Train collides with big-rig and derails, with explosion, flames near Baltimore, Maryland

Bad Luck Blues: U.S. transportation infrastructure continues to reel from a series of accidents and mishaps in recent days, from collapsed bridges and overpasses, to train derailments.
May 28, 2013 MARYLANDA cargo train derailed Tuesday afternoon in the Rosedale area, damaging nearby buildings, shutting down US Route 40 and causing a loud explosion that could be felt miles away. Authorities in Baltimore County said the train struck a tractor trailer near the 7500 block of Lake Drive, veering off the tracks near an industrial park. Initial reports were that no one was hurt, but officials later said the driver of the trailer was extricated and his condition was not immediately clear. It was also unclear what the train was carrying. Hazardous material teams from the region were on the scene. MTA spokesman Terry Owens said the agency did not expect any disruption of service on the Penn Line between Baltimore and Perryville, which operates on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Minor delays were possible on the CSX-owned Camden Line between Washington and Baltimore’s Camden Station, as CSX shuffles previously scheduled freight trains. U.S. 40 was closed westbound at Rosedale Road, and closed eastbound at 64th Street. The State Highway Administration also said the I-95, I-895 and I-695 ramps to Route 40 were closed. The train did not appear to have made contact with the buildings, aerial images from television news showed. The train cars were flipped, with thick black smoke continuing to billow as a fire burned. Emergency crews did not appear to be engaging the fire. Eric Beverly, 22, said he was driving through the area when he saw the smoke and drove closer, recording video. Suddenly an explosion occurred, and Beverly said he could feel intense heat from inside his vehicle. “We had no idea it was going to blow up,” Beverly said. “I had my son in the car with me, and my thinking was basically to get away.” Traffic was jammed on Pulaski Highway as emergency trucks and responders flew toward the fire. All along the way, employees of businesses stood outside and stared at the billowing plume of smoke that could be seen clear into the city. Residents coming home from work were not being allowed into the neighborhood around the fire. Jason Digman, 40, who was returning from work when he was turned away at 63rd and Pulaski, said he’s seen other train accidents in the area. “Second since I’ve lived here over the last 13 years,” he said, recalling another derailment and fire about 8 years ago. “My neighbor said windows are busted.” The smell of acrid smoke filled the area as armies of fire trucks and paramedics arrived. A woman in a gold Ford Explorer yelled “I’m just trying to get my kid” to officers blocking her path. They rerouted her. The front window at the Atlantic Tire shop had blown open and employees stood outside, marveling at the plumes. They said they watched garage light bulbs explode during the explosion. “Definitely catches you off guard,” employee Matt Ashline said. “I want to get over there.”  He pointed as more emergency crews rolled in. –Baltimore Sun
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1 Response to Train collides with big-rig and derails, with explosion, flames near Baltimore, Maryland

  1. despinne says:

    Update–it was a garbage truck. They did not want to put the fire out, not knowing the type of hazardous materials, so I wonder how they made out with the rain.


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