5 Responses to Western nations drawn into deepening conflicts in Africa

  1. archie1954 says:

    Al Queda used to be nothing but a small group of Islamist militants originally supported by the US as compatriots of the Taliban fighters against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now after US atrocities this small group has grown exponentially. Why? Because the US in its mad desire to pin the blame for 9/11 on someone, anyone outside their own intelligance services, decided to name Al Queda as the perpetrator. Such notoriety and US revenge attacks on all of Islam made membership in the so called “terrorist” group a sign of honour for Muslims.


  2. Irene C says:

    On one hand, we don’t need another “dispute” in another country. However, this is an act of terrorism and there are people’s lives at stake.

    Praying for the hostages.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Soooo! Is all this news a false flag?


  4. F Gregg Meagher says:

    “Western Nations” are NEVER “DRAWN INTO”, they create the vacuum and rush in!


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, the west will have to intervene here. If I understand correctly, the world is being divided into
    10 super nations. The New World Order is working to bring these nations into line. Not saying there will not be incidents such as this. When the 10 super nations are established, it has generally believed that the man of sin will appear because it still will not work until all nations give their authority to him.
    It has generally been believed that the 10 nation European Union would be the confederation
    mentioned in scriptures, but the scriptures say that all men,freed, bond,rich,poor would be under his influence/control.
    It is my opinion we will see more bloodshed here and in those nations that resist the formation.
    We could very well be seeing the man who is already on the world stage, who will be the anti-christ
    or he is off-stage setting up his kingdom.

    WE SHOULD REMEMBER THIS: He will want to be worshiped as god and so all other religions must die. He will not accept/allow any competition.


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