India’s minister blames climate change for deadly heat wave, weak monsoon – deaths top 2,500

India Heat wave 3
June 2015 INDIA India’s earth sciences minister has blamed climate change for a heat wave that has killed 2,500 people and for deficient monsoon rains, after the government said on Tuesday the country was headed for its first drought in six years. “Let us not fool ourselves that there is no connection between the unusual number of deaths from the ongoing heat wave and the certainty of another failed monsoon,” Harsh Vardhan said. “It’s not just an unusually hot summer, it is climate change,” he said. The minister’s comments affirm warnings from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that India will be hit by frequent freak weather patterns if the planet warms. The arrival of the June-September monsoon rains, on which nearly half of the India’s farmland depends, has already been delayed by about five days, and Vardhan said there was no certainty about when the rains would arrive.
India, the world’s No. 3 emitter of greenhouse gases, is under growing pressure to tackle its carbon emissions after the world’s top two emitters – China and the United States – last year agreed to new limits starting in 2025. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he would not bow to foreign pressure and instead focus on increasing the country’s use of renewable energy. His ministerial colleagues have said that because India’s per-capita energy consumption is lower than Western countries, its economy should not be unfairly shackled by commitments to curb carbon when it needs to grow its economy to cut poverty. The U.N. is hoping countries can agree a deal to slow global warming at an upcoming climate summit in Paris in November. –Yahoo News
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11 Responses to India’s minister blames climate change for deadly heat wave, weak monsoon – deaths top 2,500

  1. Rajiv says:

    They say that this will be the second in two years.
    We, as Indians, need to be more caring for the environment


  2. Not according to Faux news!


  3. I see he got suckered into believing that myth as thousands of others.


      • Katnea says:

        I dunno futuret, I did take a look at your “Must-Read” link. But in all honesty, I must confess to you that I do believe some of the conspiracy theory’s via this website is a bit over the top. And yes, while I do strive to maintain an open mind whenever it comes to educating myself on the various conspiracies floating about, I also strive to maintain a voice of reason as well. Thus after reading how the U.S. is going to incorporate the Guillotine method to exterminate us, well, all I could do was frown in disbelief. But when I got to the conspiracy about ‘Blue Bell’ Ice cream being involved! Well, that’s when my coffee about shot out my nose due to laughter. Hey, I’m just keeping it real with you while offering you my sincere thoughts. But then again, perhaps I’m the naïve one?

        Anyway I really do appreciate the link you shared here today. For it tells me that you truly are concerned about your fellow human beings. If not? In no way would you have offered us your heads up, (Awww, now Guillotine related jokes keep popping off inside my head…em.. MIND!) Anyway I best stop now while I’m a HEAD! (heh) Okay, now I’m telling myself, Chop-chop! Truly if I don’t get a move on…. heads will roll! Alvin gonna take my head just to stop my prattling nonsense here! (Grin)

        Yellow Bird, if you are online? Now would be an excellent time for you to step in with your sagely self! (smiles)


      • Yellow Bird says:

        kat… your post gave me such a case of giggles, it took awhile to come back down from the ceiling… ;}
        but hey futuret, i’m with kat- of course you care deeply and take all these unsettling changes very seriously, or you would not be on here posting words of warning at all!
        i hope you didn’t mind the gentle teasing… its just that particular link left a couple of us feeling a bit, well, heady…

        there are certain widely read christian end-time apologists who do believe the return of guillotines (whether medieval or something much more progressive & efficiently streamlined) is on the way. one way or another, we know widespread executions will occur, and on a level to cause the other Holocaust to pale alongside…
        a VERY sobering realization, few will fail to take seriously.

        for today at least there is still room for a little graveyard levity to keep our hearts from becoming too heavy… and help us keep our heads on straight.

        Many Blessings- and Keep Posting!


    • Katnea says:

      I dunno Old Guy… I believe I ran across part of your reasoning on this below link? ; )

      Oh and you ‘may’ find the below links interesting as well?


    • Katnea says:

      You may find this info interesting to ponder? ; )
      Or this link?
      Now ya gotta appreciate this link…eh?


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    looks like India’s minister of Earth Sciences has a lot more sense & understanding than many western politicos!
    and someone said this extreme heat wave is affecting several other nations besides
    praying GOD’s merciful relief for all that are suffering!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katnea says:

      You got that right Yellow Bird! You are absolutely spot on correct when it comes to your statement of: “Looks like India’s minister of Earth Sciences has a lot more sense & understanding than many western politicos!” ; )


  5. Old Guy says:

    Climate change? Of course the climate is changing. The climate has never been static. There is no optimal or normal climate. And no one has any authority to state what the climate should be. Its not caused by mans activities. And man cannot mitigate it. At present the earths magnetic north pole has been rapidly shifting. That shift has weakened & twisted the Magnosphere near the magnetic North Pole. That in turn allows space wind to enter the earths atmosphere, That causes the Jet stream to behave differently& effects plate techtonics. These weird weather events & clatyclismsng are going to continue to increase in magnitude and occurance, ad they would still be happening even if man had never extisted.


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