10 Responses to Israeli jets attack targets in Gaza Strip

  1. Frederick says:

    LOL Israeli has been sending a few special forces guys into Gaza, and firing rockets from Gaza at their own city, then the government blames Gaza terrorist, then uses that as an excuse to attack Gaza. They do these government psyops to fear monger the Israeli people, as a form of control, and as an excuse to continue the police state.


    • Terrie Dryer says:

      Whose Kool aid are you drinking Frederick. Israel is not a police state. Israel is a nation. A legal nation who has a right to defend its self against terrorists. Like it or not. Truth is truth. Oh and embassies should be in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.


    • maria says:

      Dear Frederick;
      So interesting! How do you explain why Hamas celebrate all this?


  2. Leo says:

    The day is fast approaching that Israel will be found NO more .


  3. kim palfrey says:

    And what colour is your sky Fred???? LOL!


  4. taffyduff says:

    What a load of bullshit Frederick, you really believe your own crap don’t you !!!


  5. Angelsong says:



  6. romalynn says:

    I do not believe that Frederick, but all of us are free to believe whatever we want to.


  7. That simply shows that the numbers of “terrorists groups” are spreading itself …. First, we had in Gaza, the Hamas, who is not yet recognized by any one as a part of the PA (Palestinian Authority), nor yet annexed to them, for that …..and now we have too, in the same Gaza strip, another terrorists group, called by the name of “Islamist Jihads”, who not only is totally newly formed (by the “navigation of the jihadists from one country to the other ), but too, has been stopping the kind of “truce”, between the Hamas , the PA, and Israel ?….That, aside all the “vandalism” actions which has been done upon the walls, upon churches and mosques, and by annihilating a town, ….All that has to be “stopped”, by the Intervention of the International Community, by the World’s authorities, and by any other way….and We think, that, the Sec. of State, Mr. john Kerry, has to deal upon that with the authorities, of his country and of our country, in order not to cause anymore to a civil war, and to “bloodshed” in the Region…Mary Cassin Medelman..


  8. niebo says:

    10 – 9 – 8 . . . .


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