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Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions

September 02, 2013 –PERU – The Peruvian government has extended to nine more regions a state of emergency called to cope with unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall. At least two people have died and 33,000 others have been affected … Continue reading

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Did a volcanic eruption induce the summer cooling spell?

September 02, 2013 – RUSSIA – Throughout history, large volcanic eruptions have been known to influence climate. This summer, the Midwest experienced a cold wave referred to as  “Julytober” following the June eruption of Mount Sheveluch in Russia. Experts continue … Continue reading

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Climate change ‘driving spread of crop pests’ and disease

September 02, 2013 – ENVIRONMENT – Climate change is helping pests and diseases that attack crops to spread around the world, a study suggests. Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Oxford have found crop pests are moving at an … Continue reading

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