Five more aftershocks hit Nepal as toll in fresh quake tops 100

 Quake Damage
May 2015NEPAL Five aftershocks jolted Nepal today, triggering panic among the people as the death toll in the powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation two days ago climbed to over 100. Nepal was jolted by the quake on Monday just weeks after a 7.9 magnitude temblor had wreaked havoc in the country, claiming 8,151 lives and leaving 17,861 others injured.  Five small tremors — measuring between 4 and 5 on the Richter scale –were recorded near Kathmandu as aftershocks continued to jolt the quake-affected region. A 5-magnitude quake struck at 0325 AM while a 4-magnitude quake was felt at 0905 AM with the epicentre of both the temblors at Dolakha district. Three other tremors were also recorded by National Seismological Centre here between 12 am and 0822 am with their epicenter mainly being in the Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk districts, situated to the east of Kathmandu.
However, no damages were reported from the temblors. The death toll in the 7.3-magnitude quake that struck Nepal on May 13 climbed to 107 with 2,563 others injured, according to the Home Ministry.  The highest number of casualties — 51 people — are from the Dolakha district, situated 75 km east of Kathmandu. Altogether 211 aftershocks have been reported in Nepal after the April 25 quake temblor that left the country devastated with thousands reeling under the impact of the disaster. Meanwhile, a seven-storeyed building that had developed cracks due to the quake last month collapsed in Kalanki area of Kathmandu today. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.
 Rescue workers are searching for survivors from the latest quake. Search is also on for a US military helicopter that was reported missing with six marines and two Nepalese soldiers on board while delivering aid. Thousands of fear-stricken people spent the night in the open under plastic tents barely shielding them from cold last night. –Economic Times India
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2 Responses to Five more aftershocks hit Nepal as toll in fresh quake tops 100

  1. Thank you for the info on the Nepal A/S and the fatalities and injuries. As for the Helicopter from the US with US Marines etc on board, I rec’d this update from CNN Breaking News at 11:36 PM on Thursday May 14, 2015..
    A U.S. military helicopter missing in Nepal since Tuesday has been found on the steep slopes of a mountain east of Kathmandu, a top Nepali army officer said. A Nepali army helicopter spotted it at an altitude of 11,200 feet.

    Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    looking on Earthquake Track, that area shows 115 quakes ytd–
    113 of these occurred in past 3 weeks- since the big one on April 25 which started it all.

    by comparison, it took 18 years for the previous quake tally for that region to top 100- and some of those were actually epicentered in China & India

    right after the last big 7.3, NPR aired a broadcast from Nepal which included an interview with their minister of communications. decidedly more candid than Western political PR officials, nevertheless he was certainly making every effort to phrase positively… that’s of course his job…

    yet even so, what stood out to me was an air of defeat when he stated that when over a million residents- mostly business and professional (the ones with the $$, no surprise) – had immediately left Kathmandu valley after the initial quake, the govt had held high hopes most would return to carry on life as before…
    but with the additional devastation caused by the latest eq, no one could be certain anymore how many former residents would ever return, nor the burden the loss of their skills would place on the ability to rebuild for those who remain.

    it’s not often one hears a chief of public relations sounding both candid and defeated.


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