11 Responses to North Korea threatens pre-emptive strikes against South Korea and U.S.

  1. Glenn Mettlen says:

    We should wipe them out already, really !


  2. Ron says:

    I fear that one of these times they are actually going to follow through with their threats.


  3. AZAmerican says:

    Oh just GREAT…… just what American needs while it is trying to get through our own mess.


  4. bobby90247 says:

    Here we go again! North Korea making threats!


  5. Dennis E. says:

    What a mess.
    Here we have the on going issue of the Goverment shut down and the inept Goverment.
    North Korea probably has the ability to reach Alaska………
    I believe China is pulling the strings in North Korea.
    Consider this, if North Korea invades the South, that means that the US will send troops from the USA which will leave the usa without any major military force to repel an invasion from the north and the west.


    • S.Z. says:

      US citizens are armed and many are people who know how to use their weapons. Do not think for a moment that the Americans would be left unprotected if their government fought another war.


  6. gilbertc6@gmail.com says:

    how do these whack jobs get into power, unstable and dangerous with nuclear weapons WOW


    • bobby90247 says:

      Same way the “whack” job we have for a President, they’re “chosen” by the richest people!!!

      “…c’mon, now! You didn’t think we actually…elected him! Now do you???”


  7. jade says:

    Yawn! Starting to get bored wi this rubish.


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