Heavy torrential rains kill 2 in southern Ukraine

September 17, 2013UKRAINETwo people were killed after heavy rains hit southern Ukraine’s Odessa region over the weekend, a local official said Monday, APA reports quoting Xinhua. The ensuing floods drowned some 4,000 farm animals and poultry, and destroyed or severely damaged more than 450 houses, causing an estimated loss of 21 million U.S. dollars, an official of the press service of Odessa regional administration told Xinhua. Around 600 residents have been evacuated in central Odessa, the worst-hit region. –APA
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4 Responses to Heavy torrential rains kill 2 in southern Ukraine

  1. Sherome Fox says:

    Mexico, Colorado and now Ukraine. It just keeps getting worse.

    Sent from The iPad of Sherome Fox


  2. Tiger says:

    This happened last year too. Odessa is really getting hit.


  3. susita switzer says:

    Can there be a “light” torrential rain?
    Love and light to those affected…


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