Strongest solar storm in 3 months erupts over poles – polar vortex blasts upper Midwest

January 2015 GEOSCIENCE A strong geomagnetic storm sparking bright auroras erupted early Wednesday morning over the Northern Hemisphere, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center. The storm is listed as a G3 on the NOAA storm scale which is considered large, but not the most severe. It’s still strong enough to cause irregularities with power systems, GPS and security systems by triggering false alarms. Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, the storm could impact spacecraft and cause orientation problems in satellites.
The storm is also sparking auroras around the Arctic Circle, which can be seen as low as Illinois and Oregon. “The interplanetary magnetic field tipped south, opening a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere,” the Space Weather Center said on its website. “Solar wind poured in to fuel the strongest magnetic storm since Sept. 2014.” –CBS
Polar Vortex coincides with geomagnetic storm: A renewed blast of arctic air has prompted wind chill warnings, watches, or advisories for over 180 million in the U.S. in anticipation of the coldest weather since the so-called “polar vortex” event one year ago. The combination of wind and cold air is leading to dangerous and potentially life-threatening wind chills Wednesday over a large part of the Midwest. Wind chills have dipped as low as 54 degrees below zero in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and Wednesday morning. Unlike the arctic chill that ended 2014, this cold blast will bypass the West and plunge south and east, bringing below-freezing temperatures all the way to the Gulf Coast by Thursday morning.
This second round began Tuesday afternoon as cold northwest winds began blasting into the Northern Plains. This next shot of cold air is surging south and east and is now moving into the East Coast states and the South. Thursday will bring the coldest actual air temperatures for many areas, as lows will plunge into the single digits and teens for much of East, with subzero readings in the Midwest and interior New England. While there haven’t been many record cold low temperatures set thus far, some cities from the Northeast to the Upper Midwest and Deep South will flirt with or break their daily record lows. –Weather Channel
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18 Responses to Strongest solar storm in 3 months erupts over poles – polar vortex blasts upper Midwest

  1. Mary says:

    Just wondering if you think the above could have had any influence on this solar storm?


  2. Marta Delgado says:

    Thank you for continuing to keep us informed! I missed your posts through the Holiday Season!
    I pray that the New Year brings you much Health, Prosperity and God’s Favor above all!


  3. Sunflower says:

    So very glad to see you posting again. I was very worried that both of your sites were inactive for so long. Hope you are well. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!


  4. niebo says:

    Yeah, yeah, “a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere” sounds serious and all but let’s ignore that and consider a unique way to have fun with the “frost-bite” cold:


  5. Dennis E. says:

    If this means anything, but there has been warnings regarding a cold sun or the chances of an extended cold wave engulfing the planet that would reduce crop expectations and create shorter planting seasons eventually leading to food shortages. I am not a doom sayer, this is from Nasa.

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  6. wirelessguru1 says:

    Good to see that you’re still around. 🙂


  7. Shannon says:

    Sorry for the off topic comment but I just want to let you know how glad I am that your back! I’ve really missed the updates here. I’ve clicked everyday with the hope that the site would become active again and am just tickled pink to see life here! Looking forward to new stories and information. Thanks for all you do!


  8. Terry says:

    I am SOOO glad you are posting again! I appreciate your info and the time and research it takes you to do so!


  9. Advisorx says:

    In the last few days, I and a number of people I spoke with had severe painful sciatica attacks and
    I recalled the solar flares that were heading towards earth and I believe that the electro magnetic radiation from these flares over loads the human energy system and causes inflammation. I have read that flu epidemics occur during intense solar flares and the radiation hitting the earth and it’s people.

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  10. Kathy says:

    Glad you’re back, Alvin. Happy 2015!


  11. Yellow Bird says:

    i hope this picture comes through, it is an unbelievably rare 10 arc halo display due to the insanely cold air of the polar vortex. this pic was taken in NM. the next link offers scientific interpretation of this amazing phenomenon:


  12. Yellow Bird says:

    well, thanx in part to these guys ( i feel like i finally have some understanding of why there has been so much controversy- at least in the US- toward the warming trend much of the rest of the world has allready accepted. “YES there is!” “NO it isnt” back & forth yamma yamma… i (& im sure lots of others) have been thinking WOW we americans are a denial-minded argumentative lot, why cant we just see what’s happening all around us?

    turns out, because in a way we ARE seeing “it” happening all around us…

    7-day mean temps display, US, period ending 1/14/15
    results: eastern US significantly colder than avg, western significantly warmer
    similar results for LAST winter’s period ending 1/07/14- this tool does not allow searches farther back than 1 year.

    current 3-month federally issued temperature prediction, period Dec-Jan-Feb 2015
    results: eastern US below avg, western states above and significantly above.
    this tool does not allow searches through history, only current & future forecasts
    for next winter, they currently predict avg temps everywhere except warmer Rockies down thru Tx.

    however in winter 2012, the current US pattern was reversed:
    accdg this article (
    “…The data from stations across large areas allow us to map these temperature anomalies around the globe. The red areas on this map were warmer than average during winter– December, January, and February. Blue areas were colder than the long-term averages. Last winter, the western United States was colder than average, but the East was warmer. Intense cold blanketed northeastern Asia while it was warmer than average just to the west. Even though there are a many pockets of cold, the overall global temperature was above average. The area with above-average temperature outweighed the area with below-average temperature… Moving into Spring, this March was below the 20th century average in the United States, but the overall global temperature remained above the long-term average…”

    no wonder US residents remain so divided on the subject!
    2 very interesting articles with further observations from Dane’s watchdog site:


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