Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano lava lake drops out of public view – earthquakes continue

Hawaii Volcano 2
May 2015HAWAII As the summit of Kilauea volcano continues to deflate, the lava lake is dropping out of view. Over the past few weeks, the volcanic spectacle of the rising lava lake has been drawing thousands of visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where for the first time the lava could be seen from the Jaggar Museum overlook. Before that, the lava could only be observed on USGS webcams stationed around Halema’uma’u crater. The rise – and occasional overflow – of the lava lake coincided with a steep inflation at the summit, as recorded by continuously operating electronic tiltmeters. But this weekend, that inflationary trend reversed, and the lava lake began to recede. –Big Island News

Hawaii Vol 3

Hawaii Vol 4

Hawaii Volc 5


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17 Responses to Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano lava lake drops out of public view – earthquakes continue

  1. donna bosn says:

    Maybe something strange is happening.

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  2. Michael says:

    The Dragon always inhales before it breaths fire.

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    • davidh7426 says:

      My thoughts exactly Michael…

      As soon as I saw that headline, I thought “It’s breathing in… It’s going to blow.”

      Then another thought struck me…

      There is another vent just off the coast to the East, what if the lava stream was diverted to there, could the sudden extrusion of a large mass of lava from that vent cause an even bigger catastrophe, both to the island of Hawaii, and to other Pacific coastlines if a tsunami is generated.

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  3. Lena says:

    Does this mean perhaps that the underground lava flow is about to show itself in a new or unexpected place? What is USGS suspecting?


  4. Wiseguy says:

    Some people on the Web are saying that this phenomenom happened before the Japan’s Quake in 2011. I don’t know where an 8+ will happen but it’s only a matter of weeks or days.

    Enjoy nature before it turns itself into nightmare for humans…

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  5. Dennis E. says:

    a recent story on the internet, 40 volcanoes are erupting-34 on the ring of fire


  6. Alvin I read your reply to my question and the reference to Yellowstone seemed to jar a little, wasn’t sure why that was popped in there,but now I see Yellowstone is featuring gain on a lot of internet buzz….


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