Minor earthquakes ripple through central and southern Italy

July 9, 2013 ROMA, IT (AKI) – Minor earthquakes shook several areas of central and southern Italy overnight, but there were no reports of casualties or damage to buildings. A magnitude 3.5 earthquake rocked the provinces of Massa Carrara and Lucca in Tuscany at 1.31 am, Italy’s national geophysics and vulcanology institute reported. Its epicentre was between the towns of Minucciano, Giuncugnano and Casola in Luniggiana. Around the same time, a magnitude 2.5 quake struck the provinces of Caserta and Isernia in the southern Campania region. Earthquakes occur frequently in Italy, which is criss-crossed by seismic fault lines. A powerful earthquake in the northern Italian Emilia-Romagna region in May last year killed 26 people, left 20,000 homeless, damaged many buildings including historic monuments and cost its economy billions of euros. –Adnkronos
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4 Responses to Minor earthquakes ripple through central and southern Italy

  1. spain90 says:

    such a beautiful place… but 20,000 homeless!


  2. Helen Parks says:

    Isn’t this what happened not long before Pompeii?


  3. romalynn says:

    The creation groans and I for one am looking forward to when Jesus returns and restores things for the millennial reign.


  4. Wow .. very beautiful picturn , love so much


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