Thousands of dead fish wash up on coast of South Carolina

January 16, 2013 – PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC There is a mystery along the South Carolina coast. Thousands of dead fish washed up on the beach at the south end of  Pawleys Island Tuesday afternoon. The fish are menhaden, and the SC Department of Natural Resources have been notified of the incident. Menhaden fish are a small, oily fish that are used for fish oil and its oil is also an ingredient in lipstick and they are also used for livestock feed. –WLTX
Mystery intensifies over fish kill: Thousands of Atlantic menhaden – a baitfish that plays a key role in the South Atlantic ecosystem – were found washed up on the beaches in the south area of the Grand Strand on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving S.C. Department of Natural Resources investigators trying to determine the cause. From DeBordieu, a private community just north of Georgetown, northward to Pawleys Island, a rough estimate of 30,000 to 40,000 menhaden in the 6-to-8 inch range were spread along the beach and first spotted by beachgoers taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Researchers from the University of South Carolina’s Belle Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences took ocean water samples from where the menhaden washed ashore at DeBordieu and found typical winter conditions in levels such as dissolved oxygen and salinity. A reddish slick was noticed in the water near the beach which researchers found to be decaying fish matter from the dead menhaden. When a fish kill occurs in the ocean, the culprit is often found to be an algal bloom such as red tide, widespread low levels of dissolved oxygen or, especially in the winter, colder-than-normal ocean water temperatures. The testing ruled out an algal bloom and widespread areas of low dissolved oxygen, or hypoxia, and the water temperature is above normal thanks to the recent stretch of warm weather. Mel Bell, Director of the Office of Fisheries Management for S.C. DNR, provided his agency’s theory on the kill. “On Friday we had a new moon (which caused) real high high tides and real low low tides,” said Bell. “Probably what happened was a school (of menhaden) got in an area of water on a high tide, in a hole or depression, and at low tide they were trapped and depleted the oxygen in the water. Then, all the fish would suffocate.  “We don’t know for certain, but given the results of the water sample analysis and the tides, that’s probably the best working hypothesis. Then when the tide came back in, it washed the dead fish out and they washed up on the beach.” –MBO
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17 Responses to Thousands of dead fish wash up on coast of South Carolina

  1. mommabhappy says:

    Lol.. A random video that rocked!!! Nice


  2. Donna says:

    Haven’t seen a mass animal death for a while.


  3. Rush Limburger says:

    Some species have more intelligence than we arrogant humans give them credit for. These creatures made the decision to vacate their place in the planet’s species list to obviously forego the looming main event.


  4. Terral Croft says:

    Expect more larger fish kills. Earth made a right angle to the inbound object from the Leo Constellation on December 28, 2012 for the secondary magnetic portal connection to begin shortening, which means Earth is now receiving more and more magnetism that is bending the magnetic lines these fish follow to migrate between food sources. This is also the cause of magnetic pole migration of the magnetic north pole into Siberia, the recent super storm on Saturn, the Chile Quake event of February 27, 2010, Japan Quake event of March 11, 2011, Guerrero Quake event of March 20, 2012 and the coming anticipated large-magnitude Pacific Ocean quake event on April 1-2, 2013 that will be preceded by 24 precursor quakes of 4-6 magnitude at the event epicenter. My Press Release and 15-minute warning video are here:


  5. Irene C says:

    Well, I’m so glad that they have a working hypothesis. However, I don’t think they will talk about what they really think. This doesn’t bode well, especially for the East Coast. What many people don’t realize is that there is a fault line that runs along the East Coast.


  6. Incredible14U says:

    They are not dead; just sun bathing dudes!


  7. tonic says:

    Volcanos are releaseing more and more pressure on land, where can see them. A lot may be happening also underwater, that we cannot see.


  8. Katherine says:

    I thought it was supposed to be visible for all the world to see by now? Are you saying its still inbound?


    • Terral Croft says:

      Yes. The earth change lull period ended on Dec. 28, 2012 with 2.5-4 magnitude quake events at 146. Last week they were up to 221 again from 181 the week before. The sky quakes are returning and the calderas are bulging again from the shortening of the Earth/black star magnetic portal connection. Watch for the magnetosphere to turn around again about a week before the April 2, 2013 alignment, when we will have another Pacific Ocean Quake Event like Chile 2010, Japan 2011 and Guerrero, Mexico on March 20, 2012. If that scenario holds, then the next opportunity for a global pole shift event is around May 17, 2013, when Earth crosses the black star orbit path. The black star is currently between Leo and the Virgo Constellation at .024 degrees below the ecliptic plane, but as yet I have insufficient data to determine how far away.


  9. James B Gibb says:

    Maybe this is just another effect of the BP Oil disaster, I expect to see a lot more death from that enormous oil leak. It should also work it’s way up to the fishery areas of the Grand Banks as well.
    Sure is a lot of crap dumped into our food chain, no one wants to think about such things, but it’s going to catch up with us one day soon.


    • Al Gore says:

      I Agree wz you..its looks like it is still the Corexit wich is working very well in destroying any biological liveform….and maybe also the rafioactivi water from fukushima….or it is a mixture of radioactiv water and corexit and the mutation of the genmanipulated corexitmicrobes…..
      Al Gore


    • J9feline says:

      Definitely agree that it’s the BP spill. Remember all the stuff they spread all over the water, the toxic stuff that made all the local people very sick? Imagine what that has done to sealife! Many dead and unreported sea animals.


  10. Sadie Ripley says:

    May want to think about it being just the beginning of the chastisement earned by America due to turning its back on God. The US Government and their actions will cause the hand of God to drop hard on America so that they will know that God is real.. Just saying


  11. Kajajuk says:

    Mass die off of Icelandic herring, 22,000 tons in early February 2013 and 30,000 tons in December 2012:


  12. Kajajuk says:

    81 species mass die offs in 31 countries so far in 2013;


  13. donna the second says:

    well gosh diddly darn I guess we have a wee problem on our hands.


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