4 Responses to Debt desperation: France joins Germany to sell T-Bills at negative yield

  1. doomphd says:

    i love your banner graphic. why do I have this feeling that this scheme (negative interest on debt) will only work for a short while? feels more like a signpost passed than a way out. oh, and this debt is used for the day-to-day ops or to cover interest on the rest, both? the balance being ignored, for now, no doubt.


  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Seems to me like the ramifications of the countries baling out the banks without baling out the people as I had mentioned before. If they invested in the prosperity of the people [ not handouts as much as loan channeling back to the banks through the people] I believe much of this would have been avoided but what did God do to his people when they built the golden calf ? He MADE them drink it! GOLD is what they wanted so GOLD is what they got, and many died from drinking the gold water.


  3. Kaos says:

    Of Interest…

    Sunspot 1520 producing M-Class flares
    One of the largest Sunspots of the current Cycle 24 is rotating into a good position for Earth directed Solar Flares. This magnetic image provided by SDO shows just how complex this region now is. Sunspot 1520 has a Beta-Gamma-Delta magnetic configuration and may produce an X-Class flare. An M1 flare at 05:10 UTC was followed up with an M2 flare at 06:27 UTC this morning. Stay Tuned as things may get interesting.

    Its a beast alvin



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