More and bigger drilling-linked earthquakes rattle Oklahoma

Ok Quakes
July 2015OKLAHOMA Several earthquakes shook Oklahoma on Monday as the state experiences a sharp increase in the frequency of tremors linked to wastewater disposal from gas and oil drilling, including from fracking, state and federal officials said. Three of Monday’s quakes measured above a magnitude 4.0, with a 4.5 earthquake centered just north of Crescent, roughly 45 miles (72 km) north of Oklahoma City, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The largest tremor, logged a “significant earthquake” by the USGS, could be felt as far away as Wichita, Kansas, about 160 miles north, broadcaster KOTV reported. There were no reports of damage. The rate of earthquakes in Oklahoma has increased by about 50 percent since 2013, greatly increasing the chance for a damaging quake, according to the USGS.
Noticeable quakes – above magnitude 3.0 – now hit the state at a rate of two per day or more, compared with two or so per year prior to 2009. During the past seven days, Oklahoma has experienced about 40 earthquakes, according to the USGS. Scientists say the seismic activity is triggered by the injection of wastewater from booming oil and gas drilling operations into deep geological formations. The state’s oil and gas regulator released a directive this month expanding “Areas of Interest,” parts of the state that have been worst-hit by the quakes, and adding restrictions for 211 disposal wells. In March, the regulator – the Oklahoma Corporation Commission – also directed 347 wells to reduce their injection depths to above the Arbuckle formation. High-volume injections into the Arbuckle, the state’s deepest formation, have the highest potential for seismic activity, according to the USGS. Twenty-one of Oklahoma’s 77 counties are under the order, and oil and gas drilling operators have until Aug. 14 to comply with reducing injection depth. –Yahoo News
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10 Responses to More and bigger drilling-linked earthquakes rattle Oklahoma

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    hey alvin,
    this article says that California Gov Jerry Brown has adopted Mandatory Water Rationing …
    Unprecedented: GOLF COURSES are actually being included for once.

    i remember during the terrible CA drought in the 70s, it was forbidden (for the little people) to water lawns or flush toilets more than once daily, municipal pools were drained, heck, even CalTrans went so far as to actually paint the roadside dirt on freeways a ridiculous shade of green – yet as kids, to cool off we would sneak into golf courses to go play in their ever present sprinklers!
    Good Ole Jerry was guv during that drought too… its telling that he is taking this one seriously enough to potentially penalize his beloved golf courses. about time, i’d say

    now if only sthg might be done about THIS:

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    • Katnea says:

      This report makes me want to hurl! The insanity just keeps going on and on and on! I also feel so helpless insofar as offering my support to the brave activists! Maybe I can donate some funds to help pay their fines? (Sigh)


  2. Patty says:

    Got to give it to some of these scientists….If it’s not working way down below, do it a little higher! That way, in a few years or days, when a real significant earthquake comes and the land in Oklahoma turns for a few moments into “quicksand” which that land experiences during earthquakes, then they’ll have high and low ground pollution in most of Oklahoma…yech.

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    • Yellow Bird says:

      oh my, so Okla is liquifaction zone?? oh no… what have they done to the red earth territory… afraid we have seen only the tip of what Fracking will do/ has allready done

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    • Katnea says:

      I agree with you Patty! It’s un-fracking-be-liev-able…eh? (sigh) Btw- I know that I’m pretty much preaching to the choir when it comes to folks awareness about the multiple dangers connected to fracking, but even so, I still wanted to share another fracking link that I’ve found to be kinda interesting. : )

      Btw- I’m about ready to drop my ‘Katnea’ name and switch er out for a more appropriate one! IE: ‘Another Extinction Protocol Groupie!’ ♥ (Haha!)


      • Yellow Bird says:

        katnea, thank you! for posting that link…
        “kinda interesting” might be the understatement of the year… i spent 3 days reading the whole thing very slowly because i didnt want to miss a bit of the valuable info contained in this extremely in-depth report.
        and i swear, every time i make the mistake of thinking i’ve heard the worst… i learn something even worse

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  3. Yellow Bird says:

    geez, what i said, here’s another good example:
    “Workers with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spilled roughly one million gallons of mine waste into a Colorado creek on Wednesday, turning the nearby Animas River bright orange and prompting criticism from environmental groups over the government’s lackluster response to the accident.
    “EPA officials on Thursday confirmed that the leak was caused by its own employees, who had been using heavy machinery to investigate pollutants at the Gold King Mine…”

    But not to worry! >
    “The agency said impacts on wildlife and the environment in the area would likely be minimal, in part due to the “longstanding” low water quality of the river…”

    oh. well i’m reassured… you can always count on the EPA to do the Right Thing
    (no comment on the kayakers sitting right in the middle of the neon orange mess.)


  4. I have been observing the earthquakes over the last few weeks on the live maps and I see something rather interesting. From about Dallas Tx. into Nebraska the earthquakes seem to be in a rather tight and straight line running north / south.
    Although I believe fracking is a serious problem I would think that fracking is done over a much broader area than a line from Dallas to central Kansas.
    I have to wonder if besides fracking their may indeed be something natural in the splitting of the USA. Perhaps those of you living there can fill me in on that. Thanks!
    Also speaking of earthquakes the area from Dominican Republic through the Puerto Rican trench though the virgin islands has been vibrating like a bell over this last month with earthquakes a few times per day every day up to about 4.0 magnitude. Has anyone heard more on that?


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