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46: Peru’s Sabancaya volcano emits smoke plume, after being shaken by hunderds of tremors

February 27, 2013 – PERU – Hundreds of small earthquakes have shaken the earth around the Sabancaya volcano in southern Peru over just a few days and the rumbling, along with plumes of smoke spewing up to 320 feet high; … Continue reading

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Curious to creepy: CDC to dispatch medical team to Los Angeles to investigate TB outbreak, as fears spread

February 27, 2013 – LOS ANGELES, CA – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is dispatching scientists to Los Angeles to mount a new attack on an outbreak of tuberculosis on skid row. Health workers have identified about … Continue reading

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Divers find Russian meteorite craters in Chebarkul Lake

February 27, 2013 – RUSSIA – Divers searching Chebarkul Lake in Russia’s Urals region have found several craters that may be the impact zones of fragments of the now-famous meteorite that exploded over the area on February 15. The underwater … Continue reading

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