25 Responses to Game changer: Russia to sell one of the world’s most advanced anti-aircraft systems to Syria- Israel warns of consequences

  1. suez says:

    Well, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!! NOT!!


    • ST
      Star Trek: A Private Little War – 1968 – Klingons and Federation condemn a planet to a perpetual civil war by arming both sides

      Dr. McCoy: I don’t have a solution, but furnishing them firearms is certainly not the answer!

      Capt. Kirk: Bones, do you remember the twentieth century brush wars on the Asian continent? Two giant powers involved, much like the Klingons and ourselves. Neither side felt that they could pull out?

      Dr. McCoy: Yes, I remember. It went on bloody year after bloody year!

      Capt. Kirk: But what would you have suggested? That one side arm its friends with an overpowering weapon? Mankind would never have lived to travel space if they had. No, the only solution is what happened back then: balance of power.

      Dr. McCoy: And if the Klingons give their side even more?

      Capt. Kirk: Then we arm our side with exactly that much more. A balance of power – the trickiest, most difficult, dirtiest game of them all, but the only one that preserves both sides!


      It would appear the more things change…the more they stay the same.


      • Irene C says:

        Wow, I remember this episode. I’m old enough to have seen it the first time it aired. Back then I considered it an interesting philosophical premise, but now I can see the relevance. And as Spock would say – Fascinating.


  2. John Durango says:

    I Understand these are for defense of Syria…. If Israel does not attack Syria no problem…If they attack Russian Ships BIG Problem. Israel can not fight Russia so if they attack Russian ships who will save Israel from destruction? The USA should prohibit Israel from doing this or tell them they are on their own if the do.


  3. archie1954 says:

    Syria has a right to self defense and that is what these missiles are for. Israel will suffer the consequences of attempting to attack Russian shipments. Russia would be within its international legal rights to reciprocate against Israeli targets if that foolish little state wants to play with fire against the big guys. If the equally foolish US wants to get involved let it also suffer the consequences of its constant interference in other people’s business.


    • Ezra says:

      Archie1954. It is not that Syria does not have the right to self defense every nation has that right. It is the terrorist factions that are attempting to take over Syria that is causing this problem. No matter what you think of Israel no nation wants the threat of terrorists being enabled to take down civilian aircraft from whichever country.


    • Archie, that type of thinking would have left the heavy water plant in Telemark, Norway fully operational and given Hitler the bomb first. The Syrian government does have the right to defend itself, but there already are at least two nations involved in trying to prop up Assad’s regime: Iran and Hezbollah, which is the real power in Lebanon. Assad wants the S-300 system in Syria not to fight the rebels, who have no airpower, but to fight anyone trying to intervene on the rebels behalf by using airpower, such as Turkey, Israel or the Western powers. The impending shipment of such missiles shows the depth of Russia’s committment to supporting Assad in the face of all comers. Make no mistake, Syria will be no repeat of Iraq.


  4. tim says:

    This would be a HUGE mistake for Russia. It wont take Isreal long to snatch the frequency that its (the S 300) fire control system uses to track aircraft and very shortly thereafter develop a counter measure. Isreal is the best there is at such a thing. In fact the “Suter” technology may already have the capability to jam, intrude and interfere with the system.


  5. tim says:

    Isreal doesn’t need anything from the US. They are more than capable of handling the situation.


  6. David says:

    I hope Israel do try to attack Russia, as most people feel Israel needs sorting out now anyway, Russia with peoples backing will wipe Israel off map at last.


  7. John Durango says:

    Israel is a chosen nation by GOD..WHEN THEY KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS… Look at the history in the Old Testament and you will find that GOD withholds HIS protection when they forget HIM and serve other gods… In the New Testament they rejected the SON of GOD JESUS CHRIST and told Pilate to Crucify JESUS.. GODS PROTECTION WAS REMOVED Shortly thereafter their TEMPLE was destroyed and they were scattered over many nations… UNTIL they accept JESUS CHRIST as GODS SON they will not enjoy GODS protection. This comes from the BIBLE Old and New Testaments.. If you do not believe in the first verse in Genesis “In the beginning GOD…” or in the New Testament that JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD, was born of Mary then reading this post is a waste of your time.


    • the extinction protocol says:

      John, you must remember and never forget. The only reason your eyes were opened to see the truth thru our Lord Jesus is because their eyes were blinded. For yours and my sake. We are grafted in to the olive tree, not the other way around. Our sins placed Him on the cross. It was the plan of God before the foundation of the world. Read the historical accounts since 1948. Great miracles took place in every fight since Israel became a state. God is the same yesterday,today and forever. He Himself says that He does not change. Also, He says about Himself that He is not a man that He should lie or son of man that He should repent. So you can ALWAYS count on God fighting and protecting Israel. That will never change, neither will the promise God made to Abraham. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


    • onthemark55 says:

      your right john durango, reading the ep post is a waste of your time. most of us that visit alvin’s(a person who’s so confused by other people’s writings he makes up his own books) sight don’t have all the answers. we come hear to share and learn(not capable of understanding on our own) from each other. for someone such as yourself, it must be hard to endure such drivel from morons such as us, but we do apreciate your impatience and feel great remorse for your suffering. oh the humanity. i wish i could write words using all caps, but i’ve searched the house for weeks and still can’t find the caps lock. maybe i can buy a new one. anyway good luck to you and may i suggest a post more fitting to your tolerance level, it’s called THE BLAZE!!!!!(found my lock!!!!) May you find peace in the Lord


  8. Samual says:

    Israel has attacked Syrian sites a couple of times during the recent conflict. Why should Syria not have the right to defend itself. I dont agree with the Assad regime believe he needs to go but there should be no green light for intervention from any country.


    • There already is intervention from other countries Samuel. Iran is providing weapons and training to Assad’s forces and it is likely that small numbers of Iranian elite troops are already in-country fighting alongside the government’s troops. It is a certainty that Hezbollah is already fighting on Assad’s behalf, and everyone knows the Hezbollah is the de facto government in Lebanon. So if anyone chose to come in on the side of the rebels they would merely be following the precedent set by Iran and Lebanon.


  9. These missiles are considered better than the patriot system in many ways. The only aircraft that is thought able to evade them is the Raptor 22. which only the us air force posses. Their purpose is solely defense against aircraft, so it is probably a good play by the Russians in their attempt to stop the conflict drawing in other nations and becoming a regional conflict. as they would suffer fearful losses of aircraft.. Even the raptor would be very vulnerable if it didnt take out the system in its first pass as the missile would have chance to lock on and destroy it. Bottom line let them sort out their own mess without interference from other nations who know nothing about the country or the culture. We seem to learned nothing from the previous disasters we have caused.


  10. It is always a fine line, slippery slope, that countries tread when attempting to protect their own citizens from outside threats. How far can you go before your actions rile up other people that don’t know the whole situation and can’t be bothered to take the time to educate themselves on the reasons behind the actions? At what point are your attempts to help transformed into acts of agression? Just what actions are acceptable defense measures? It all comes down to personal opinion and history but I forsee much bloodshed and poor decisions being made by all before the civil unrest has been settled back down.


  11. Whatever says:

    Here is what will happen, The U.S is going to engage Russia over Syria, the U.S is going to lose…It is foretold in the bible that Babylon will be destroyed by fire in one hour–Russia just moved Nukes into Cuba on Mobile launchers, a mere 90 miles from the U.S coastline…Putin told Obama Syria was the line in the sand, Obama is hellbent on crossing it—This will be the end of the road!


  12. obamalovesfacefarts says:

    the iron dome worked well, maybe knocked out one in ten! thats just fireworks, holy Jesus man!


  13. Dennis E. says:

    A game changer for sure. Regardless who is wrong or who is right, I think we should prepare our selves for a possible Israeli nuclear strike on Syria and Iran that may include Hydrogen warheads.

    I believe that these missiles are just merely the bait (carrot) for the Israelis to take.


  14. Irene C says:

    I believe that we already knew this.




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