12 Responses to Syrian powder keg has exploded: Major conflict in the Middle East likely weeks away?

  1. Isaiah 17:1 A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

    End times prophecy soon to be fulfilled….


    • Brandon says:

      I agree. We have signs all over the heavens and earth that time is short. War and Economic Collapse are straight ahead…


      • Angelsong says:

        I also agree. Time is getting shorter and the signs are everywhere in the heavens and on earth as you said. We need to look up, keep our faith strong, and never let go of the unseen hand of God.


      • Kajajuk says:

        Unfortunately “end times” prophecies from the bible have been “straight ahead” for some 2000 years.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Tighten your seatbelts…………….this could get ugly………..


  3. John Durango says:

    And you support the Syrian REBELS which consist of the USA major enemy Al Qeada?????
    Why would Syria use a small amount of Chemicals when they are dropping huge bombs on these Rebels…Don’t get pulled into this UN-winnable war by the Rebels or any other country that wants the USA to send their young men and women to die for them… Open your eyes…


  4. Gabriel says:

    Sadly, for many people living in that area this already were ugly. What are there, like 25 million displaced people in that region? And how many have lost a family member or been personally tortured? Millions.


  5. Irene C says:

    Increased conflict in the Middle East; increased conflict with N. Korea; and the U.S., due to sequestration, cutting back on the military budget. Does not seem to be a good combination. As Dennis E said, this could get ugly.


  6. Deb says:

    I’m not pro Assad but he has been saying for awhile now that he was fighting terrorists. Everyone waved it off as crazy talk but now it’s been revealed al-quada is in the mix (like they just joined or something). I’m iffy about this sudden suspicioun of chemical weapon use and it just seems like an excuse to get involved. Israel should let US act on their own but prophecy seems to show their armies will get involved or be affected by Isaiah 17.

    Either way, the innocents of Syria will suffer the most. I was shocked when it was revealed Christians supported Assad but the reality is these people are stuck between 2 evils, one which they know will be much more deadly and sinister. As terrible as it will be, the burden of Damascus does not seem so out of place in this war anymore. My heart goes out to the people of Syria and I pray for them everyday.


  7. loyd says:

    When you see these things happening…know that your redemption draweth nigh! Matthew 24


  8. Femi says:

    I only see all this as the sign of endtime and some even worse can happen again anytime.all i think everyone could do is to locate the true God and cling on him in preparation for heavenly home.


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