CDC requires 21 day monitoring for all passengers traveling from Ebola-infected countries

October 2014 AFRICA The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday that all travelers will be monitored for 21 days after arriving in the U.S. from the three West Africans countries where Ebola is spreading. Starting Monday, each traveler from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be given a “care kit” that includes a thermometer and instructions for how to use it as well as a description of possible Ebola symptoms and what to do if any of them develop. Such travelers, who most likely will include health-care workers assisting in the Ebola fight and journalists, will be required to take their temperatures twice daily for 21 days and report the result to the state health department where they reside.
“These new measure will give an additional level of safety,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, CDC director in a national media briefing. “We have to keep our guard up.” About 150 people are believed to travel to the U.S. daily from the three West African countries. The travelers already are having their temperatures taken when they leave Africa and when they arrive at certain U.S. airports. –Dallas News
By the numbers: The latest statistics coming from the WHO about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is decidedly grim. Number of cases worldwide in the current outbreak: 9,936 (Climbed 720 in five days) Number of deaths: 4,877 (Climbed 322 in five days).
Study shows people will flee Ebola countries: A new study underscores the potential danger of airplane passengers infected with Ebola leaving West Africa: If there were no exit screening in place, researchers estimate that three people with the disease might fly out of the region each month. The hardest-hit West African nations have been checking passengers since summer, but the new work is a reminder of how much easier it could be for the virus to travel outside the outbreak region if those measures weren’t in place — and that screening can’t catch every case. Since the Ebola outbreak was first identified in March, there have been only two known exported cases involving flights, one before and one after screening began in Liberia. A Liberian-American flew to Nigeria in July and sparked a small outbreak there, which has since been contained. The second man, Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, passed a screening when he left for the U.S. last month; he didn’t have a fever or symptoms until days after arriving in Dallas.
For the study, researchers used international flight data and Ebola case tallies to calculate that — without screening — three infected people a month could fly out of the region. They noted that screening isn’t foolproof: It can take up to three weeks for people exposed to Ebola to develop symptoms, so it is likely some cases will slip through. The out-of-control epidemic has killed an estimated 4,500 people. “As the outbreak grows, we will be seeing more international exportations of Ebola,” said Dr. Kamran Kahn of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, the study’s senior author. He added that disaster could strike if people with Ebola fly to less developed countries. “What might happen if cases were to wind up in a slum in Nairobi or Mumbai?” –Big Story
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16 Responses to CDC requires 21 day monitoring for all passengers traveling from Ebola-infected countries

  1. Tyler Durdan says:

    Is it me or is there less information coming out on Ebola reciently? Since Obama had his little tantrum in the WH the other day, there has been almost no news. odd.


  2. John says:

    These ebola kits are not PREVENTION kits. They are simply diagnostic kits. They are not going to STOP ebola from coming into the country. Some people will use them, some will not. If a person discovers that they have a temperature they might simply take an aspirin or tylenol, and not report into the ER. These kits will not stop Ebola from coming into America. Actually, they might make it easier for EBOLA to spread, because people will think that these kits are really helping, and that these kits are all that is necessary to do in order to contain Ebola. To contain ebola you have to STOP it from coming into the USA with travel restrictions. These kits are there just to massage the feelings of the liberals in Washington, to make them think that they are actually doing something to prevent EBOLA from coming into America.


  3. sorenson says:

    This is freaking STUPID!! Shakes head…


  4. Judy Clarke says:

    Do these idiots even know what quarantine is? You aren’t allowed to leave your house and either are any of the other people they are living with, therefore no food supplies or any shopping can be obtained. If anyone leaves the house and this includes husband or wife or kids, then the disease can be spread, its not just the person, its the PEOPLE they are in contact with too. Who the hell is in charge of this? Dick-heads or imbeciles or people pretending to know about quarantine but don’t know a bloody thing. The world relies on experts and by the sounds of 4months of stuff ups, no one seems to know how to do anything. What is needed in each state is a 1000bed quarantine station, then give the patients there little kits.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    “About 150 people are believed to travel to the U.S. daily from the three West African countries.”
    150 per day– EVERY day–

    yet… in the entire duration, there have been NO Infectious Souvenirs leading to obvious outbreak, in the US.
    Or anywhere else for that matter. Some nations have far greater economic connection and therefore travel to and from W.Africa. Comme la France, et tout les territoires…

    But, just consider the US alone as those were the statistics offered… Start the timeline on July 20, the date Official Numbers first crept into the thousands…
    a bit of basic math shows that over the course of the past 13 weeks, as death multiplies exponentially back at home, some 13000 individuals from the 3 affected nations have popped in to the States for a quick visit, journeyed through, or come over to stay
    AND NOT A SINGLE TRAVELLER PACKED EBOLA ALONG. Unless it was that poor Liberian gentleman whose name no longer gets mentioned by the press. Although it must be said he had a remarkably Non-contagious case of the disease, all things considered…

    the point of this comment is NOT uber-nationalist hysterics.

    the point is to examine the whole story. Back to front. Carefully.
    Turn sound off. What do you really SEE?


  6. JLBLmc says:

    WTF? How much will kits cost us? No fly zone until Obola is finished would make better sense. ….unless it’s formaldiheide they are putting in the water on purpose to build military bases.


  7. Beth Indis says:

    I hope that these new measures will work. However, the main concern is that there is too much hype and it is hard to differentiate between the fact and fiction.


  8. Janice says:

    Also include any foreign travelers from affected areas.


  9. Any picture you see of people in contact with persons infected with Ebola, who are not wearing Space suits, are NOT safe from catching the disease. I know this for a fact, as a family member recently retired from a government facility that has been testing Ebola for decades. The face masks shown in this picture would not be protection. Pray for the people in Africa living this hell on earth.


  10. Kushite Prince says:

    Hmmmmm…….this doesn’t look good. I don’t like the direction this thing is going. People really need to wake up to the deception around them. Before it’s too late.


  11. Boris says:

    This is suppose to be hard to catch as its body fluid right.
    So someone who has the virus takes a piss on the plane, or in the bowling alley (NewYork Doctor)
    So if he is the type who does not pick up the toilet seat, he leaves some splashes around the seat that I would pick up (doing the right thing) and I touch that splash then I am infected right
    Also when he attempts to wash his hands turning on the tap with as yet unwashed hands then some fluid could be on the tap right ? or if he does not wash his hands and pulls the door handle with his unclean hands again fluids
    People this thing is very easily transmitted just like that a sneeze that happens to spray over the elevator buttons Yes this thing is a problem for anybody around an infected person
    Rant over


  12. niebo says:

    And they have one more nation to add to the list: Mali confirms its first case of Ebola:


  13. Debbie says:

    This disease is a world disease! Please remember we are in this togeather! So start donating and helping. We are all humans! No Better No Worse. Lets all help those we can before this gets out of control. There may come a time when all we can do is help ourselves, but it is not time for that! Please humans act like humanes. Not much money here but have donated 125.00 in last two weeks. God Bless all who are helping.


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