Kashmir rocked by four earthquakes, no damage reported

June 11 2012PAKISTANFour earthquakes, including one of 5.9 magnitude, shook Kashmir today but there was no damage to life or property reported from anywhere in the Valley. Three of the four tremors were felt within an hour this morning while the fourth was recorded in the afternoon, officials said. “Two earthquakes of magnitude 5.4 and 5.9 on the Richter scale occurred at 10.32 AM and 10.59 AM respectively in Kashmir Valley,” Aamir Ali, an official of the Natural Disaster Management Cell, said. He said the epicenter of the two tremors was in the Hindukush region of Afghanistan. A third tremor, measuring 4.2 on the Richter Scale and with epicenter in the same region, was experienced at 2.02 PM. A MET office official said another tremor, measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale, was recorded at 10.05 AM. The epicentre of the earthquake was along Sikkim-Nepal border. There was no damage reported from anywhere in the Valley due to the tremors. –Indian Express
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9 Responses to Kashmir rocked by four earthquakes, no damage reported

  1. Rose says:

    Just read a report on ynet where Afgan had an earthquake with numerous deaths.


  2. Columbine says:

    “Neither of these events would normally be expected to cause substantial damage, given their size and depth, but Afghanistan is desperately poor and highly vulnerable to the effects of earthquakes. In addition, the landscape is landslide-prone during seismic events. So, reports that there may have been an earthquake triggered landslide with multiple casualties are not that surprising. As I type (in a slightly jetlagged state having just got off my plane from Canada), most reports seem to indicate that a landslide occurred in the Saya Zara area. This BBC report is typical, indicating that the landslide buried about 20 houses, and that there have been casualties. Other reports provide more detail, indicating that the affected area was the village of Dara Azara, and that about 70 people have been buried.”
    “Clearly at the moment details are somewhat sketchy, but should become clearer in the next few hours.”


  3. Rio says:

    I have been trying to post some of your links on FB and they keep getting blocked for being “spammy.” Thought you should know. Great work ❤


  4. Robert says:

    Correct me if I am wrong ,I think the stress is increasing under Delhi.God Bless you for all the good work .


  5. Ujjwal says:

    he is wrong or stress is increasing under delhi ?


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