15 Responses to Publisher coupon savings on books – June 11, 2012

  1. tellthetruth1 says:

    Got TEP; need the other two! Any hope wiv Amazon getting stocks yet?


  2. Matthew says:

    I just started reading your first book Alvin, it’s more than I ever expected. Thank you for your continued work.


  3. Jemma Griffith says:

    I can’t wait to get the new books too! It is scary how fast things are spiraling out of control Thank the Lord for you Alvin, our watchman
    Peace & blessings to all who visit this site



  4. elaine says:

    Alvin, although I recall seeing this question before-I’m afraid I don’t remember the answer. When I went to your lulu page-one of the comments for TEP remarked about the font size. Since I am also visually impaired and ONLY read what I can enlarge these days-is there ANY chance that ANY of your books will be in ebook form? If not, I’m afraid I just can’t purchase a book I can’t read, (or hopefully have at LEAST another 20+ years before I have to have them read to me!! 🙂


    • Yes, they will all be in ebook form over the next few months is the plan. You needn’t wait 20 more years.

      Thanks Elaine


      • elaine says:

        Thank You so much Alvin!! I look forward to reading them….I think? It’s just difficult for those of us with children & grandchildren, to look around each day, listen to the news, read this blog…and think of the lives our children and grand kids may have soon. I’m older, I have my faith & am at peace…I just wish my grandchildren could have the same opportunities as I have. Then again, my son, tells me there is “nothing to worry about momma”, (he’s 23, and my “baby”), “Hang in there, give me another 20 years , and I PROMISE, when I’m President, I’ll straighten EVERYTHING out!!”
        We’re it ONLY that simple…
        Peace, Love, and Light


      • Bless his heart, he just doesn’t know. I, however, sometimes wonder how much more can man evolve under the current paradigm on a planet with finite natural resources and will the cycles of technology and war ever end? The planet is wiped out and civilizations rebuild and the same issues come back again with the growth of technoloy. The plot never changes; only the characters. It reminds me of that old story on NG or Twilight Zone Midnight Never Ends


        Ruth Asquith is driving down the highway when she spots a Marine, Vincent Riley, hitching a ride to Camp Pendleton with a guitar slung over his back. She stops to pick him up and continues on. Vincent tries to make conversation, and Ruth finally says that she’s heading to Los Angeles, but won’t say why. The marine starts whistling and Ruth starts to whistle with him, and then asks what it is because it sounds familiar. Vincent explains that she couldn’t have heard it because he just wrote it, and he plans to become a songwriter when he gets out. However, he doesn’t know what he’s trying to get out of. They stop at a diner up the road and Vincent is later killed in an incident inside with the Sheriff…and the story is repeated over again like a loop in time. Always the same thing happening. Ruth is back in the car, driving down the road and sees Vincent standing on the highway trying to hitch a ride and picks him up again.

        It turns out the story is something a writer, sitting at a typewriter, keeps replaying over and over in his head because he has writer’s block.

        Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy the books



  5. TimM says:

    I just ordered Hazard and halfway through The Extinction Protocol. I am anxious to start the 7th Protocol which is on the shelf next to TEP.
    I am amazed at the information you have accumulated in TEP and look forward to the others.
    Your website is also a great source for the latest events. I check it often through the day.

    Thanks for your efforts and sharing.


    • Tim, thanks for picking up a copies of the bookz. It has always been a passion of mind to arm the readers with well-organized blocks of essential data. Thanks for tuning into us on a frequent basis and thanks for the support.

      peace and blessings, friend


  6. Irene C says:

    Well, I just ordered Hazard. I’m now reading 7th Protocol (love it) and I haven’t ordered TEP yet (that’s next). Guess I’m doing it backwards. 🙂


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