Colossal cosmic collision coming this year at center of the galaxy, say awestruck astronomers

   A giant gaseous cloud will collide with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy sometime in the middle of 2013
February 3, 2013 SPACE – A giant gas cloud is on collision course with the black hole in the center of our galaxy in 2013. This is a unique opportunity to observe how a super massive black hole sucks in material, in real time. The black hole at the centre of the galaxy, formally known as Sagittarius A*, fascinates scientists. By mid-2013 a gas cloud is expected to pass in its vicinity at a distance of only 36 light-hours (equivalent to km), which is extremely close in astronomical terms. So-called super massive black holes are the largest type of black holes. Their mass equals hundreds of thousands to a billion times the mass of our sun. The centre of all galaxies is thought to contain super massive black holes. But their origin is not fully understood and astrophysicists can only speculate as to what happens inside them. Hence the imminent collision is of great interest to scientists as it should provide some new insights. Reinhard Genzel leads the team of astronomers from the European Southern Observatory which has discovered the gas cloud about to collide with the black hole at the heart of our galaxy and studied its trajectory. According to their observations, its speed has nearly doubled in the last seven years, reaching more than 8 million km/h. The cloud’s edges have already started to shred and it is expected to break up completely over the coming months. As we near the collision, the cloud is expected to get much hotter. It will also probably start to emit X-rays as a result of the interaction with the black hole. This event will provide astronomers and astrophysicists a unique opportunity to observe how a gas cloud behaves so close to one of the most mysterious objects in our universe. Black k holes are invisible because their extreme gravity even light swallowed. However, if a black hole accretes matter from its surroundings, this material is heated and glows brightly in X-rays. In addition to the accretion disk around the black hole often form-energy particle beams, called jets, in which high-energy plasma leaves the system. These jets are also driven by the gravity of the black hole and emit a strong radio signal. Accretion disks and jets are thus two aspects of the same phenomenon, and by astronomers examine both simultaneously, they can take a close look at the physical processes that occur in the vicinity of a black hole. MPI, BIN courtesy
In 2011, NASA scientists discovered two enormous “gamma-ray-emitting bubbles” which appear to emanate from the center of the galaxy, each extending 25,000 light years “north and south of the galactic center.” The Milky Way has a diameter of about 100,000 light years in total, and the structure covers more than half of the visible sky. According to USA Today, “each one emits the energy of about 100,000 exploding supernova stars.” The solar system is under constant bombardment from high energy particles.
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18 Responses to Colossal cosmic collision coming this year at center of the galaxy, say awestruck astronomers

  1. tonic says:

    2013 is lifting our heads.


  2. Leon cane says:

    (3) earthquakes strike solomon islands. Ring of Fire.


  3. ernestisms says:

    Alvin, excellent work as always. Please see the link below as this appears to dovetail nicely with this article. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated!


  4. mommabhappy says:

    That was a cool video. Can you see it from earth like they are from space? And if this thing expands and explodes per say will it throw debri at us? Inquiry minds want to know? I’m starting to feel like we are in the twilight zone with all this space stuff going on and earth activity . Wow


  5. mommabhappy says:

    Well i went and read the article it says not seen with the naked eye.. What a shame..
    As for the milkyway.. It sure has a lot in store for it.. Thank goodness the next collision is in 4 billion years.. My son however says what if in the midst of the black hole sucking it in causes an explosion. :/


  6. JL Robb says:

    Will this be optically visible?


  7. Jacques says:

    He re is a big catastrophe in sight, and what is our government considering to do?
    Nothing… Tha’s apalling…


  8. Hirduin says:

    Pardon my interruption, but since scientists are viewing this from earth, which is a number of light years from this event, didn’t this already occur some years ago? Aren’t we all just now getting the light waves, radio waves, x-rays, whatever, of what occurred? In a way, this is old news, right?


    • Correct, in reality…we’re staring backwards in time- so the idea of ‘real-time’ for an event this many light-years out is a misnomer.


      • mommabhappy says:

        Lol, I may be off a little.
        But I believe light years is a measurement not years.. And if the telescope has just picked this up and is documenting it in real time I would say it is current not something that is past… :/


      • thomas says:

        I would have to agree with mommabhappy here. If we had a telescope that was so powerful as to pick up this event in real time, that would discount any light year measurement as a measurement of time , wouldn’t it?


  9. As far as we know, a giant cosmic dragon may have eaten the other half of the galaxy as if it were a pancake, and we wouldn’t know about it for another 30,000 years. Delays, delays…


  10. mommabhappy says:

    Ok Alvin and friends,
    I was way off about the real time but was correct about it being a distance.. I just have to share this, because it was driving me bonkers trying to actually comprehend this speed of light stuff.. So just for those who was in fact correct thought you may enjoy this humor response I got back from 😃

    “A curious mind.. Please respond.. What is the difference between light years and real time?”
    “If an alien is on a world 150 light years away, using an unimaginably powerful telescope, he could watch the U.S. civil war.”
    “If that alien were to try and visit Earth he would need to travel at the speed of light (about 670,616,629 mph) to get here in 150 years.”

    Of course the first darn thing that come to my mind was, ” damn… What a surprise the alien would be in for if he showed up today”

    Lol there was a a lot more to my answer from, but this part was just straight up an awesome ending to my answer!!
    And yes it was noted “unscientific explanation”

    And This gamma ray is our past!!!


  11. Technically, there “are” no black holes in the center of any galaxy anywhere. As the material on its way to becoming a black hole coalesces toward the point where it would become a singularity, and incipient event horizon ju-u-u-u-ust begins to form, “interfering” with black hole formation relative to distant frames of reference — us — due to relativistic time dilation. From that point on, black hole formation advances asymptotically, like a grade schooler always only stepping one-half of the remaining distance between himself and the school’s front door — he never gets there. Astronomers who have trouble fully comprehending relativistic time think that there are black holes all over the place, out there, when in fact every blessed one of them is a pre-black-hole collapsar with an accretion disk, functionally frozen in time, relative to us, but just as destructive.


  12. Dave says:

    So… will the “end” come on a Friday?


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