Chile’s Reclus volcano stirred from sleep by earthquakes, after 104 years

August 31, 2012 CHILE Some unrest is going on at Reclus volcano in southern Chile, located between Aguilera and Monte Burney in Patagonia, the Eruptions Blog writes: “Over the summer, earthquakes began to be felt in towns in the region of the volcano and a potential for new activity from the Reclus has prompted geologists to visit the volcano later this spring (southern hemisphere). Interestingly, one article mentions that an over-flight of the volcano in 2008 spotted cracks on the glaciers that cover the volcano along with traces of ash. However, the direct connection between the seismicity in Patagonia and Reclus is still tenuous, so further observations of the remote volcano will need to be done.” Reclus has had at least 4 historical eruptions around, 1908, 1879, and in 1869. Although these were small, the volcano has produced larger explosive eruptions in the past and should be closely monitored. – Volcano Discovery
The last eruption at Reclus volcano was in 1908
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6 Responses to Chile’s Reclus volcano stirred from sleep by earthquakes, after 104 years

  1. Bonny says:

    Hi Alvin thank you for all that you do .i was wondering how many dorment or sleeping volcanos have woke up this year seems like its alot of them ?


  2. Yet another sleeping giant shakes off its slumber and prepares to give voice to its discontent. The clock is ticking my friends…


  3. Ian says:

    It’s not the dormant ones that are the worry – we know where they are, it’s the new ones that give concern – where will they be?


    • John says:

      Take your pick. Alvin has covered the stories of super volcanoes which lie under major population centers around the world. New ones discovered on a bi-monthly basis lately. There are also immense volcanic systems under the oceans which are coming to life too. As we enter into the autumnal equinox, move through the winter solstice, and head toward the spring equinox, the earth will go through a geological metamorphosis. The effects on human existence on this planet will be catastrophic. Now is the time to get straight with the Lord.


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