Largest algae bloom ever seen, washes up on beaches in China

July 9, 2013 CHINAMore than 20,000 tons of bright green algae has washed ashore on China’s beaches in recent weeks, but there’s disagreement as to what caused the massive bloom. The algae began washing ashore about a month ago in the city of Qingdao in China’s eastern Shandong province, as it does every year. But this year’s bloom is estimated to be twice the size of 2008’s, when the Beijing Olympic sailing event was threatened by a similar bloom. The Los Angeles Times reports that so far this year the algae has covered an area of about 11,500 square miles, which is larger than the state of Massachusetts. Some researchers believe the algae is from seaweed farms south of Qingdao, which grow north on coastal rafts that attract algae. Others say it may be naturally occurring, or from fertilizer washed into the ocean from gardens, farms and golf courses. Generally, the plant poses no danger to humans, but it can produce a toxic gas if left to rot, the LA Times notes. – Huffington Post
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8 Responses to Largest algae bloom ever seen, washes up on beaches in China

  1. Mercedes says:

    With so many sea creatures dying, no surprise this is happening…


  2. christa luongo says:

    Oh my! Why are these people swimming in it?


  3. WOW–so beautiful!!Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.Ps42:7


  4. michele gentile says:

    looks like killer algae.


  5. Stephen P says:

    Could the plant be harvested to eat? – after testing for toxins, radiation, etc. That much algae would feed a lot of people.


  6. Doccus says:

    Algae is an incredible source of gases, chemicals, oil, etc.. it shoud be harvested and dried. It will be valuable in future. And, (PS) yup, there’s folks swimming in it. Takes more than a little slime to keep these hardy swimmers out of the.. er.. water 😉


  7. trumpsahead says:

    They could take a tip from some international companies like Monsanto, Pepsi, Coca-cola, Nabisco, etc: dry and powder it and sell it to Americans; we eat anything here.


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