58: Indonesia’s Lokon-Empung volcano shaken by violent eruption

Lokon Empung Volcano
May 2015INDONESIA An explosion occurred Wednesday (20 May) at 15:22 local time and produced an ash plume of approx 1.5 km height. The eruption was accompanied by strong explosion sounds, which caused concern in nearby villages and the town of Tomohon. After the initial explosion, mild ash venting continued for a while. The eruption came from two vents, both the Tompaluan crater and the new crater west of it that had formed in October last year. –Volcano Discovery
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3 Responses to 58: Indonesia’s Lokon-Empung volcano shaken by violent eruption

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    with so much crud billowing into the air, around the world, no wonder the most recent weather forecast maps are starting to show a LOT more blue than red
    Weather.com just posted this latest for the U.S. >>
    followed by a comparison of maps from 1982 & 1997 (interesting, none from this millenium)

    i’d really like to see forecast maps for the rest of the world…


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    and meanwhile, this dratted drought becomes ever-more deeply entrenched:
    wish the graphic would pop up automatically on this one…
    its jarring to see HOW MUCH of the western us is being shown as in “severe drought”
    CA= nearly 100%
    OR= at least 2/3
    WA= close to 50%
    ID= several portions
    NV= at least 90%
    UT= about 1/3
    also affecting parts of AZ, NM, CO, TX, KS, OK

    map strategically cuts off at Canadian border… guess the sun & the rains are respecters of geopolitical boundaries…

    then, VERY interestingly, much of the interior of Alaska is shown as being at “high risk of wildfire”… oh, but not drought, oh no… just major wildfires… in May.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      ? … i only posted 2 links…?

      the second link has 2 maps, both of years previous: 1982 & 1997

      oh… did you mean the link in the 2nd post? that isnt depicting temperature averages like the others, it’s showing assorted “risk values”.


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