Troubling omen: Ebola cases rise sharply in Western Sierra Leone – 20 dying a day, problems collecting corpses

October 2014FREETOWN, Sierra LeoneAfter emerging months ago in eastern Sierra Leone, Ebola is now hitting the western edges of the country where the capital is located with dozens of people falling sick each day, the government said Tuesday. So many people are dying that removing bodies is reportedly a problem. Forty-nine confirmed cases of Ebola emerged in just one day, Monday, in two Ebola zones in and around the capital, the National Ebola Response Center, or NERC, said. Lawmaker Claude Kamanda who represents a western area said more than 20 deaths are being reported daily. Kamanda told the local Politico newspaper that authorities are experiencing challenges collecting corpses from both quarantined and non-quarantined homes. Authorities say the uncontrolled movement of people from the interior to Waterloo which is the gateway to Freetown, the capital, has fueled the increase of Ebola cases in the west. There is a strong feeling that people are violating the quarantines elsewhere and coming to Freetown through Waterloo.
There are 851 total confirmed Ebola cases in the two zones, called Western Area Urban and Western Area Rural, the NERC said. In numbers of cases, they may soon surpass a former epicenter of the outbreak in the country, the eastern districts of Kenema and Kailahun where there have been a total of 1,012 confirmed cases. No new cases were reported Monday in Kenema and Kailahun but a World Health Organization spokeswoman said it is too early to declare that the epidemic has burned itself out in the east. “There was a drop in new cases in Kenema and Kailahun and fingers were crossed but there has been a bit of a flare up thanks to a couple of unsafe burials,” said Margaret Harris, WHO’s spokeswoman in Sierra Leone. “So it’s too early to say we have a real decline … definitely too early to say it’s been beaten there.” A local newspaper suggested Tuesday that authorities quarantine Waterloo. The World Food Program over the weekend delivered emergency food rations to people there.
“The growing fear has left the public with no choice but to call on the Government for Waterloo to be quarantined as was done to other places including Kailahun, Kenema, Bombali, Port Loko and Moyamba Districts,” the Exclusive newspaper said. Many residents of the capital note that Ebola has followed the same route across the country as rebels who in 1991 started a savage war in Kailahun district. The war ended in Freetown a decade later where the final battle was fought. Now the enemy is a disease, and the president is putting in place a more military-style response. President Ernest Bai Koroma last week appointed Defense Minister Alfred Palo Conteh as CEO of the National Ebola Response Center, whose headquarters are being placed at the former War Crimes Tribunal for Sierra Leone in the west end of Freetown together with the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response.
The west African nations of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea — where the outbreak first emerged 10 months ago — have been hit hard by Ebola with more than 4,500 deaths, according to WHO estimates. A few cases have also emerged in the United States and Spain, and on Tuesday the east African nation of Rwanda was singling out travelers from the U.S. and Spain for special screening. A Rwandan Ministry of Health document says all passengers from the U.S. and Spain will have their temperatures taken upon arrival. If the passenger has a fever he or she is denied entry. If there is no fever, the visitors still must report their health condition daily to authorities. The U.S. Embassy in Rwanda on Tuesday urged Americans who may have a fever or who have traveled to Ebola countries “to weigh carefully whether travel to Rwanda at this time is prudent.” –HP
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20 Responses to Troubling omen: Ebola cases rise sharply in Western Sierra Leone – 20 dying a day, problems collecting corpses

  1. Michael says:

    I have it on good word from 2 friends who are over there helping right now, that the people are dying AFTER THEY TAKE A VACCINE. The UN trucks come in, and people FLEE! Then the police round them up and force them to take shots, then those people die.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      very very troubling if these are True words spoken


    • luc de waen says:

      That sounds like blabla, there would be at least one with a camera/phone to film this..


      • Yellow Bird says:

        home footage should be all over the place of a lot of things, this included.
        ive been trying to locate photos/videos of folks bleeding or covered in diarrhea/vomit. for a hemorrhagic disease, there are remarkably few from this current epidemic.
        there’s no question people are dying. but is it from ebola or something else?
        speculation is a worthwhile pursuit… it is part of the process of discovering evidence.


  2. niebo says:

    “. . . the east African nation of Rwanda was singling out travelers from the U.S. and Spain for special screening. A Rwandan Ministry of Health document says all passengers from the U.S. and Spain will have their temperatures taken upon arrival.”

    That’s funny.

    Meanwhile, all travelers from West Africa will be “funneled” through the five (5) airports where US authorities have established ebola-screening stations:


  3. jeff says:

    The whole Ebola “outbreak” seems very suspicious to me. We have a virus that has spread very quickly in this area of the world but those people who spent nearly a week in Dallas living with Thomas Duncan who brought the virus from Liberia. I just heard that “they have been cleared”. Meanwhile two health care workers at the hospital contracted the disease with at least some amount of protection and care taken to not contract it. It looks like there has been something other than human transmission involved here.
    We know that Ebola has been weaponized.
    We know that terrorist have had their hands on it for a while.
    We know that we have been issued a very real threat from the latest and greatest about how they are already here in America and plan to use Bio-Agents to cause harm.
    This area of Africa is very accessible to them.
    The irony of how Ebola was developed and the historical significance of it coming to America from West Africa.
    The irony that Thomas Duncan showed up at the hospital 9/25/14 Shemita year start and died 10/8/14 same day as blood moon.
    I don’t know about the omen but it is definitely an additional warning.
    Repent and live


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Still a population control plan unfolding in my opinion.
    Obama could stop flights from Africa to here.
    If I was the CEO of a major US airline, I would voluntary halt flights and anyone with a West African passport.
    Someone is seeking revenge here, in my opinion.


    • Dave Hennessy says:

      I came across an article from an altenative website, The Daily Sheeple, that has record of the new Czar of this ebola situation stating in an interview that the top issue facing our world is population growth and the demand it has on our resources. I would think it would be a conflict of interest to appoint a person with that mind set to help contain a virus that can do just what it would need to do to handle what he believes is the world’s top issue.
      Just a thought.

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  5. Anne says:

    I am sorry, but this is another photo that doesn’t look right. The place she is in is disgustingly filthy and moldy, yet the woman is dressed in silk like clothes to the nines, with a smile on her face.


  6. drswig says:

    I think there is a simpler explanation in regards to transmission…though I enjoy a good conspiracy as well as the next guy. The general health, rest and physical condition appears to have a lot do with it. I know I have always been more susceptable to colds and flu when I was working hard and not getting good rest or if I wasnt eating the best foods…usually traveling and eating lots of fast foods lower in nutrition. If you think about it the nurses that caught it were likely getting little rest and working long hours and their bodies likely not in the best of condition. Similarly those in Africa, beyond not having the best of medical care…early in the infection…just cant be in the best of health in the first place…making it easily transmitable and with greater contagion. Theory is, therefore some will get it and some wont, similar to transmission of the flu, your body health willl have a lot to do with it not being caught when exposed.

    If I was to guess how the majority of humanity gets depopulated it will be caused by pestilence, but driven at a time of distraction by other simultaneous disasters or distractors, when the health care is at its weakest and overwhelmed. Great work Alvin as always and everyone that contributes here…be blessed!

    In His Grip!


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thanks drswig, these are good insights for sure.
      at the same time, does not preclude the possibility (probability?) that there is something more going on.
      i think your assessment makes perfect sense. i also think there is much about this whole desperate situation that does not make good sense.

      one thing is certain, as with 9/11… this too has changed the course of the world.


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    what really happened to nurse Vinson?
    does this LOOK like a picture of someone who is just recovering from a life threatening illness? ebola, in particular? examine photos of all the other western survivors, and compare…

    also her family announced they have retained a certain high-powered attorney… “because of what people are saying about Amber”
    something definitely seems off about this


    • What we should be asking is how she became free of the virus in 9 days, when others are and have languished with the virus for much longer? Pham was given a transfusion and had no symptoms. Vinson had a fever and she’s now completely Ebola-free according to her parents and taking Selfies.

      None of these cases are making much sense…which means we’re only hearing a fraction of the truth – and know even less about the mysteries of Ebola. Doctors can’t explain her quick recovery.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        Exactly. Get ready for the spin…
        here’s more Revelation from same source:

        “There is limited evidence from past outbreaks that suggests there probably are quite a few people who get exposed, who get infected, without ever developing symptoms and without ever developing illness but they develop immunity,” said Lauren Ancel Meyers, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at The University of Texas at Austin.
        “In other words, Ebola might be acting like its own vaccine.
        “Meyers hasn’t tested any blood herself, but she and her team went through published reports about studies done on Ebola patients. In some outbreaks, up to half of people at high risk of infection who were watched never got sick, but they had antibodies against Ebola in their blood.
        “If this turns out to be true, there is widespread silent Ebola infection that is immunizing.”
        “The best evidence of this happening with Ebola was a study done during a 1996 outbreak in Gabon, when researchers monitored 24 contacts of known Ebola patients who never became sick. Eleven of them had antibodies to Ebola.
        “If this turns out to be true, there is widespread silent Ebola infection that is immunizing,” Meyers said. “We should really investigate it further.”
        “It’s not unheard of. Immunologists know that people can get exposed to a virus and never become ill. One study showed that people in Peru appeared to have survived rabies — a virus believed to be virtually 100 percent fatal. One in 10 people tested had antibodies to rabies but many couldn’t recall having gotten sick.”


      • Yellow Bird says:

        And if all that is really True, THAT should be getting splashed all over the front pages everywhere as it would be Hope for the Whole World.

        life has trained us trained well tho, has it not: Be careful of that which seems too good to be True…


  8. Tyler Durdan says:

    No news from West Africa today? Very odd. No sense upsetting the sheep I guess.


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