Earthquakes increasing across North America

Earthquakes Central US
January 2015TEXAS More earthquakes strike north Texas shaking going on. The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed a Thursday afternoon temblor near Midlothian. The quake measured a 2.7 magnitude. There are reports of the movement also being felt in Mansfield. The earthquake, that happened at 2:12 in the afternoon, measured at a depth of five kilometers. There are no reports of damage. Minutes after confirming the afternoon Ellis County quake, the USGS released information about two additional tremors that happened earlier in Irving. The first quake was a 1.9 occurring at 4:08 a.m. The second Thursday tremor in Irving happened at 7:24 a.m. and also had a magnitude of 1.9.
The earthquake happened just one day after a cluster of a dozen small earthquakes rattled parts of North Texas — most centered in the city of Irving near the site of the old Texas Stadium. The site of the old stadium is directly over the Balcones Fault, which runs from Irving to San Antonio, almost parallel to Interstate-35. North Lake College geology professor Dr. Len Kubicek explained Wednesday that natural forces are tugging on the fault from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. “If you start pulling on this and stretching it, in this case you’re going to get two normal faults,” he said, using wooden blocks to demonstrate the action. “The Balcones Fault was actually one of these, that type of fault, and it’s due to stretching.” The strongest Irving earthquake was a 3.6 in magnitude that happened early Tuesday evening. According to scientists with Southern Methodist University, Irving has had more than 25 minor earthquakes since early September 2014. –CBS
ConnecticutLAINFIELD — At first, town officials didn’t have an answer. More than 50 people had called the police shortly after 9:30 a.m. Thursday to report a boom and a shake. The town fire marshal’s office had ruled out blasting as the cause, and there were no crashes on nearby I-395. Neither was there any work being done on the Providence and Worcester railroads. So they called the National Weather Service. An earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 2.0 to 2.2, had occurred in the northern part of town, about 2 miles south of Danielson, they learned. It was nearly 6 kilometers underground and caused no damage.
Earthquakes happen fairly regularly in Connecticut, but they rarely amount to more than a murmur. For centuries, the residents of the Moodus section of East Haddam have heard the rumblings of earthquakes in the area. The Plainfield area, where Thursday morning’s temblor struck, has now experienced four small earthquakes since October, according to data collected by the Weston Observatory at Boston College. The number of quakes has increased across the New England area over the last 10 years — part of a natural geologic process, said John E. Ebel, the chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College. “From the late 1970s into the early 1990s, it was much more active,” he said. “Then things dropped off. In the early 2000s, the activity got very low throughout New England. And it seems to have come back since then.” –Courant
Oklahoma – The U.S. Geological Survey recorded several Oklahoma earthquakes today, including a 4.0 magnitude quake near Cushing. The 4.0 quake recorded 11:51 a.m. about 3 miles south-southwest of Cushing. Earlier today, a 2.4 magnitude quake recorded 3 a.m. about 3 miles north-northeast of Cherokee, and a 3.0 magnitude quake recorded 7:03 a.m. about 12 miles east of Perry.
During the past seven days, the USGS recorded 22 Oklahoma earthquakes. During the past 30 days, the USGS recorded 121 Oklahoma earthquakes of at least 2.5 magnitude. The largest during that timeframe was a 4.1 magnitude quake Sept. 29 near Perry, according to the USGS. On January 9th,  3.5 and 3.4 magnitude earthquakes struck new Pawnee and Guthrie, Oklahoma. –Tulsa World
Vancouver Island – There are conflicting reports about whether or not an earthquake earlier this week cooled the thermal waters at hot springs north of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. After the 4.8 magnitude quake hit 18 kilometers east-northeast of Tofino on Wednesday, no damage was reported to buildings. Then on Friday, people living near Hot Springs Cove at the north end of Clayoquot Sound told CBC News the temperature of the water in the thermal springs had dropped significantly. Bernard Charleson said when he put his hand over the hot springs source earlier this week  the water was cool — and the sulphur smell was gone. Charleson, who is a Hesquiaht First Nation emergency coordinator, blamed the change on Wednesday’s earthquake. –CBC
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27 Responses to Earthquakes increasing across North America

  1. Night terror news says:

    Glad you’ve returned..


  2. Corvus says:

    glad you are back


  3. usnveteran says:

    Contributing to the Cause?

    Fracking Drills:

    Fracking America – Video:

    Fracking America:

    The United States Is Counting On A long Term Abundance Of Oil & Natural Gas,
    But What If The Boom Is Just A Bubble?:

    Shield The People – Rosebud Sioux Nation:


  4. I have looked for an indication of a major quake in the month of January 2015 there is a hint of gathering forces apt to cause a volcanic eruption but not an explosion like Mount Saint Helens.
    I will find you that “big one”.13th February but more dramatically 5th March. My methods are interpolative and you can do your own from the data on my site in Yahoo groups, “Interstellarrescue”.


  5. Jim says:

    Maybe you should take a look here – ( ) for Oklahoma earthquakes instead of at USGS. There are a lot more quakes than USGS is reporting.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Prior to his untimely death: Richard Coombe who was the Administrator of the A-0 Report Web site, issued an essay of which he was very good in researching and publishing BIBLICAL WORD STUDIES. Very detailed. When he passed, Stan Deyo’s website noted his passing.

    Let me get to the point……..He believed that God would judge America to the point this country, parts of it(if not all) will sink beneath the waves never to be seen/heard from again. If I remember correctly, he fully believed that America is Mystery Babylon in scriptures. He did a word study on this.
    Let me make this point. How many times has it been reported on this site booming sounds all through out the country. Some say they are underground tunnels being made by the govenment. Could be. Some say, Fracking, could be?
    How many of you remember when Alvin posted the report of the ground splitting in Mexico, near our border. How about reports of sinkholes on the increase.

    I say, call it what you want, I say the foundation of our continent is unstable and yes, part of the country could sink and something terrible is about to happen somewhere.

    My opinion


  7. Terry Lee says:

    The earth is most likely going through a decompressing, we have not seen much of mother nature in several hundred years, nothing can be done, it’s going to cause huge issues, or not.


  8. Dave says:

    Alvin, good to see you back – will you be continuing your excellent coverage of ebola?


  9. Frankie says:

    All is right again in this strange and amazing world. Will you be continuing your radio show?


  10. Harry Huey says:

    Oh, my gosh! The sky is falling!


  11. Poggie says:

    Earthquakes…A Prophetic Sign of the nearness of Christ’s Return. Not only volume and intensity but that earthquakes will appear in ‘various’ location. Places that seldom or never have previous reports. Don’t ignore the volcanoes.


  12. Rozee says:

    Happy 2015. Glad that you’re posting. Best wishes and many blessings to you and loved ones.


  13. Me says:

    I’m in Oklahoma, where we’re having earthquakes and mystery booms. I’m wondering if the New Madrid is fixin to rock and roll.


    • I think I have found a type box. Well a ship is due to burst into flame (15/1/2015) BUT A DORMANT VOLCANO CAN BURST INTO ACTIVITY. There are reports of an undersea volcano near Vanuatu but the Pluto aspect can stir things up where people are getting mystery quakes which could be due to a volcano feeling its way up. I saw somebody looking at the Bible think about the passage “Though I or an Angel from Heaven teach any other doctrine than this, let him be accursed” Well that witch who led the Arabs astray, Dr. Dee, and Joseph Smith have all been dealing with the comfort demon mentioned in the Old Testament the one that got his witches giving out pillows to people troubled by their souls going astray at night. Moslems Enochians and Mormons took the bait and are hooked nice to be comfortable I suppose, but a Christian looks at John 14;12 and suddenly wakes up we got to do the miracles in fact bigger ones than Jesus. Now you can show that passage in the Bible about Angels from Heaven being accursed but I suppose the Moslems will keep going to Mecca the Enochians use their spells and the Mormons sing in Salt Lake City and BEING COMFORTABLE. A Christian is not so comfortable he has to work the miracles and whether bestowed by a Church or not earn a Canonization try something easy first get that glass of water and try to make it a bit more like wine sometimes after a good Church sermon it will change a little. So why do that? “If you have faith as the grain of a mustard seed..” well fresh water turning a bit acetic shows SOMETHING happened. Maybe one day you can do a Chianti or a Moscato with the name of Jesus. Miracles are easier than prayer, in fact you feel cheated as God does them. Most workers of Miracles can tell you there is nothing lazier than working a Miracle. When you succeed it hints at a possible civilization where it happens no matter what and people renounce machines and do it all with miracles. Such a civilization would simply vanish as it does not need artifacts. Right now just go and show that passage to a Moslem he needs to know he is involved in devil worship maybe he would like to join Thee Satanic Church and get some extra comfort? You could need to have plastic surgery change your name and wear bullet proof vests of course. Regarding devils the relationship of Jesus to Judas pops up; Christians are not to worship devils but under discretion are meant to use them. For instance (read that new testament get the cobwebs off it) “They that being often rebuked harden their hearts shall be consigned to Satan for the destroyng of their flesh that their souls might stand in the judgement”. Well when was the last time your Church sent Satan to destroy somebody unable to quit smoking, drinking, or using bad language? You might dip into the Solomonics and get Marbas to help you do house chores involving mending stuff. We Christians are expected to follow the example of Jesus and that includes making full use of devils in support of work needing doing, but of course expect to be sold out at the end of the line as happened to Jesus, however the plot unravelled and enabled Jesus to get crucified and finish his mission. I expect this to stir people up but we got to get our hands a bit dirty and be useful in this world not sit back on pews and watch things go to the dogs. In my experience you could need thirty years of Monastic experience to do as good as Rasputin and that means some time on Athos and is only available to men. Give the pot a stir apparently the Christian Scientists have a recipe book for miracle working, GET ACTIVE!


      • DANIEL says:

        Well this is an addendum on what happened on the 15th there was a fire in the sea and a dormant volcano together and a new Island in the vicinity of Tonga. Apparently the “Fire at Sea” indicator of Mars adverse Saturn can intercept the volcanic signal of a Pluto aspect and combine, redolent of the Boxing Day Tsunami when a Venus/Mercury conjunction intercepted a Mars parallel making a very life costly Tsunami. I recall looking at the indicator and thinking that would be a memorable disaster. The moral is look carefully at anything involving Mars it can turn up bigger than one might expect.


  14. 12 Jan.,2015
    That Old Black Book (The King James Bible) Says in the latter days earth quakes will increase.

    God is trying to get all of man kind’s Attention!

    Believe me HE will get after what is called The Rapture Of TH Church takes place.

    Read about the Rapture which is a snatching away of all born again Christians ONLY!
    Read I Thessalonians Chapter Four verses thirteen through eighteen.

    This does not mean all church members will disappear, just those members that are Born Again Believers in Jesus Christ meaning those who have confessed that they are sinners and believe Jesus is the only one who can cleanse and forgive them of their sins.

    Praise the Holy Name Of Jesus Christ!

    Robert Briggs in Tennessee.


  15. Wendy says:

    A lot of slavery happened in these areas. America’s history is filled with slaughter and slavery (Indian, Africans/Black Americans and animals).


    • Travyal says:

      A lot of slavery happened all over. In fact, it is still going on in Africa and parts of the middle east. During the peak of American slavery, there were more slaves in Argentina than here. Focusing on the benevolent while ignoring what’s in front of your face is a form of evil unto itself.


  16. Deirdre says:

    Wow you were gone for a long time! Glad to see you back! Pray all is well!

    May I post this link to my blog relating to Dallas Texas earthquakes? Thank you!


  17. I believe earthquakes are increasing in size and numbers across the earth. Id there proof of my theory?


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