Russia says Iran’s nuclear power plant fully operational

August 31, 2012TEHRAN Iran’s first atomic power plant, a symbol of what the Islamic Republic says is its peaceful nuclear ambition, is now operating at full capacity, Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom said on Friday. The Russian-built 1,000-megawatt reactor near the Gulf city of Bushehr, was plugged into Iran’s national grid last September, ending years of delays and suspicions that Moscow was using the project as a diplomatic lever. Oil-rich Iran says electricity generation is the main motivation for nuclear work that its adversaries say is really aimed at getting atomic weapons capability. However, the Bushehr plant is not considered a major proliferation threat by nuclear inspectors whose concern is focused on sites where Iran enriches nuclear fuel, in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding it stop. Bushehr was started by Germany’s Siemens before the 1979 Islamic Revolution and was taken over by Russian engineers in the 1990s. The United States for years urged Russia to abandon the project, fearing it could help Tehran develop nuclear weapons. Those concerns were eased by an agreement under which Russia will supply enriched uranium for the reactor and repatriate spent fuel that could be reprocessed into weapons-grade plutonium. Russia sees Iran as a counterweight to U.S. clout but is a partner of the United States and four other powers in efforts to rein in Tehran’s nuclear activities. The U.N. nuclear agency said this week that Iran, in just a few months, had doubled the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges it has in an underground bunker, showing Tehran continued to expand its nuclear program despite Western sanctions and the threat of an Israeli attack. Russia has warned Israel and the United States against attacking Iran and said it opposes pressuring Tehran with further sanctions beyond the measures approved in four U.N. Security Council resolutions, the most recent in 2010. –Reuters
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8 Responses to Russia says Iran’s nuclear power plant fully operational

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    See this makes no sense to me, why would the Soviet Union or “Russia Federation” whom are supposedly close allies with Iran announces this regardless if it is true or not. By making this move this could push Israels hand to attack Iran. What does the Soviet Union, “Russia Federation” gain from this?


  2. Dawn Beltrán says:

    Russia is doing all the right things, unlike the United States, which is doing all the wrong things.

    Love live RUSSIA!


    • Gordon Muma says:

      in regards to the comment by Dawn Beltran, You’re probably correct in saying Russia is doing all the right things. For years, I have read of the research that Russia is involved in and they are vastly superior to that of the US, and all without “tooting their horn” about it. I am a peace loving Canadian and have always been suspect to the rantings of the “land beneath us”. Never been to Russia, would love to go someday


  3. Sally says:

    The U.S. is the bully of the entire world while professing to bring about “freedom and democracy” to other countries. Well, guess what Amerika? The U.S.A. inc. is now one giant hellhole that doesn’t even have free speech or freedom of movement. These same amerikans still mindlessly claim that it is they who are “free”. It is very dark here in Amerika, and the people love it to be so.


  4. StevenJ says:

    Think about this part of the article: If Russia is going to supply Iran with the nuclear fuel (rods) needed for the plant, and will “repatriate” all of the spent fuel rods, why is Iran h*ll bent for leather enriching nuclear material? If the Russians are supplying them all they need to generate power, for exactly what “peaceful” uses are they talking about? If one is honest about it, especially in light of all their threats to annihilate Israel, one can justifiably come to the conclusion that they ARE developing nuclear weapons. With Israel’s name on them…


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Is it possible Russia is trying to tempt a US/Israeli strike or just an Israeli strike and then strike at the US and Israel.
    Just recently, reports surfaced of a Russian submarine that had been lurking in the Gulf of Mexico waters undetected for several weeks. I wonder if it was conducting a recon of our off shore drilling wells?
    Now, take in context the recent comments of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff regarding
    an Israeli strike, without the US assistance and we could have our answer.

    This is getting dangerous, the chess game someone is playing……..


    • Tom Smith says:

      Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia is end and last ‘peaceful’ achievement in ‘protecting’ from worldwide ‘threat’. Next countries like Syria and Iran are mission impossible as Russia and china may already feel like a power losers and not allow falling dollar power overrule whole last crude resources in middle east.


  6. David says:

    I am very curious as to why both japan and a Major russian war ship sailed peacefully into San francisco with live tv coverage. What strikes me as odd is the timing of big earth quake and we all bleed for that suffering and the timeing is way to strange. Any one do any research wher these ships where at at time of earthquake? I’d love some feed back. Maybe There is nothing to this story. Much love to the land of the rising sun and the old sameri code of honer and there kind of people.


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