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BYU geologists discover ‘supervolcano’ in Utah: past eruption superseded Yellowstone

December 10, 2013 – UTAH – Geologists at Brigham Young University have discovered what may be the world’s largest “supervolcano” that erupted in Utah’s own backyard. While there are a variety of volcanoes that blast away in different ways, super … Continue reading

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Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano shaken by large eruption, ejects ash plume to 38,000 ft (12 km) altitude

December 10, 2013 – INDONESIA – After a relatively calm period, a large vulcanian explosion occurred at the volcano this morning (04:30 GMT). VAAC Darwin reports an ash plume to 38,000 ft (12 km) altitude drifting 50 nautical miles to … Continue reading

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NASA Spots Coldest Place on Earth in Antarctica at a Record -94.7C

December 10, 2013 – ANTARCTICA – NASA announced the discovery of the coldest place on Earth after examining global surface temperature data collected over a period of 32 years by remote sensing satellites including the new Landsat 8. The coldest … Continue reading

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