State of disaster declared on Santa Cruz Islands, as earthquake swarm continues

February 8, 2013SANTA CRUZ, ISLS The Government today has officially declared a State of Disaster for Santa Cruz Islands in Temotu Province following Wednesday’s deadly 8.0 magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami that claimed lives and property. The Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Hon Bradley Tovusia made the declaration following a decision reached by the National Disaster Council on February 7. The National Disaster Council has satisfied itself that the logistical challenge inherent in responding to the disaster in Temotu means that support has delayed departing Honiara to reach the affected population. This challenge coupled with the number of dead already reported, the huge disruption to normal functioning in the province and that the capacity at the local, provincial and national levels to deal with it alone has been exceeded there has led to the NDC recommending a declaration of disaster be made. –Scoop
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13 Responses to State of disaster declared on Santa Cruz Islands, as earthquake swarm continues

  1. Angelsong says:

    We have seen unbelievable continous quakes striking the Santa Cruz area. I agree with you that the Earth’s crust is agitated especially in this area. What are your thoughts as to what will transpire next?


    • If there is a sudden catastrophic slip with the plate or thrust event; the spattering of islands in the Solomon archipelago will face extreme and fatal hazards. These island arcs are at extreme risk of destruction, when tectonic plates movements accelerate.


      • Katie Kircher says:

        As I watch this unfold I remember the time I lived on Guadalcanal with my son. These islands tend to have extreme geography. The coastal plains, where they exist, are very narrow and most islands have a series of ridges that increase in height toward the inland areas. The interior of these islands tend to be almost impassable jungle.

        People in towns like Honiara tend to build their homes on these ridges, high above the sea. I always joked we could hang glide to work off our back porch because the ridge was so steep and so high. We had a lot of minor quakes there. We also had unexploded bombs from World War 2 going off from time to time. Villages on other islands like Santa Isabel tend to be built right on the beaches. The huts are protected by lagoons with coral reefs keeping much of the open ocean at bay. The population endures earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones, ethnic troubles and tropical diseases. It’s heartbreaking to see this unfold.


  2. Twohawk says:

    Blessings and prayers to all of you in the area of Santa Cruz Islands…..


  3. john says:

    7.1 just hit there now again. Something is seriously wrong with this picture


  4. mommabhappy says:

    The news just said 9 lives lost and no tsunami reports have been made. And a 7.1 quake has been reported


  5. Peter says:

    Hi Alvin, Have there ever been so many quackes concentrated in one area? I have stopped counting them yesterday. It is not just the number of quakes that worries me, but the severity of them. Have you, in you’re expert opinion, any thoughts on where this might lead?

    PS: Thanks for setting up and maintaining this site. I have never seen a post that was not fact. So that is why I monitor this site daily. I also take value in the numerous comments placed here.
    Greetings from the Netherlands and please keep up the good work. God bless.


    • The tension and increased perturbation on tectonic plates are an indication geological forces agitating the planet’s surface have intensified. We don’t know where the Santa Cruz quake storm will lead, but we are close to the period when many of these volcanic islands in the Pacific will be reclaimed by forces unleashed from the ocean depths.

      God bless


  6. Colleen says:

    Praying for all involved in the catastrophes.


  7. Irene C says:

    I agree with Peter in that I stopped counting the quakes also. This is just unimaginable in my mind. It’s not so much the number of quakes/aftershocks, but the intensity of them. Prayers for these people.


  8. isis2012 says:

    For sure these are times of ever praying hearts and strong Faith in a chosen Higher Positive Source


  9. Lyndon Eaton says:

    It is my opinion that the magnetic poles of the earth have been moving, and this is now causing the geographical poles to move as well. the sun is also going through chnages, and will do a magnetic polar flip during the current solar maximum,probably sometime within a year. The earths crust is being affected by the pole movement, and the equaarter is moving bqasically northward, and the north pole is moving towards Siberia. As this continues the earth’s rotation, centrifugal force causes the earths crust to bulge outward, and this is what is causing all of the numerous earthquakes around the world. If this continues it could cause volcanoes to blow, and massive earthquakes, which may also cause global tsunamis. Tha end of the Mayan calender was an era, not a day. we are still in danger of seeing major earth changes , which are generated by the sun.


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