3 Responses to Chinese ships enter Japanese waters near disputed islands

  1. niebo says:

    “Japanese Coast Guard vessels have engaged in games of cat and mouse with the Chinese ships….” The problem with “cat-and-mouse games” is that, more often than not, someone ends up dead and/or eaten. I can see where this escalates when someone loses his temper, pops off a couple of rounds, soldiers get killed and a boat gets sunk, and the next thing we know, a missile strike levels Tokyo or Bei-Jing and spews radioactive ash into the jet stream so that “the waters become bitter”, and a third of the world dies.

    So maybe the Mayans killed us, after all. Oh, wait. That waters bit is from Revelation, so. . . it’s really John that we should blame.


  2. Irene C says:

    Ah, more saber rattling. The ideal thing would be to share the land and share the wealth. But then, I was always called a dreamer. Just sayin……


  3. taffyduff says:

    Or Idealist C! Nothing wrong with a good bit of common sense now and again. Thats what this world lacks time and time again.


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