Large Hadron Collider starts smashing particles again – at ramped up voltage

June 2015 GENEVA The Large Hadron Collider has re-started its scientific investigations after a two-year break for upgrades. Buried below the ground on the France-Switzerland border, it’s hoped the world’s biggest experiment will give us big clues as to how the universe works. For the last two years, physicists have been working on an upgrade to the giant machine, to make it much more powerful. Scientists are now waiting for the first new data to begin flowing from the underground particle smasher.
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a giant tube, like a vast doughnut – more than sixteen miles (27km) long. It’s run by CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research – which investigates how our universe is constructed at the tiniest levels. On Wednesday, the vast machine clattered proton beams together at much higher energies than were achieved when it was first switched on in 2010-2013. The higher speeds should allow experts to hunt for signs of new scientific discoveries at the tiniest level imaginable – invisible to the most powerful microscopes.
On Wednesday morning, operators at the control room in Geneva carefully guided two stable beams of tiny proton particles around the LHC before slamming them into one another at particular points around the ring. Huge detectors at these positions measure the energetic smash-ups, capturing the information to try to find exotic new particles in the sub-atomic wreckage. Cern boss Rolf Heuer congratulated his staff, calling it a “fantastic achievement.” But he warned them not to expect too much too soon: “It’s not going to happen tomorrow… be patient.” But he added: “We are living through a fantastic moment.” Over the coming months, the collisions will happen at faster and faster speeds, enabling the scientists to gather more and more information about how everything that has ever existed fits together. –BBC
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24 Responses to Large Hadron Collider starts smashing particles again – at ramped up voltage

  1. “Rolf Heuer congratulated his staff, calling it a “fantastic achievement.”
    I am sure those in ‘Atlantis’ thought the same at the time of their grand experiment! 😉 Just before it sunk.. 😦


  2. This kind of toys for adults and mature people, do not exist in any other useful form, such as the one in Geneva. All who participate there, I really do not know themselves or whoever they were formed, such as particles formed from which it derives a spiritual spark, which is awarded to a human to keep his material and energy entity-body, the greater the level of knowledge of what it is God particle. There particle scientists think to find in the debris of matter, that such debris can remain in this state, because there is a law and the debris of “cures” and returns them back to where they came from. No matter how accurate the theory of the Big Bang, so if scientists fail to find that a “God particle”.
    Waste of MONEY !!!


  3. Wiseguy says:

    This is amazing, they spent billions to get a tiny little signal on a sensor and they will be all excited like kids on Xmas Eve!!! Instead of doing research on cancer, feeding the third-world or earthquakes predictions that could save life. Human stupidity will always amaze me. I would laugh my head off if a quake happens and misalign the collider a few millimeters. Mother Nature always have final word…

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  4. Northwalker says:

    Quote, “to make it much more powerful”, “its not going to happen tomorrow”, “we are living through a fantastic moment” and last but not least, “collisions will happen faster and faster”…what risks are there with playing God? We’ve seen plants altered, cancer increase, no true advancement in living longer with good quality all at the suffering of animals. Catastrophic mistakes and now this? Pandora’s box is opening..may God help us and have mercy on us. Pride is not a virtue…

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  5. suez62 says:

    Oh ya, Cern. They are really hoping this will open portals for spiritual beings to come through, and enlighten us! UGH! Just what we need, more demonic beings running around! Personally, I fear what it will do to the earth itself~! We are living in scarey but exciting times, and the end is near!!!

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  6. John says:

    Maybe these scientists will create a new asteroid belt around the sun with their experiments. Guess where the location of the new asteroid belt is going to be.


  7. cathryn7 says:

    This could open up to a world of evil, I heard.

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  8. Judy says:

    Your piece written above is absolutely and utterly simplified. I believe the experimentation with the Hadron Collider is a criminal act in experimenting with the possibility of doing one HELL of a lot of damage to our entire planet and yet, no permission has been sought.HAVE MONEY WILL DO IT, regardless of the outcome. The advancing speed of this collider, they believe, has the ability to open inter-dimensional gates, that God has had locked for eons, and for very good reason, and now inquisitive man will open them up causing an influx of God knows who or what to return, resulting in man no longer being the hunter, but the HUNTED – a food source. Just like words cannot be unsaid, this collider cannot reverse what it is about to do. The place should be bombed in my opinion.They are tampering with humanities future and they know this.

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  9. Sunny says:

    ‘Quantum Physics is bunk,’ says top quantum physicist!!! 😮


  10. Kathy says:

    Oh yes, lets smash everything at higher and higher speeds so we can see how it all fits together!? Does that even remotely sound logical? Reminds me of my brother who went thru a faze around 3-4yrs old going around breaking toys to see how they worked, pushing them to their limits/capacity, all he ended up with was broken toys that weren’t fun to play with anymore….


    • Yellow Bird says:

      yes, exactly the same. i thank the Maker continually for revealing the Final Act ahead of time, if it weren’t for the Hope that waits Beyond All Things, i would not have any courage to continue in the face of this storm.

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  11. Ace says:

    I believe CERN is using flawed logic and reasoning regarding their safety arguments for the LHC. Please address my counter arguments about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider as it could be operating illegally.

    1. Cosmic rays – The 1st safety argument is that nature has already generated on Earth as many collisions as about a million LHC experiments and the planet still exists but that has nothing to do with the risks associated when quark explosions convert matter into a strangelet because cosmic rays are not quarks, they are an entirely different substance. 99% are gamma rays and protons while the remaining 1% are atomic nuclei.
    Cosmic rays come from distant stars and arrive and collide with planetary bodies in solitary, harmless units, they are not masses of heavy gold and lead atoms with hundreds of quarks packed in tight bundles and cracked in precise collisions that liberate a critical mass of millions of strange quarks that are theoretically capable of starting an Ice-9 reaction. The fact is that we have never found a single deconfined quark in a century of cosmic ray analysis. The first safety argument is therefore a blatant lie that breaks two fundamental scientific proofs of truth; experimental evidence and the known cause principle. The primary reason physicists are doing those experiments in particle accelerators is precisely because nature does not do them on planet Earth otherwise we would just keep building cosmic ray detectors like the one CERN has in its museum which reveals precisely how unimpressive the force of a solitary cosmic ray actually is.

    2. Evaporating black holes – The 2nd safety argument is that even if black holes are created, they will evaporate. (It is important to note that the creation of black holes at CERN is considered probable at new energy regimes by both promoters and opponents of these colliders). Many black holes could be created by smashing protons into anti-protons with enough energy, if one were created near a large concentration of mass and if it started absorbing that mass before exploding, the black hole could reach a relatively stable half-life and thus continue to grow. In Einstein’s theory, black holes are frozen stars that are likely composed of the heaviest top quarks which will be mass produced as the primary decay particles of the Higgs Boson. Modern string theory also predicts that black holes will be created at new energy regimes but according to relativity theory, once formed, these black holes will swallow the Earth. Since the industry of accelerators knows it cannot deny the possibility of creating black holes it has chosen to simply rebuke those risks of extinction by invoking a false safety assurance about the nature of black holes. Their claim is that these black holes will simply evaporate which is based on an unproven hypothesis that contradicts both Einstein’s black hole theory and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. He coined the word Entropy to mean the amount of thermal energy not available to do work. Based on the everyday observation that warm objects such as a cup of coffee always spontaneously become colder, Clausius stated the 2nd law of thermodynamics; that the ability of energy to do work is always decreasing. In other words, the universe tends towards maximum entropy. According to Einstein’s equations, a black hole is born as a mass vortex that turns at light speed. This means that in terms of temperature, it is extremely hot. The black hole then begins to grow its mass exponentially as it lowers its temperature, transferring its extreme heat to the star or planet and devouring it in a dual big bang (big crunch). According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat always moves from the hot source, in this case the black hole to the cold environment it evaporates which would be the Earth. Yet to eliminate the risks posed by black holes, the safety report denies both the laws of thermodynamics and standard black hole theory, choosing instead to believe in Steven Hawkings never proven hypothesis that black holes break all the laws of thermodynamics and evaporate.
    Steven Hawkings evaporating black holes break most of the known laws of science which according to the scientific principle of correspondence is a proof of falsity. Evaporating black holes have also been disproven experimentally after 30 years of unsuccessful searches for them in the cosmos which is another basic proof of falsity. Once you break the fundamental laws of science all kinds of magical possibilities present themselves. Hawking for example advertises his imaginary black holes in conferences around the world as a potential source of perpetual energy, the most common hoax of 19th century science before the laws of Entropy made them impossible, a fact that Mr Hawking seems to have forgotten.

    3. Strange Quark Liquid – The 3rd safety argument claims that strange quark liquid will not be produced on planet Earth because it is in fact a hot gas, not a liquid. Theory suggests that heavy ion collisions are not a good place to produce strangelets but scientists working at Brookhavens RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) have already admitted to producing strange quark liquid. This fact alone disproves by sheer experimental evidence the 3rd safety assurance. While new scientific papers appear constantly on the physics of the strange liquid being produced in those accelerators, the world is assured that such a feat is impossible. Similarly, CERN installed the CASTOR detector (a Calorimeter) that will search for different types of strangelets with a stated 70% chance of finding them. Yet officially there is no danger because there will not be absolute proof of an Ice-9 reaction as long as the Earth continues to exist. Despite these dangers, a second process of liquid formation; the creation of stable dual strange quark atoms called Dibaryons has begun in both the colliders at Brookhaven and CERN. The creation of a strangelet mass large enough to start an Ice-9 reaction is consequently almost certain. Invisible dual strange atoms, more stable than our matter and so heavy, that when created, immediately fall towards the centre of the Earth cutting through the light magma. They could be sitting there right now, growing in numbers until they reach the super critical mass needed to freeze the planet. Only then will we have the absolute proof that the Earth no longer exists. As CERN has explained, we know of no absolute barrier through the rapid growth of a dangerous strangelet. In a catastrophic chain reaction, the weight of a killer strangelet would pull it down, eventually the strangelet would sit at the centre of the Earth eating other nuclei, attracting the Earth’s mass gravitationally, it would eat our planet from the inside out, converting the Earth into one giant strangelet or not. Since we cannot observe the centre of the Earth, there will never be an absolute proof of this slow leak of strange atoms.

    4. Quark Matter – The 4th safety argument states that at present, despite vigorous searches, there is no evidence whatsoever for stable strange matter anywhere in the Universe but when the safety report was signed there was no absolute proof of the existence and nature of the very same strange quark matter it’s accelerators are producing right now. This lie is falsified by the industries own experiments and by all the pervading presence of quark matter in the Universe. There is now a general agreement among astrophysicists for example that the core of pulsars is made of quark matter which is responsible for the explosion of stars called supernovas but because quark matter does not interact with light, we cannot see the stars core.
    Instead we detect them indirectly through their attractive gravitational pull which is the same proof we have of many celestial objects comprised of massive quark dark matter. As it stands, the two families of heavy quarks are the only known substance who’s invisibility, coldness and weight correspond to those of the two invisible, massive, dormant cosmological species of the galaxy; black holes and the galactic halo. Strange quark liquid has the same physical properties found in the external halo of dark matter that surrounds and protects galaxies and stores 90% of it’s mass. Top quark condensates are the only known substance with a similar mass and density to the swarms of black holes found in the centre of the galaxy. In between the two, we find the 3rd family of up and down quarks that form the visible matter of stars and planets that make up our world. Furthermore, we know that our light matter is constantly devoured and converted into quark stars and black holes, this process continues until a galaxy is entirely made of dark matter and becomes invisible, creating a gravitational pull that is so great, that it bends even the path of light. This symmetry between the three main types of cosmic bodies in the galaxy and the three families of quarks prove that quark matter not only exists but is the main component of all the galaxies that form our Universe. So, yes we are still here but our likely destiny is to become the cosmological dust of quark matter and all those accelerators are doing is to accelerate our demise by creating the strange quark liquid that is responsible for most of the catastrophic explosions taking place within the different scales of the cosmos. Despite all these facts, for the accelerator industry it is business as usual, with plans for even bigger accelerators like the Chinese super collider.

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  12. Infinite Universe fills fixed and unmanifested substance ether, by whom was created substances under dejastvom Absolute consciousness of the universe (ACU), which causes high vibrations ether creating strings in whose cross-section is formed as a matter of quarks and gluons, and in the following process chains are formed by atoms, molecules, gas, gas clouds, heavenly bodies and their groups. Matter then gets space for accommodation and movement in the assigned laws and properties of matter, and also occurs and the time, only as a measure of movement. One important feature of the matter is, among others, gravity, not as balanced force or tendency between matter and ether from which it was made. Gravity brings together the mass of the mass crowds, all until a critical mass and gravity when the matter returns to its “homeland”, back in the form of ether, and this takes place through black holes.

    Therefore, it is nonsense to think that a human being can something that is formed because of such a process is necessary to “burn” much matter in excess of several thousand trillion of our sun.

    The process of returning the matter to the ether is not the same as its foundation, which is why black holes will not see anything as it can didja in the creation of matter. As soon as the matter is formed all is manifested in it. But there’s a black hole, it is a spiritual entity that can enter anything of substance.

    So it would be good to give up on science ‘Sizifovog “job seeking” God “particle. The problem is that science has not yet found the true cause of the spin of the planet, a “safari” by not existing country BB, who has never even “born”. Midwives this BB are vagabonds who make trips to the universe of the “wings” of telescopes and logistics followers Einstein.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      nikola, i’m sorry to say google did a lousy job translating from your original, very hard to understand 😦
      i hope you can find someone to help make a better transcription, so that this information will not be overlooked or lost.


  13. cathryn7 says:

    Another Tower of Babel.

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  14. ambience says:

    This June it is reported that the Rings of Saturn “lit up”


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