21 Responses to Taking the plunge off the fiscal cliff and the rise of global tensions

  1. devlin says:

    is this another invite to the next WW, this time by China?


  2. suz says:

    Will the US dollar remain the key currency of the system? I think so, for a little while longer at least. It is said that Asia is already thinking about the long term goal of establishing an ‘Asian dollar’, the same way as Europe established the euro. The ‘G3’ (dollar, euro and yen) monetary union was proposed by Bob Mundell in 2002 and it could be a way forward. Or another proposal was to create a supranational international currency.


  3. king Kevin says:

    Again a terrible mainstream article… Although this is what has come to be expected from the media. Point blank it’s not China’s responsibility to drag us from the mud… Again. they have done this before. Especially a mud pit we knew was there.yet we continue down the muddy path as if there won’t be another pit. Good luck keeping your head above so you don’t suffocate… In the mud pit that is becoming our country


  4. Leon Cane says:

    Never mind my last post. You didn’t erase my original post. Sorry about that. My computer connection has been weird… I really enjoy your blog! Thank you.


  5. Emanni says:

    The objective is a one world currency.


  6. kylie kleeven says:

    Alvin, l think your picture say a million words!


  7. Doreen Agostino says:



  8. jehjeh007 says:

    In 1993, I recall then president Bush last acts of office was to lend China 150 billion. This was followed up by then president Clinton lending another 100 billion. Yes this is small potatoes compared to now, but back then it was considered HUGE. The monies was paid back in 10 years. So let us not get too wrapped up in the “amounts” of things. Besides, when the rich finally decide to get off the tons of monies they have been stashing away (if that ever happens) and invest it like it was earmarked to do, then you would see this problem go away in a few months. Instead, they beg, borrow, stash, threaten, blame, scare then start it all over again. Y’all are smarter than this. Continue to follow the money, but know soon it must be distributed even if that means pulling it out by higher taxes, which I am no fan of.


  9. Dennis E. says:

    I saw on the fox internet news net that a person who is well known for his economic (not Donald Trump) predictions has reported he believes that this year we could see 100 per cent inflation, 90 per cent decrease in the stock market,50 per cent unemployment, this year and the post has been taken down now but there is another post (Roubini) saying that 2013 is the year.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      Roubini is also pushing a book based off of his predictions made in 2007 coming true. He recommends five items be done BEFORE it hits. I remember a few. 1. Pay off CC cards as low as possible, 2. DO NOT try to pay off your mortage early, take that money and instead pay off CC cards, 3. turn your 401K into cash but keep it in the accounts, 4. Buy silver and 5. stock up on can foods. Ha! I remembered them all! If we do this, wouldn’t this bring down the economy too (self-fullfilling prophecy)? Oh well, if it ain’t us doing it, someone else is. I say we do this anyway….


  10. Just to let you know Alvin, the Cape Town, Africa Flood story & 1-2 Other stories aren’t available by clicking on tile, clicking on lower link under story, or as a choice on sidebar when you get on through this or other active articles!!!??? WTF??
    Love Your Articles, though, Keep Up the good work.
    Hotmail & Facebook Follower in NY, Linda


  11. Marie-Louise says:

    Interesting image here, Alvin, as it is soothing and represents more, to me, a dive into the bliss of the upcoming Resurrection.


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