UK rocked as 4.2 magnitude earthquake hits near London

 UK Quake
May 2015LONDON – A “DRAMATIC, violent, jarring and jolting” earthquake has struck the UK near Kent, waking residents in the middle of the night with the shock of their lives. The unexpected tremor was felt across Britain. The British Geological Survey confirmed the quake struck at 2:52am British Standard Time with an epicenter 7km south of Ramsgate near Kent. It measured 4.2 on the Richter scale. Residents woke in shock as windows rattled, furniture shook and some reported that the quake sounded like a ‘door was being kicked in.’
The site of the quake was near another quake that hit the region in 2007 as a 4.3. Kent Police were inundated with calls about the event. A spokesman they began to take calls just before 3am. “It has now been confirmed parts of East Kent has been affected by an earthquake measuring just 4.3 on the Richter scale,” they said. A resident in the area, Simon Moores, there was “dramatic, violent, jarring and jolting of the house for about 10 seconds. “The seagulls launched into air with tremendous noise outside, dogs started barking, crockery moving, furniture jarring about a bit.”
“It stopped after 10 seconds, which made me think it was probably an earthquake,” he said. Student Amber Vellacott from Kent told The Express she too was woken by the quake. “It was a bit of a shock. I was laying in bed and suddenly I felt the conservatory shaking, then the door started shaking in the house. It just wasn’t right. “All of our animals are quite shaken. “It seems more shocking because of what’s just happened in Nepal and it was a very odd time in the morning so it’s woken a lot of people up.” she said. Many other surprised residents flocked to social media to check that what they felt was real. –News
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13 Responses to UK rocked as 4.2 magnitude earthquake hits near London

  1. Mary Carmel says:

    Wow !


  2. Ian says:

    2.50 am is not the time of day I’d choose to be woken, the bed shook, the whole house rattled, I instinctively thought it had to be an earthquake, nonetheless it was a shock to the system, there was a similar earthquake near the coast in 2007, but 2 in 8 years! Gives me respect for the people of Nepal, New Zealand and elsewhere that have suffered similar but much worse events.

    I’m pleased to say there have not been any reports of injuries or damage.

    On another topic, I’m much more concerned about recent activity in Iceland, some deep earthquakes under Katla, these are most likely magmatic in nature, one to watch for the coming summer months.


  3. M.Morcel IP says:


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  4. Does the English Channel have tsamy water indicators,to briefly warn people that huge wave could hit England and parts of Its Ireland?


  5. peter says:

    Hi Alvin,in your opinion could a tremor like this undermine the channel tunnel foundations or is the tunnel earthquake proof ?????

    Warm Regards from Peter London UK


    • A significant size magnitude earthquake would have to strike below the channel tunnel to have a significant effect on the structural integrity of the tunnel. At a depth of 75 meters (250 ft), it’s unlikely a strong quake of that magnitude would be a factor since most deep ocean earthquakes still occur in subduction zones. A strong earthquake in the 7 or 8 magnitude striking about 10 km below the sea could also be a concern, but so far – the geological history of the region precludes such seismic hazard risk factors. Greater seismic tunnel risks lie in Japan along the Seikan Tunnel – although the Seikan Tunnel in Japan is both longer overall at 53.85 kilometres (33.46 mi) and deeper at 240 metres (790 ft) below sea level than its English cousin.

      If random magnitude earthquakes start popping up all over the globe – it may be time then for all of us to start worrying and stay out of tunnels altogether.

      All the best,

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  6. Irene C says:

    Two earthquakes have hit the Solomon Islands today. One a 6.9 and the other one a 6.8 according to USGS. No tsunami threat from what I can see.


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    thas nuthin…
    the Solomons are getting that & a lot more today:

    about an hour ago 4.9 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about an hour ago 5.4 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about an hour ago 5.1 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about 2 hours ago 6.8 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about 3 hours ago 4.9 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about 4 hours ago 5.1 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Solomon Islands
    about 4 hours ago 6.9 magnitude, 9 km depth
    Solomon Islands

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  8. Dennis E. says:

    The UK can expect in the future to see some land deformation as can the rest of the world.
    People need to prepare.

    Yesterday at work, we had an electrical issue in which power to lights and some ac power was lost. I had ac power to my computer and such, but not lights. Some had lights but not AC power.

    A point, my office doesn’t have a window. I was the only one who had a battery powered lantern.
    Don’t be out without some type of capability be self-substained.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thx for the timely reminder about having spare Lights! that, at least, is one we can all make some plans for


  9. molvi says:

    I felt some tremors today around 5 am in Mill Hill London. I think may be around 4 to 5 rechter scale. Not so strong but woke me up.


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