Mystery object found 20 times brighter than all the stars in the Milky Way combined – and NASA has no clue what it is

Cosmos M
June 2016SPACEAstronomers are not entirely sure what it is. If, as they suspect, the gas ball is the result of a supernova, then it’s the most powerful supernova ever seen. In June of 2015, astronomers viewed a ball of hot gas billions of light years away that is radiating the energy of hundreds of billions of suns. Even in a discipline that regularly uses gigantic numbers to express size or distance, the case of this small but powerful mystery object in the center of the gas ball is extreme. At its heart is an object a little larger than 10 miles across. ASAS-SN-15lh, as the object is known, was twice as luminous as any previously seen, far brighter than any normal supernova, and outshone our entire Milky Way galaxy by 50 times.
 The artist’s impression below shows what it would look like from an exoplanet 10,000 light-years away in its home galaxy. The team reported that the object at the center could be a very rare type of star called a magnetar–but one so powerful that it pushes the energy limits allowed by physics. An international team of professional and amateur astronomers spotted the possible supernova, now called ASASSN-15lh, when it first flared to life in June 2015.

Cosmic Light

The gas ball surrounding the 10 mile wide object can’t be seen with the naked eye because its 3.8 billion light years from Earth. Though ASAS-SN has discovered some 250 supernovae since the collaboration began in 2014, the explosion that powered ASASSN-15lh stands out for its sheer magnitude. It is 200 times more powerful than the average supernova, 570 billion times brighter than our sun, and 20 times brighter than all the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy combined. “We have to ask, how is that even possible?” said Krzysztof Stanek, professor of astronomy at Ohio State. “It takes a lot of energy to shine that bright, and that energy has to come from somewhere.”
“The honest answer is at this point that we do not know what could be the power source for ASASSN-15lh,” said Subo Dong, lead author of the Science paper and a Youth Qianren Research Professor of astronomy at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University. He added that the discovery “may lead to new thinking and new observations of the whole class of superluminous supernova.” Todd Thompson, professor of astronomy at Ohio State, offered one possible explanation. The supernova could have spawned an extremely rare type of star called a millisecond magnetar, a rapidly spinning and very dense star with a very strong magnetic field.
To shine so bright, this particular magnetar would also have to spin at least 1,000 times a second, and convert all that rotational energy to light with nearly 100 percent efficiency, Thompson explained. It would be the most extreme example of a magnetar that scientists believe to be physically possible. “Given those constraints,” he said, “will we ever see anything more luminous than this? If it truly is a magnetar, then the answer is basically no.”  –Daily Galaxy

End of Days TEP

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15 Responses to Mystery object found 20 times brighter than all the stars in the Milky Way combined – and NASA has no clue what it is

  1. Sharon Natsarim says:

    Anyone want to take a wild guess Who that might be?


  2. jardalkal says:

    ASAS-SN-15lh Discovered June 13/14, 2015. Very bright Nova. Today the Parashah is Shelach which means “Send.” Today is Shabbat Mevarekhin which means “Sabbath of Blessing.” It is the last Sabbath before the new moon Parashah #37
    Shelach (Send) Torah Numbers 13:1-15:41; Haftarahs Joshua 2:1-24

    The King is coming as a fierce judge riding on a white horse giving life while abhorring Satan weighing against Satan as He separates the hairs (of the sheep from the goats (Matt 25) or wheat from the tares).


  3. grenfal says:

    Gotta love the universe. Just when scientists think they are getting to understand her she throws another mystery our way.


  4. niebo says:

    So . . . some scientific dudes discover a ten-mile-wide spinning ball, the brightest EVER, that spits more light than ALL the stars in the Milky Way galaxy COMBINED, and the designated “call letters” prefix for this physics defying dynamo is ASASSN?



  5. niebo says:

    Sorry, sorry, TWENTY times brighter . . . I did not take off my shoes so, without my toes, my numerical comprehesion stops at ten. Thanks, publik skool education!


  6. Synles Chyld says:

    It’s just God coming back…

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  7. Hom says:

    OK…..—^—……OK If the stars are so larger then the sun and moon—–how many stars will it take to cover the earth when bible mentioned of stars fallen from heaven to earth? Either NASA been lying to the public or the fallen stars will reduced to size by the time they reach earth when heaven is shaken.



  8. SH says:

    Absolutely HILARIOUS. 😉


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