Comet ISON reduced to small cloud of dust after death duel with the Sun

December 3, 2013SPACEFollowing its Thanksgiving Day brush with solar fire, sundiving Comet ISON is now just a cloud of dust. Among experts, a consensus is building that the comet broke apart shortly before perihelion (closest approach to the sun). After perihelion, the comet emerges as a diffuse remnant of its former self. No one knows for sure what is inside that fan-shaped cloud. Possibilities include a small remnant nucleus or a ‘rubble pile’ of furiously vaporizing fragments. By the end of the day on Nov. 28th, Comet ISON was spent. As of Dec. 2nd, the cloud of debris is no brighter than a star of approximately 8th magnitude. Experienced astrophotographers might be able to capture the comet’s fading ‘ghost’ in the pre-dawn sky of early December, but a naked-eye spectacle is out of the question. –Space Weather
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4 Responses to Comet ISON reduced to small cloud of dust after death duel with the Sun

  1. H C Parks says:

    yet the Hidden Texts describe it as “a gravel blind environment”


  2. David says:

    In all Fairness people shuld have a view from diffrint sources and reserch and come up with what they feel is most truthfull or acurit. From this video you can clearly see the sun takes a majer hit or shockwave. The sun was infact slammed hard. You can see the spot that covers sun’s brightness go dizzy in this version and you can see it quite clearly from this video and angle. here is link
    Another persons great effert.
    The man seemed overjoyed to get this version which really felt good for me.
    All the best mates…Steady as she goes


  3. Irene C says:

    I remember all the hype when this comet was first discovered and discussed. Ended up being much ado about nothing. Oh well, on to the next one.


    • Not to mention all the Youtube videoes (like the one below) prognosticating ISON would create untold havoc on Earth. I hope some of these people learn something from all these voices “crying wolf.”

      This will do nothing but desensitize people to coming dangers…


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