15 Responses to U.S. political intransigency unsettles financial markets: China warns U.S. against a default

  1. mtnwolf63 says:

    “Now They Work For Us”


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Could we be looking at a world wide crash here?
    What a disaster that would be.
    Surely someone will blink,
    Surely someone will come to their senses.
    Many Americans are not paying attention.
    I told a woman today she had to invest into The Affordable Care (Obama care) and she looked at me as if I was stupid if she didn’t want to pay a tax penalty in 2014 when she filed her taxes.
    She has no insurance. She thought it would be free.
    Had no idea was the shut down was all about except they were trying to give Obama a hard time.
    So, if the USA defaults, how many Americans do you think will know the reason why?
    Descending into chaos is always painful……..I hear
    The last person out ………shut the lights and close the door please……….


  3. MarkJS says:

    from the dawn of economics, there have been fears of the system crashing. It has hiccupped, burped, and probably belched. The beat goes on, however.


    • watchman73 says:

      True, it always has gone on… but it won’t go on forever. This whole debt based system is designed to fail, and it will eventually. To pretend that it will continue on is foolish and dangerous. The beast system, with the mark, will rise out of the ashes of our current fiat, debt-based system. Prepare. MARANATHA!


  4. Irene C says:

    Sorry – off topic, but I thought this was important with all the weather news that’s been going on.

    ‘I couldn’t believe it’: Record rainfall, flooding displace dozens in Kentucky



  5. nanoduck says:

    Money, for most part, is imaginary. It is not backed by gold or anything– it is just pieces of paper and electronic numbers in computers. We have more than enough houses and food for everyone yet people go homeless and starve because of imaginary money. The rich boast how much money and toys they have, but it is really all numbers and they do not really own anything, for when they die, they can’t take anything with them. It is sad how the world is based on control, greed, and illusions. Wake up people and take control instead of letting the world control you.


  6. This is not about principles, it’s about speculation. Forget the politics and follow the money. Who is funding this and how much gold and sliver to they hold? And how can a freshman member of Congress go to Washington cash-poor and then shut it down? Not likely. But if you can say to one side, cross us and you’ll face your worst nightmare. A heavily financed primary opponent. On the other, attack the one thing your opponent will dig his heels in on. The result is a prime opportunity to push the fear envelope, thereby causing dramatic market reactions. Ergo, this is not going to resold until whoever is funding this confrontation have snatched up a great fortune-at our expense. Then things will limp onward.


  7. Frank says:

    if us defaults and the stock markets crash, can’t it possible start a domino effect on the weak euro country’s in EU? in term of state budgets


  8. The Happy Farmer says:

    since the government is shut down, why are they still spraying chemtrails?


  9. Doccus says:

    There’s not going to be any default. As soon as all the super wealthy investors have made their play money from buying into the depressed markets, they’ll invent a solution and “cash in” when stocks rally 100% or so, in “relief” that a collapse didn’t happen. Playing chicken with the global economy to make their next billion. Welcome to Orwells “1984”, ver. 2.0…


  10. Thomas says:

    Alvin, Have you ever heard of ( Operation Blue Planet )……????? If so,what do you think??


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