Future belongs to the microbes? WHO head warns diseases set to rise

December 21, 2012HEALTHThe head of the World Health Organization warned Thursday that infectious diseases will spread more easily in the future due to globalization, changing lifestyles and rising population densities. “The future looks very bright for microbes, not so good for humanity,” Margaret Chan told a luncheon in her hometown Hong Kong, the site of a major outbreak of the SARS virus in 2003 that killed almost 300 people in the city. Higher population density, industrialization of food production and the increase in international travel have provided many opportunities for communicable diseases to spread, she said. “Given this unstable and unpredictable situation, only one generalization is possible — there will definitely be more new diseases capable of causing outbreaks in humans,” Chan said at the event organized by the Asia Society. But the WHO head said not all new diseases will be as “devastating” as the outbreak of SARS that killed more than 800 people worldwide and the H1N1 epidemic that caused at least 17,000 deaths. Chan said one reason that infectious diseases have been on the rise in the region and China was due to the habit of eating the meat of exotic animals, as most new diseases are spread from animals to humans. “Constant mutation and adaptation are survival mechanisms of the microbial world, these organisms are well equipped to take advantage of every opportunity to jump the species barrier,” she said. The WHO issued a global alert in September for a SARS-like coronavirus which killed two people in Qatar, one in Saudi Arabia and two in Jordan. The WHO says the coronavirus detected in the Middle East this year was unrelated to SARS and is a novel form of the germ. –TD
See The Extinction Protocol, Chapter 15: The sinster shadow of Pestilence
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12 Responses to Future belongs to the microbes? WHO head warns diseases set to rise

  1. niebo says:

    According to known theories of evolution, this is inevitable. From bacteria we came, to bacteria we go. . . by way of a pale horse.


    • Magenta says:

      Niebo, the original scripture say a green horse, but that didn’t make sense to the scribes so they changed it. I’m sure it is significant, we just can’t understand it yet.


  2. Hospitals are pretty sloppy today. Filthy, actually. Also people wear their scrubs to and from… taking germs from Target or the grocery into the hospital, and bringing germs from the hospital to the marketplace.


  3. mtnwolf63 says:

    Yeah, the U.N. will probably be the ones who are spreading the diseases.


    • Magenta says:

      If you study the governments MKmind control program you will understand who the U.N. is and what it does in reality. You will never read this because the truth is being blocked on this site. The next question is why, I guess that is obvious now. If you say something that reveals the truth here, you will be blocked.


  4. Irene C says:

    So we give vaccines and more antibiotics which will cause more mutations immune to these antibiotics which will require more vaccines which will require more antibiotics which will cause more mutations which will cause more vaccines which will – well I could go on…


  5. nanoduck says:

    Old news. We already know this stuff. Maybe they are re-hashing the story because they are expecting something to happen soon.


  6. Rosa Lopes says:

    Well the microbs are in our atmosphere because the evil Elites spread them across the globe in order to kill most of humanity .Please steer clear of any vaccines of any form or kind at this point in time the governments are all in it together .Say not to vaccines if you want to live.


  7. tonic says:

    Maybe with all the cleaning and sterilisation products available today, we are in a way isolating ourselves, from natural immunisation from some, but not all of these new threats.
    And with all the lack of sunshine where I live, the population are lacking vitamin D, so are possibly more prone to infection.
    The latest advisories are to allow your kids a few hours unprotected exposure to sunshine a week.
    Changing times.


  8. Judy Carriker says:

    Microbes, germs, disease…Texas has already experienced a flu outbreak this month throughout the state. My grandson and I have each caught it ( the FLU ) the last part of November. The school recognized the outbreak three weeks later and sent notices out to homes. Seems to me Nov and Dec are a little to early for flu outbreak it usually starts here in Texas the end of Jan and Feb. So a word of advise to everyone get your flu shot this year. Seems like alot of people are getting over the flu here in Texas and getting bronchitis the next week. I let mine turn into pneumonia thinking it was just lingering effects from the flu. Finally getting better 🙂


  9. TexasRedNeck says:

    Magenta…………. I noticed that your comment managed to get posted despite your statement that the “truth” is blocked on this site. Maybe you were thinking about CNN blocking the truth.


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