Papua New Guinea’s Manam volcano erupts violently, ejects 12 mile high ash plume

Manam Volcano
July 2015 PAPUA, NGThe Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea sent up a major eruption on Friday, local time, and the first of its kind in almost 11 years. Volcanic ash was sent 19,812 meters (65,000 feet) into the air as a result of the eruption, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported in a volcanic ash advisory. The plume was moving to the southwest but was spreading out in all directions. A Code Red aviation advisory was issued as a result. The eruption was reported around 1 p.m. Friday, local time (11 p.m. EDT). The last major eruption of Manam, located 13 kilometers (8 miles) off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea, occurred in August 2004, according to the Global Volcanism Program at the Smithsonian Institution. The Manam volcano is 1,807 meters (5,927 feet) high. –Accuweather
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5 Responses to Papua New Guinea’s Manam volcano erupts violently, ejects 12 mile high ash plume

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    oh my goodness Alvin, you posted about this volcano blowing its stack maybe 2 years ago… why are they saying “almost 11 years”? is 2 years now a decade? “the new 11”? i think that i don’t understand Expert Words at all…

    i saw in one of the older updates from last time Manam got mad, one commenter posted the volcano’s eruption history and it looks to me like its gotten increasingly active for the past 100 years. so then if pattern follows forward… uh oh?


    • Yes – crazy things are happening right now to the planet. Stay tuned…


      • Yes Alvin! I have noticed for a few days now that all of the area around Puerto Rico is ringing like a bell! Continuous earthquakes from 2.5 to 3.6 all day everyday! Just wondering if these are precursors to a major collapsing of the PR trench.


      • It’s a sign that the forces accelerating change across the planet is intensifying. From the extraordinary rise in volcanic activity, to incessant seismic swarms being reported now in several regions of the planet – to heat waves and droughts now encompassing larger and larger regions of the globe- these events (most of them unprecedented in our life times) are all signs of more ominous and troubling changes on the horizon. Island chains will indeed be loss, but we’re not at the stage yet where planet earth goes into a spasm of violent convulsions.


  2. Stephen says:

    The Word of GOD is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Time to “repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” two helpful websites: and both Christian websites that uplift Christ in these troubled times. May we stay close to Jesus our Savior as we approach the end of days.


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