2 Responses to Warning of new financial crisis, as bond yields spike

  1. Irene C says:

    Many years ago, I had a pretty decent 401K that was mostly in the stock market. At the time, it was doing pretty good. Sometime after I left the organization, I ended up cashing it out due to financial difficulties that arose. Although there were times where I wasn’t sure if that was a wise idea, it worked out pretty well. First came a fairly nasty divorce where I would have lost half of it and then came the 2008 crash where I probably would have lost the rest. Watching this volatility now, I may be still having financial difficulties, but I believe I would have been anyway. Now I just trust in the Lord to provide for our needs and that is working out pretty well. Maranatha


  2. I am shocked in how some Americans think the worse is over, I really think were at the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for sharing the story, Allie.


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