Fire is bursting up through the streets of Omaha

January 29, 2013 NEBRASKA If you happen to be in the Omaha, Neb., area, take care and be mindful of the flames shooting up through the city’s manholes. A sewer fire has caused power outages in one section of town and also created the perfect circumstances for dramatic pictures of fire erupting through from the ground up like hellfire as shown in the photo above. Omaha Public Power District Vice President Tim Burke speculates that because of past, unseasonably dry weather, a recent wet spell could have allowed moisture to get into cables and sparked the blaze. –MSN
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32 Responses to Fire is bursting up through the streets of Omaha

  1. Gordian Knot says:

    Clicked on the link and no additional information to better access the situation. Look at the photo closely and you’ll see what appears to be a set of flames in linear fashion coming from beneath the street. The build up of gases is fairly common at subterranean big city levels. Another angle could be Earth splitting open and belching from its bowels a sigh of relief.


    • Carla says:

      I see that Gordian, things are happening all over the world… People think that the scare is over but little do they know that it has just begun..


    • nancy729 says:

      I live across the river from Omaha and I can say for sure there was a fire under the street and flames came up through a manhole cover. The other “flames” are reflections from lights and cars, we have had fog and rain in the area. Power is slowly being restored to the area.


    • Magenta says:

      Seems that there are large amounts of methane gas being released from the earth. I think this is what has caused these freakish amounts of foam on the coast of Australia. The news said it was a result of a recent storm, I’ve never heard of anything like this before. Then there were all the telephone pole fires in Texas. What the heck was that about? There have been increased reports of people being found dead by pools and ponds, as methane gas is heavy and will gather in low lying areas. I have also read that perhaps the loud booming noises are methane gas exploding underground. I have another question and was hoping maybe someone knew the answer. A new study has revealed that nuetrinos which previously were thought to pass through matter with no effect, have now been found to be speeding up decay of radioactive elements. What does this new information mean to possibly changing the elements?


      • larry says:

        anyone heard about the chip implant


      • PV says:

        Sorry…methane has a vapor density of .554 (Air=1)…making it lighter than air.


      • mommabhappy says:

        Larry.. The chip implant was all a hoax..


      • Me says:

        Hadn’t heard about the electric pole fires, so i looked it up. The explanation (??) is moisture from fog causing a spark which ignited built up dust due to drought conditions. Source:

        I had heard however, about the sun’s radioactive decay rate changing. I thought it was more recent, but it was back in 06.

        This all goes back to 2006, when physicists at Purdue, Stanford and other places noticed something that at first defied physical explanation: Radioactive elements were changing their decay rates. This flew in the face of long-accepted physics theory, which held that these rates are constant. Radioactive decay apparently grew more pronounced in winter than in summer, and when scientists went looking for an explanation, they noticed this appeared to correlate with solar flares.

        I have heard unsubstantiated rumors and rumblings from some about a “chip implant” but i personally do not believe this to be truth, at this time. Now, i wouldn’t be one bit surprised if TPTB are trying to implement a chip under the guise of “ease of financial transactions and/or access to vital health info.” I know I won’t be lining up for one, tyvm!!!


      • Magenta says:

        PV I was basing my info on a web site called jumpingjackflash, its gas. I may have not written the chemical/gas name correctly. Sorry, I am not very intelligent about chemistry, I have to depend on others to put the pieces together. Thanks ME, I was wondering if gases/oil {from sinkhole}could have vaporized and been attracted to poles, maybe from electromagnetism? Too moist in L.A. to ignite, dryer in Texas? Appreciate any info from those of you who have this kind of specialized knowledge.


  2. archie1954 says:

    This is just another example of the Roman Empire’s disease. Just as Rome allowed itself to deteriorate for lack of funds so the American infrastructure is disintegrating right under your feet. All because trillions of dollars are being diverted to destructive purposes, war in third world countries.


  3. soso says:

    that’s crazy !!!! Would hate to be crossing the street, walk over a manhole and Poof


  4. Susan says:

    very impressive!


  5. Chris says:

    That actually looks like light reflection on a wet rainy street from the street lights that are on. A fire in a sewer line would be from methane gas which would quickly go out once the methane is burned up. This is a grainy photo with no follow up story even on a google search of local newspapers. A person would think that an event like this would have a story in the local paper. I don’t believe that this is a picture of flames coming through manhole covers. Rather, a light reflection from the street lights on wet streets.


  6. Marybell says:

    Now this is scary. But never saw a link to click. This happens on this site – especiaslly when I want to read more. Strange happenings everywhere. Is all this a SIGN


  7. isis2012 says:

    There are quite a bit of underground mishaps lately … all over the US … and I agree with the infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating … aside from a lot that the cabals had taken over are being reclaimed … all of allies of the cabals are pulling out too … and the infrastructures which they had put in place are being systematically destroyed … the war has been won … but it’s not over yet …


  8. Helen Parks says:

    Do they utilize fracking there?


  9. I saw this on and even local stations covered it. Believe the news or don’t believe it. It happened.


  10. mommabhappy says:

    Dry weather in the sewer? Hmmm
    And a spark in wires cause flames this bad in a sewer? Seems to me there is more to this than what’s being said.. Naturally :/


  11. I coudn’t find any news on this but a comment left on msn is hillarious on a writer suggesting the whole city flush at once. Referencing a school scenario.. here..

    That’s like that episode of Ned’s Declassified where they attempt to flush every toilet in the school because there’s an urban legend about a mega flush that will happen.

    They all do it, it does nothing. Until a few seconds later where the school jumps like 20-30 feet in the air.


  12. Irene C says:

    When I first read the headline I thought “What the …?” Sounded like a bad sci-fi movie. After reading what there was of an explanation, it made sense and didn’t surprise me. Although, as Chris said, the picture is grainy, the sewer system is possibly antiquated. Methane could build up and, with a spark, could produce a fire, even a brief one. I would love to see another story on this – if one exists.


    • Glenda Walth says:

      I just mentioned below that the same event occurred here in Sioux Falls, SD a couple days before the Oma
      ha event. Exact same situation: underground electrical fire, explosion and fire shooting out of manholes, manhole covers launched into the air, collapsed sidewalk and parts of street, and power still out today in some blocks because of so much damage to system. The one for sure connection is that Excel Energy is the power company for both cities.


  13. Irene C says:

    I’ve been watching The Weather Channel and following this pattern. This weather system is really crazy. On one side of the front they are watching for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. On the other side of the front, they are posting winter storm warnings. Even some of the meteorologists are amazed by this system.


  14. Kate47 says:

    Hi All,
    I retired from a municipality, we had this same thing happen at one time… It blew manhole covers up in the air all over the place and fire blowing up out of the holes.. It was caused by a build up of methane that somehow got a spark and it really put on a show… This can also happen if there is any illegal dumpng of flammable liquids into the sewers… It was after that, they put locking manhole covers on all sewer openings… It is also why we had sniffer machines that were put into a line before we would enter to see of any dangerous gases were present… We also had to wear a harness and retrieval line attached to a tripod winch just in case, so they could crank us up out of the line if we passed out down there… What I see in that photo, I would think it is a VERY large main line large enough to drive a small cat through, as in bulldozer and yes, that is what the incident in my area was, a very large main line…


  15. Coyote's Brother says:

    Please go back and look at the entire series of very similar looking “flames” I want to think it’s a reflection in the red circle OR that’s an entire street shooting flame, which is it? Come on Lake Erie doesn’t run under those streets.


  16. Nancie says:

    I live in Omaha……it happened. It was a sewer fire and the picture is real. The power was knocked out and most of the downtown area where that happened still didn’t have power Monday afternoon. You can look it up on our local news station websites. KETV, Action 3 News, WOWT are the three stations.


  17. Glenda Walth says:

    The exact same thing happened this past week in Sioux Falls, SD. Fire underground, manhole covers exploding, flying through the air, sidewalks and street caved in and power outages. Coincidence?


  18. Glenda Walth says:

    Did another underground electrical fire and sewer explosion happen, this time in San Francisco this morning, or is that old news. I can’t find the date of the video, but it seems current.


  19. Louise Page says:

    Call me a bit strange, but I couldn’t help but also imagine the ‘wildlife’ (rats and so on) who live in the sewer system must have got the shock of their lives. What a cleansing.
    There are so many things which can go through one’s mind when thinking of where the heat/flames have traveled to/under/near. Under buildings? Homes? Gas lines? ‘Back-flow”? And obviously anyone going over the manholes could get more than they bargained for?
    I certainly would feel a bit unnerved seeing these flames coming up from down below.


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