suffering, samsara, not by **grace*** (grace initiated by repentance, or metanioa – turning around). There is also no philosophical basis for science, and in fact India was horribly backwards until it adopted western science. I am NOT saying Indians are stupid; I *am* saying there is no ultimate basis to constitute science. I have read the Upanishads, the Gita, and the Buddhist Pali Canon (as well as DT Suzuki) incidentally. Hard to tell if this guy is rhinestone Hindu, a Buddhist (Buddhism is really a psychology, not a theology, and no one knows if Buddha even believed in God), the Tao de Ching and Confucius. Maybe he will comment if he reads this.

        We are indeed made in the image of God; however we are not little Gods, and if I were God, or even the population in toto, or the universe were God, it would still be a *limited* “god,” not infinite.

        I am sorry to see this Deepak Chopra/ Oprah “god within” stuff making inroads in our culture. This would be a very “dark light,” or “unlight” indeed.


  2. joanne hafner says:

    i would add a donald trump presidency to that list as well.


    • JRV says:

      As opposed *the* most corrupt, vile candidate to ever run for the presidency Joanne? Really? You support her fingerprints all over the Filegate papers? The Travelgate scam? You support her being the “bimbo eruptions manager,” where she THREATENED fully *** fourteen** women whom Bill assaulted? The selling of national secrets from Los Alamos for money? Her lies about Benghazi? Her lies about her emails? Her theft of the election from Bernie? Her millions of dollars from Goldman Sachs and George Soros???

      The biggest disaster to this country to date will be Hilary, bar none.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Hope for the best.
    I feel that she may win although I will not vote for her and if she does win I don’t believe Donald Trump will be that disappointed.
    But we all must face this fact: Our world changed in 2008 and it may never return to that normality.


    • Take it for what it’s worth:

      William Branham claimed he saw a series of eight prophetic visions in June 1933, which he also claimed he wrote down in an old book. In the seventh vision, Branham said a woman rose to great power in America. Branham said, “There’ll be a great powerful woman rising up, either be President, or dictator, or some great powerful woman in this United States…” His prophecy went on to say, ‘A great woman, beautiful and cruel, rising in the USA caused by the women’s vote. Followed immediately by the destruction of America.’

      Branham died in 1965 in Amarillo, TX


      • Yellow Bird says:

        thank you for mentioning Branham’s vision, alvin – his description does seem quite relevant. at least, similarities can’t be easily missed
        i also keep thinking of the Woman described in Revelation…
        and how Francis told of his premonition that he could not tend the sheep for long

        my sons showed me a gif this morning, comparing potential inaugurations of Big 2 to iconic movie scenes:
        Charging Doof Wagon vs. The Emperor Arrives


  4. jsne says:

    There is no telling of who will win the elections unless of course you know that it is rigged for sure by Obama andd the Clinton clan of corruption
    Trump is leading and I pray he Wins with a landslide
    Trump 2016


    • Orion Caldwell says:

      You hope Trump wins? Really? The man can’t even have a debate about actual issues because he isn’t intelligible to understand them. He has no political record whatsoever . . . I could go on for days but I haven’t the energy. Hopeless is the human condition.


  5. Richard says:

    Solid list of things to look out for.


  6. drswig says:

    And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them. – Revelation 9:6


  7. yamkin says:

    Your six warning signs are very true


  8. wras says:

    I presume when you say “EL threat from an object in the cosmos” that a CME from our Sun would tick that box.
    My current thoughts are along the lines that there is a method in the MADness we are seeing. It is to distract us from a no hope scenario (EL) to one in which there is some hope (War albeit nuclear, a conquerable enemy) i.e. with appropriate preparation you have the best chance to survive (hence civil defence drills and alike – Russia, Germany, US et al). Consider the chaotic and narcissistic behavior if you are told there is no (belivable) hope for you to survive.
    Vatican’s L.U.C.I.F.E.R (aka Satan) telescope may be about finding (possibly has found) the means to our end and for initial targeting.
    China’s Radio Telescope (FAST – the chinese character for fast is also used in “wishful thinking”, “spiritually elevated”, “express delivery”), largest in the world, may be about mapping of asteroid/comet/meteor to locate best scenario strike points for nukes. Note “Large radio telescopes are also used as giant radar systems to map the surfaces of the Moon and planets” – Internet search.
    Russia’s Satan 2 is to, at least, fragement said. We are more likely to survive (with appropriate shelter and food reserves) multiple meteorite strikes (EL scenario) than protracted nuclear fall out (War scenario).
    There also seems to be an increase in focus (Obama, Musk, et al) on Mars human landings and space activites in general (China et al) despite the turmoil around the world.
    Time will tell which scenario, if any, will play out. Perhaps (akin to Nicholas Fowler’s entry), without intending to be blasphemous or disrespectful, God would be ponding why we are wasting the time given us by worrying about how much time we have and the nature of our end (a given – at least physically).


    • EL = Extinction Level. Yes, Satan has had a busy year – a tv show and a new weapon of mass destruction all in the same year.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anybody that goes to Mars will be dead within years that is if they can even survive the radiation dosing from cosmic rays during the long trip.


      Mars is extremely inhospitable to life.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        in the big scheme of things it scarcely matters… but Vatican and LUCI(fer) share space at the same institute, which is not owned by the Church. Vatican owns the telescope named Vatican, while a European group of companies own & operate the other. As to how the ridiculous acronym came about, well… since telescope Vatican was at the institute allready, don’t you suppose some wag thought it a hilarious joke?


  9. Dennis E. says:

    Alvin # 7: In a 24-6 vote, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a resolution that denies Jewish ties to its most holy religious sites: the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the vote stating: “The theater of the absurd continues at the UN.

    The battle For Jerusalem may have begun


  10. Whyte says:

    Awww pope Frank is such an example of practice what you preach and I am not a follower but how can you not like him. So hope no ill will happens to him: he is worthy and deserving a long life. .


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i am not a member of the Church…
      but in all i have seen Francis say & do, he has modeled Christ and i am happy to call him my pope 🙂


  11. tonic says:

    Giving the power of the US…….. into either of these people hands,….. is well, not a vote I would like to be involved in.

    I have not, nor will ever forget the US liberation of ww2

    Different times for sure.

    Hopefully we will never forget, that the leadership of that time….allows you, to read this comment via your smart phone…..today.



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  13. Orion Caldwell says:

    Guys . . . I used to love this site. I am a fond believer in all things eventual global catastrophe. Unfortunately, having Hillary Clinton’s presidential victory as a sign of impending apocalypse is just . . . ugh. I’m not a die hard democrat or liberal, or anything else for that matter. I am a man who breathes and needs sustenance. That’s all we need to be, people. Whatever put us here did so for us to love one another, take care of one another, and leave judgement for whatever is more powerful. Bipartisan-ism is the real enemy here. Make America ‘Great Again’? I don’t know what version of America that breathing fecal matter Donald Trump thinks he sees, but the America I know has always been great, and will continue to be as long as the greedy aren’t allowed to run the show. If you or anyone commenting here or anywhere else for that matter, truly believes a man who sits on golden thrones while you eat frozen dinners is going to help any of us, I feel a great swell of pity for the America I thought I knew. Orion, out.

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