Tropical Storm Chantal takes aim at the Caribbean

July 8, 2013 CARRIBEAN Newly formed Tropical Storm Chantal is taking aim at the Caribbean this week. The Atlantic Basin has been void of a tropical depression or storm since mid-June, until Sunday evening that is. Tropical Storm Chantal has developed in the Atlantic Ocean and is currently 550 miles east-southeast of Barbados. The Hurricane Center has been keeping a close eye on this tropical system over the past few days as it has been moving from near Africa across the Atlantic Ocean. The fast-forward motion of Chantal should hinder rapid intensification as it is expected to maintain its status as a tropical storm over the next several days. Chantal will continue to track to the west and northwest through midweek, passing over the Windward and southern Leeward islands on Tuesday. The threat of flooding will accompany Chantal as it moves across these islands. Additionally, tropical storm-force winds will potentially cause tree and minor structural damage, as well as power outages. As Chantal moves into the eastern and central part of the Caribbean, there is a chance that warm waters will allow the system to reach Category 1 hurricane status. By midweek, Chantal will encounter disruptive winds at the middle layer of the atmosphere. Winds of this sort tend to distort the structure of tropical systems and can lead to weakening. This potential weakening would occur around the same time that nears Hispaniola and eastern Cuba. Even though the mountainous terrain of these islands should deter Chantal from strengthening, these islands may still be faced with the danger of flooding rain and mudslides at midweek. –Accuweather
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2 Responses to Tropical Storm Chantal takes aim at the Caribbean

  1. noirfifre says:

    It is still calm over here (Caribbean) but it is still very warm. I am glad that it is moving too quickly to hinder hurricane formation before it hits the islands.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Is it going to be a next Sandy ??? During this time in Toronto, Canada:


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