Forecasters warn El Nino is getting stronger and could cause more climate ‘mayhem’

El Nino
August 2015CLIMATE Exceptionally warm water moving from the western Pacific Ocean towards South America has caused El Niño to get even stronger in recent weeks. In fact, scientists claim conditions in the Pacific are now as intense as they were in the summer of 1997, when a massive El Niño was brewing. While this could be good news for drought-stricken areas such as California, researchers warn it may also lead to torrential and hazardous downpours elsewhere.
El Nino events tend to warm the Earth’s atmosphere by suppressing the upwelling of cold water from the ocean that can absorb excess heat. But as well as bringing relief, El Niño can have devastating consequences for agriculture. It can trigger heavy rains and floods in South America and scorching weather in Asia and as far away as east Africa. ‘We have not seen a signal like this in the tropical Pacific since 1997,’ said Bill Patzert, a climatologist at NASA. ‘It’s no sure bet that we will have a strong El Niño, but the signal is getting stronger. What happens in August through October should make or break this event.’ The pulses of warmer water moving across the ocean are Kelvin waves.
Sea level is naturally higher in the western Pacific; in fact, it is roughly 40 to 50cm (15-20 inches) higher near Indonesia than off of Ecuador. Much of this difference is due to tropical trade winds, which predominantly blow from east to west across the Pacific Ocean, piling up the water near Asia and Oceania. When those trade winds ease and bursts of wind come out of the west, warm water from the western Pacific sloshes east in vast and deep waves and evens out sea level a bit. –Daily Mail
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7 Responses to Forecasters warn El Nino is getting stronger and could cause more climate ‘mayhem’

  1. fear porn from the climate clowns…..


  2. Jenny Olson says:

    The warmer water along US/CANADA along with Alaska is not caused by El Nino. It has gotten too warm too fast for a natural warming. Its more likely caused by all the dead sea life due to toxic radiation from japan. why isn’t anyone in the media talking about the constant poisoning of the ocean? we heard plenty during the Gulf oil spill daily.


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    Portland experienced another episode of its Mystery Sound Phenomenon last nite around 8pm pacific time. this time, someone managed a great capture on video. nope yall that wasn’t lil ole me… but i can corroborate this vid is 100% accurate, as my family were privileged to share in the experience too >>

    as the other times this year, again plenty of speculation, more possibilities ruled out… and still no knowlege of the actual cause. nor have local media outlets been willing to investigate, although i know at least two have been notified by different people.

    the GhostDiaries blog alleges that: “…According to a geologist who worked for the government, “Something is going on in the inner core of the Earth.” It has to do with the magnetic poles changing and involves minerals recycling in the mantle of the Earth. The sounds are being generated in the mantle as large static discharges of energy, pushed up through the Earth’s crust, broadcasting as infrasound through the ionosphere and then bouncing back at a lower frequency that we can hear and feel as vibrations.
    “The whistleblower says there has been a change in speed of mantle movement, which is affecting magnetic conductivity. Government scientists evidently don’t know if it’s long term or not but could involve a weakening and strengthening of magnetic field anomalies similar to the last major pole shift…”

    could this actually be the cause? i have no idea… but, unlike a number of other theories, i find myself unable to rule this one out. which is quite unsettling.

    Alvin, i wonder if you might consider posing the question as to how many of your viewers have personally witnessed bizarre sonic phenomena? surely i and my family are not unique… i know i am being very forward to ask, but given the immense and continuing success of your Dream Portal thread, i wonder if similar results on a Mystery Sound thread might be forthcoming?

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Yellow Bird: Thanks for the video.
      Prelude to a major earthquake in the northwest.

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      • Yellow Bird says:

        yes Dennis i am not the only one around here concerned our phenomenon may be Tectonic. still holding out hope for an unknown human origin (ie military/ industrial/ prank)… but Earth &/or Atmospheric fits all too well. there have been scattered unexplained sonic phenomena in the PacNW for at least the last several years. i have been witness to several of these strange sounds since 2010.

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      • sharilynne says:

        For what it is worth, I know someone who works for FEMA. This person said FEMA is confident there will be a major earthquake in Seattle in the very near future. Something to consider.


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