Powerful gas explosion rocks Czech capital: 40 injured

April 29, 2013PRAGUE, CZ.A powerful explosion has hit the center of Prague, injuring at least 40 people in what initial indications suggested was a gas explosion. Police and rescue teams were rushed to the scene and treated dozens and evacuated more than 200 people. At least one of those injured was said to be in serious condition. An initial search by sniffer dogs suggested no one was left in the damaged building. Witnesses reported smelling gas after the incident, which closed off a heavily touristic section of town. There were said to be several foreigners among the injured. The blast occurred in a building near the National Theater, not far from the Vltava River. The explosion shattered the windows of nearby buildings and was reportedly heard a kilometer away. The street was covered with rubble. Police evacuated a nearby school and closed streets in the area to automobile traffic. The dean of the sociology faculty of Charles University that is housed at the scene of the blast said the building will probably be closed for the remainder of the semester and classes taught elsewhere. –Radio Free Europe
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1 Response to Powerful gas explosion rocks Czech capital: 40 injured

  1. Irene C says:

    There seems to be a lot of explosions lately. I’m not sure if it’s just more comprehensive media coverage or something’s going on.


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