3 Responses to Blood in the streets: Egypt teeters on the brink of civil war

  1. Gav says:

    A little dramatic when you consider how many people protesting on both sides of the fence. The proverbial sh*# will hit the fan if the MB’s and their support network of terrorists, thugs and thieves start a civil war and the army looses control, then we will see another Syria but on a much larger scale, and with the Egyptian Army one of the most well equipped in the ME one would hope they can protect the civilians and hold off the MB’s, Alcaeda and of course anyone else Obama is funding…..Yes Obama, funding all the known terrorist groups in the Middle East – Why is the question, and the answer is not a pretty one.


  2. Ahmad Aleem says:

    we must ask about the matter of mahdi messiah mirza ghulam ahmad
    divine messenger


  3. Planned CHAOS, and from Chaos you wait for a Puppet to show His true colors. USA just gave Egyptian military a few F-14. USA always creates its own Monsters, throughout the world, 1000 military bases abroad and 6000 military facilities within the USA. 11 YEAR WAR ACT, war economy needs endless wars, endless oil, endless FEAR at home and abroad, yes world domination means killing daily somewhere everywhere always. Divide and Conquer for USA since Native Indian Genocide.


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